30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Eagle's Unscheduled Stop on Migratory Route

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 April 2017)

Litvanya yolcusu doğaya salındı
"These creatures sure are strange, but they took good care of me."

Citizens found a wounded shah eagle in the rural area of Samandağ
district, Hayat province, on 13 March and turned the bird over to the
State Water Works 7th Regional Directorate.  It was determined that
the eagle had been shot and could not fly so the bird was brought to
the Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Veterinary Faculty Clinic.

Veterinarians found a 'MA 1501' mark on the eagle's leg, which led
them to contact the Zoology Museum in Kaunas, Lithuania.  Dr.
Cafer Tayer İşler told officials in Kaunas that as soon as the eagle
healed it would be set free.

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After six weeks of treatment the eagle headed off on its interrupted
migratory sojourn from Africa to Europe.

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A Cop Was Around When She Needed One

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 April 2017)

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Sometimes, after being unlucky, you get lucky.

In Antalya's Kepez district, a girl headed toward an exam as part
of the Anadolu University Open Education Program had her purse
snatched.  Arzu Tıraş (26) had just got off a bus and was walking
toward the testing site when two individuals grabbed her purse.
Inside her purse were her test-entry document, bank cards, ID card
and 10 TL

Police rushed to the scene and found the crestfallen Tıraş, who
explained that "I was going to the test. I begged them not to take
my purse but they took it anyway."  Fortunately, police quickly
found Tıraş's bag in a forested area, put her in a police car and rushed
her to the test site just in time.

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   Kepez district is within Antalya city.

29 Nisan 2017 Cumartesi

Mithras Temple Found in "Ephesus of the East"

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 April 2017)

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     Sweeping up the crumbs of history.

An underground temple of the Mithras religion from the Roman
period has been discovered during excavations at the Zerzevan
Fortress in Diyarbakır's Çınar district.  The site, located 13 kilometers
from Çınar near Demirölçek village, was a "military settlement"
during the Roman Empire period.  The excavations there have been
ongoing since 2014, with the participation of the Culture and Tourism
Ministry, Diyarbakır Museum, the Governorship, the Çınar District
Chief's Office and Dicle University.

Previously, an underground church, an underground shelter for 400
people, homes and secret passages had been discovered.  Now, the
team has found an underground 1,700 year-old temple of the Mithras
religion, which began to lose its importance with the emergence of
Chirstianity in the 4th century A.D.

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                  Zerzevan Fortress

Çınar District Chief İsmail Şanlı noted that after the Dıyarbakır Walls,
the Zerzevan Fortress is the most important historical structure in
Diyarbakır.  He added that "with every passing day a new structure is
being discovered that sheds light on history.  With a 60-person team
the work could go on for 25-30 years.  The Zerzevan Fortress could
be the "Ephesus of the East".

The Mithras temple is the first and only one found on the eastern limit
of the Roman Empire.  The Mithras religion was popular among Roman
soldiers until Christianity came along.  Excavation chief Dr. Aytaç
Coşkun of Dicle University said that "the underground temple was
carved from a main rock.  It is 7 meters long, 5 meters wide and 2.5
meters high, with an area of 35 square meters.  40 people could worship
inside the temple."

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Çınar district is Diyarbakır's southernmost.

Extraordinary Traffic Accidents Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 April 2017)

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   Fate doesn't get much crueler than this.

The two brothers worked at the same place, one on the day shift
and the other on the night shift.  The details of their traffic accident
are enough to make one's heart pang.  Ali Nural (30), one of
İbrahim and Kadriye Nural's two children in Aydın's Bozdoğan district,
left for work late because he helped out when a neighbor's house
caught fire.

Brother Özcan Nural also works at the same marble mine in Kavalıdere,
Muğla, and when he got news of the fire he left work and headed home.
Once the fire was put out Ali took off on his motorcycle en route to work
but he crashed head-on into Özcan, also on a motorcyle, who was still
heading toward Bozdoğan, unaware that the fire incident was over.

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                    Özcan and Ali Nural

Ali, who sustained serious head injuries, was first taken to a hospital in
Yatağan and from there to Denizli Server Gazi State Hospital, where
he succumbed to his injuries.  Özcan, who learned 24 hours later that
the other person involved in the accident was his older brother Ali, was
first taken to Nazilli for treatment and from there to Adnan Menderes
University Hospital for treatment of breaks in his arm and leg.

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 29 April 2017)

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Something doesn't seem quite right...

The evening before last in Bolu, Adnan Kuban lost control of the TIR
(tractor trailer) he was driving toward Ankara on the TEM Istanbul-
Ankara highway,  The TIR's cab climbed over the wall of the highway
bridge and hung in the air.

At the same time, a car driven by Mustafa İsmail Keskin crashed into
the TIR's trailer, which was facing backwards on the roadway.  A
passenger in the car, Bahadır Keskin, was taken to a hospital but did
not survive. Firefighters who arrived on the scene were able to rescue
TIR driver Kuban, who sustained light injuries.

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