13 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Free Plane Trip Too Tempting for Sevinaz Hanım

selvinaz (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 12 April 2011)

Entrepreneur Selvinaz Soner opened the Private Antalya Neşe Erberk
Grammer School, within the framework of the franchising system of
the modeling agency owned by Neşe Erberk, in 2006. During Kurban
Bayramı (Feast of the Sacrifice) break that year Soner took all the
money given to her by the parents of the school's children and disappeared.
She has been caught at Antalya Airport.

In order to capture Soner, about whom there were two outstanding
warrants, the police put an interesting plan into operation. The police
got an old boyfriend of Soner's, to whom she owed money, to cooperate
with them. The boyfriend called Soner and told her that he forgave her.
The man, whose identity was not revealed, said that he missed Soner,got
her a plane ticket and invited her to come to Antalya. Although she
knew that she was being sought by police, Soner accepted the invitation
and flew to Antalya. While waiting for her suitcase Soner was arrested
and taken to jail.

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