31 Mayıs 2016 Salı

Chinese Bandits Invade Izmir

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 May 2016)

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They're so embarrassed! (It's a Chinese custom)

Police in Urla district of Izmir found a copying device at an
ATM in the city center and laid in wait for the culprits.  Shortly
thereafter two people came to get the copying device and police
caught them red-handed.

Police were surprised to see that the suspects were Chinese  When
they refused to speak at the police station, the police went to the
car rental firm from where the two had rented a car.  The firm owner
told police that he rents 4 cars to the suspects' boss each day, so this
prompted police to head for the address written on the rental agreement.

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Suspects admitted that all their gear was Made-in-China, of course.

At the İTO Kent address in Urla police found that a total of 81
Chinese (!), 10 of them women, who had arrived in Turkey in March
and April, were living in 6 rented villas, costing 10,000 TL per month.
Police also determined that 6-month's rent for each villa was paid in

Police took all 81 Chinese into custody and learned that 61 of them
are also Taiwanese citizens.   Up till now, the gang has copied the
ATM card information from about 3,000 people. Police are trying to
determine whether the Chinese had other motives for coming to Izmir.

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      The new Silk Road is paved with ATM cards.  

30 Mayıs 2016 Pazartesi

Wild Kingdom Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 May 2016)

Image result for domuz eti çoşkun c
       Will Facebook's wonders never cease?!

In Aydın, Coşkun C. was caught with 6 tons (!) of pork that
he had butchered illegally.  He was released pending trial. Çoşkun
C. then posted a notice on his Facebook page, threatening the
release the names of the butchers and restaurants that bought pork
from him.

Coşkun C.'s post: "Those butchers, restaurant owners and
shopkeepers who follow me and my postings should get in touch
with me by tomorrow evening at 1700.  I won't spare anyone.
I will announce the names - in capital letters - of those who have
pleaded with me to sell them pork. I have no choice but to share
my plight with you.  I'm sorry but I'm going to make some lucky
person pay for my breakfast and rakı expenses. You know who
you are. Anyone who even bought only 5 kilograms from me will
pay the price."

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                Aydın province

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 May s016)

Looking quite a bit fitter than the average scarecrow. 

In Eskişehir, a farmer whose crops have been beseiged by bears,
pigs, jackals and birds is using a store-window manikin as a
scarecrow.  Farmer Mehmet Emin Ünal (68), of Mihalgazi district,
says that drivers are startled to see the manikin.  Wild animals
coming down from the nearby mountains have caused serious
damage to his crops.

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               Manikin's inspiration.

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                 Master manikin creator.

While shopping in Eskişehir city, Ünal noticed that a store was
closing down so "I bought the manikins from the owner and put
them in various fields. After that the incidents of animal damage
decreased markedly. They think there's a person in the field."

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Mihalgazi district is in northwestern Eskişehir province.

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 May 2016)

Perhaps predictably, Stephan's a Chicago Bears fan.

A couple in Russia have been living with a domesticated bear
for 23 years. Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko adopted 'Stephan'
at age three months.  Now 23 and weighing in at 136 kilograms
(about 300 lbs.), Stephan is treated like the couple's child.  At
2.1 meters in height, the bear watches TV with the Panteleenko's,
his favorate being football matches. It takes an average of 25
kilograms of fresh fish, vegetables and eggs to feed Stephan
each day.

Image result for 136 kiloluk sevgi topu svetlana
    Genuine bear hug.