30 Eylül 2015 Çarşamba

(Don't) Do-It-Yourself Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 September 2015)

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                    What could go wrong?

Perhaps the strangest incident of an "amateur butcher"
injuring himself while cutting an animal sacrifice during
Kurban Bayramı (Feast of Sacrifice), happened in Malkara
district of Tekirdağ province.

Hüseyin Alkan (36) was trying to cut up meat from a
sacrificial animal in Hacı Sungur village using a spiral rotary
motorized saw. The tool slipped from his hand and wounded
him in the leg. Alkan was taken to Malkara State Hospital
but the saw blade had cut an artery and the blood loss could
not be stopped.

Alkan was then taken to Tekirdağ State Hospital where he
expired despite all efforts to save him. It was learned that
Alkan had come to Malkara specifically to cut sacrificial
meat. His body was taken by relatives back to Ordu province
on the Black Sea coast.

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    Malkara district in Tekirdağ province.


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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 September 2015)

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      Even a 6 year-old can run it...

Ramazan Vatansever (38), known in Bursa as "Kosovalı
Tatlıcı Ramazan" (Sweets Shop Owner Ramazan from
Kosova), died when an iron bar hit his head while he was
trying to hoist two couches into the house of his mother-in-law
Hediye Karadeniz (59) in Osmangazi district of Bursa.

Vatansever was using a chain winch to hoist the furniture to
the third floor apartment. He tied a steel chain around the couches
and then called to his six year-old (!) son Talha, who was on the
apartment balcony, to press the button to activate the pulley.
However, the pulley and associated metal bars could not handle
the weight of the couches as they reached a height of 1.5 meters
and the bars fell to the ground.

One of the bars hit Vatansever, who collapsed in front of his son
Talha's eyes.  The young man died at the hospital.  

Osmangazi district is in central Bursa province.

29 Eylül 2015 Salı

'Westernized' in Sicily, Held Captive in Anatolia

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 September 2015)

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(Over-) protective parents Birol and Yasemin D.

According to a report from BBC's Övgü Pınar, father
Birol D. (40) and mother Yasemin D. (36), who live in
Syracuse on the Italian island of Sicily, concocted as an
incredible plan to send their daughter to their relatives in
Serinhisar district of Denizli province because she has
become "too Westernized".

Ayşegül D., the daughter, who was born in Italy, was told by her
parents last April that a relative in Serinhisar had been in an
accident and that the entire family had to go to Turkey. However,
when Ayşeygül reached Serinhisar she was allegedly held captive
by the relatives and her passport and phone were taken from her.

When Ayşegül's friends in Syracuse didn't hear from her, they
informed the Italian police, who then arranged through Interpol
and the Italian Consulate in Izmir to have Turkish police raid the
relatives' house in Serinhisar.  Ayşegül was rescued and returned
to Italy at the beginning of September.

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Ayşegül attends Whatsamatta U. in Syracuse.

Based on Ayşegül's statement and telephone monitoring, it
was determined that parents Birol and Yasemin D. were behind
the kidnapping plan and they were taken into custody in Italy.

HaberTürk reached Ayşegül's uncle in Italy, who had this to say:
"three years ago Ayşegül was out on the streets until midnight.
She started wearing revealing clothing and her father warned her
about it. Ayşegül complained to authorities about this and she
was moved to a shelter, where she stayed for two years. Then,
by her own choice, she returned home. In April they went to
Turkey on vacation and Ayşegül wanted to stay there in Denizli
with her grandmother. But then she called police for help. Now
her parents are in custody and in a difficult situation. I think
Ayşegül has psychological problems."

Serinhisar district is in central Denizli province.

28 Eylül 2015 Pazartesi

Stubborn Nomads Make the Winter Trek

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 27 September 2015)

The Sarakeçilis' two-month trek from Konya to Mersin.

The Sarakeçili nomads continue the one thousand-year
nomadic culture in Anatolia without tiring of it. HaberTürk
witnessed the winter trek of the nomads from their pastures
in Konya to their winter quarters in Mersin over three days.

There are today 287 Sarıkeçili families in Burdur, Mersin,
Konya, Karaman, Antalya, Adana, Osmaniye, Izmir, Aydın
and Denizli provinces. Despite all obstacles,15 of these families,
who tended their flocks in Konya's Hadim, Bozkır, Seydişehir
and Ahırlı districts over the summer, have once again headed
to the coastal districts of Gülnar, Silifke and Aydıncık in Mersin.

Sarıkeçili yörükler Konya'dan Mersin sahillerine inecekler

          They don't post this on Facebook.

The Sarıkeçili nomads trek about 1,200 kilometers over four
months out of each year, spend three summer months in the
pastures in Konya, and 5 months in their coastal encampments.
Starting out from Gölbelen Yaylası (summer pasture) at an
elevation of 2,300 meters in Konya's Hadim district, the 7-person
Atar family is trekking to Anamur in Mersin now, following
Kurban Bayramı.

The Atar's  lives in a 5-meter tent, made of goat hair, that is both
waterproof and fireproof, and which will last for 20 years. The
family is bringing its 200 goats to Mersin for the winter.

          Nomadic life on the road.

Istanbul Drama: Bin Ladin, U.S.Passport, ISIS

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(Sabah and HaberTürk Newspapers, 27 September 2015)

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         The name sounds kinda familiar...

One of the founding members of the Saudi Arabian firm
Bin Ladin Group, a billionaire who keeps his identity secret,
came to Istanbul from the U.S., where he lives, with his
family10 days ago for a vacation. The family settled into a
hotel in the Gayrettepe section of Beşiktaş, Istanbul, but
four days ago the businessman noticed that his 13 year-old
daughter, Heyyam Dalia B., was not in her room.

Image result for suudi işadamının kızı istanbulda kaçırıldı
Like so many others gals, Heyyam Dalia finds them...

The police in Beşiktaş took up the case and determined that
Heyyam Dalia had made contact via Facebook with a Syrian
youth in Istanbul. The police headed for the Fatih section of
the city but in the meantime Heyyam Dalia made contact with
her mother through Facebook and asked her to bring her
(Heyyam Dalia's) U.S. passport to the Aksaray metro station.

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                    ... irresistible!

The family advised police of this development and a meeting
was arranged. The police picked up Heyyam Dalia at the
metro station and took her to the police station that handles
children's cases in Bebek. There, Heyyam Dalia explained
that she had met Mehmet (Syrian youth) on Facebook about a
year ago and they arranged to escape together while Heyyam
Dalia was in Istanbul.

Mehmet took Heyyam Dalia to a house in Fatih, where she
stayed for two days and was not harmed at all. Police learned
of Mehmet's address but he was not there when they arrived.
The police did find 5,000 USD at Mehmet's house.

Heyyam Dalia told police that Mehmet praised ISIS and other
similar groups and that his goal was to get her U.S. passport.

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