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Lucky (!) Victim Lands On Doctor's Car

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(Sabah and Takvim Newspapers, 25 August 2013)

Sometimes you just gotta be lucky, sort of...

In Findikli, Istanbul, a waiter bringing an order to a
customer was hit by a speeding police car as he tried
to cross the tramway tracks. The first-responder to
the injured waiter, F.C. (17), was the doctor on top of
whose car F.C. had landed after being hit.

The day before yesterday, F.C., who works in a café,
was in the process of crossing the street to bring a
food order to a customer when he was hit on the tramway
track by the police car. The impact hurled F.C. meters into
the air and he landed on the front hood of a car driven by
Dr. Nazmi Algan, a member of the directing council of the
Istanbul Medical Office.

F.C. then fell off the car hood onto the tramway tracks
and was attended to by Dr. Algan and the policemen. F.C.
was taken to a hospital, where he remains in intensive care.
Dr. Algan stated that F.C.'s left arm was broken, his hip
and legs bruised and he had a bloody nose, as well.

28 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba

Don't Phone a Friend, Call God

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 August 2013)

Chat with God, not your friends.

In Kirklareli, Imam Ali Kutlugun was disturbed by the
cellphones ringing during prayer service at the Hizir Bey
Mosque so he put up a sign at the entrance that reads:
"In order to communicate with God, cut your communications
with his creatures.

Imam Kutlugun explained that he had told his congregation
many times before to turn off their cellphones during prayers but
to no avail. As for the new sign, "it's very effective", he says.

Imam reads congregation the riot act.

27 Ağustos 2013 Salı

CEO Fails IQ Test

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 August 2013)

A fraud gang whose members identify themselves as
policemen, prosecutors or MIT (Turkish National
Intelligence Agency) agents to the people they call on
the phone, hoodwinked the CEO of an unnamed company
out of 875,000 TL. The incident was recorded by MOBESE
(street surveillance) cameras.

Garbage can banking.

Saying he was a prosecutor, a gang member called the CEO
and claimed that the woman's name was being used by a
terrorist organization. The supposed prosecutor provided the
woman CEO with her identification information to convince
her. The CEO then withdrew 375,000 TL from a bank and
brought it to a park in the Sisli area of Istanbul, where she threw
the bag of money into a garbage receptacle.

Shortly after the CEO left the park a gang member came to
retrieve the bag. The same day, the gang called the CEO again
and told her to bring the gold at her home, as well. The CEO
subsequently put 500,000 TL worth of gold into the same garbage

Another escapade of the gang was recorded in Kadikoy, Istanbul.
Retiree H.E. believed a 'MIT" agent who told her that her name
was being used in an important investigation. H.E. brought
a bag full of money to a park and sat on a bench there. She received
a phone call from someone telling her to leave the bag with 80,000 TL
in it in a garbage can and leave. As soon a she left someone retrieved
the bag full of money from the garbage can.

26 Ağustos 2013 Pazartesi

Gold Cashed for Car Drives Dad Wild

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 August 2013)

Mahfuz T. - anger-management issues.

In Batman district of Diyarbakir province, B.T. (17)
was married to Serdar Kaya (30) eight months ago in
a religious ceremony. The couple began living in Istanbul
and a while later went to Batman to pay their respects to
the bride's father Mahfuz T. However, when Mahfuz T.
didn't see his daughter wearing the gold given to her at
the wedding he asked "where's the gold?"

In response, B.T. told her father that she had, of her own
volition, given the gold to her husband to buy a car. Hearing
this, the angry father slapped his daughter. B.T. then related
this to her husband who came to Mahfuz T.'s house and took
B.T. away.  Relatives intervened, though, and that same
evening, kissing his father-in-law's hand, the two made up.

The following day the couple again visited Mahfuz T.'s home
before returning to Istanbul. Mahfuz T., however, would have
none of it and slapped both his daughter and her husband,
chasing them from his house.  Then, en route to Diyarbakir
airport the couple was ambushed by Mahfuz T., who opened
fire with a revolver on the two young people.

Serdar Kaya was hit in the chest but B.T. escaped unscathed
when her father's gun jammed.  The couple hurried toward
the airport entrance as Mahfuz T. continued his deadly pursuit.
Security personnel were able to capture Mahfuz T. and the
seriously wounded Kaya was taken for treatment. B.T. said that
"He aimed at me but his gun jammed. I'm filing a complaint." (!)
A court case against Mahfuz T. has been opened, with a 30-year
prison sentence requested.

Batman located a bit SE of Diyarbakir.

Swimming Sheep Prove Love for Shepherds

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 26 August 2013)

Sheep get in the swim of things.

Yesterday in Asagiseyit village of Cal district, Denizli
province, the "Sheep Water Transit" race that has been
run for eight centuries for the herds of shepherds was
conducted. Some 29 shepherds and their herds participated
in the competition, in which the shepherds try to have their
animals swim across Great Menderes River in order for the
sheep to display their loyalty and love (!).

Nearly 5,000 spectators watched the race. Some of the sheep
jumped right into the water after their shepherd, while some
sheep turned around and headed back on the road they came
from.  Denizli Governor Abdulkadir Demir viewed the
competition and stated that he would do everything possible to
to preserve the tradition.  He noted that he has applied to have
the race added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well.

The story of the competition is this: the daughter of an Oguz
bey (chieftan) fell in love with a shepherd. The bey decreed that
in order for the girl to marry the shepherd "for three days you will
have your sheep drink salt water and then have them swim across
the Great Menderes River without letting them drink fresh water."
The shepherd succeeded but the bey didn't allow his daughter to
marry him. The girl died from grief and the shepherd lived alone
in the mountains.
Shepherds and sheep get along swimmingly.

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'Human Airbags' Reduce Casualties

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(Posta Newspaper, 22 August 2013)

Good thing it was packed with 'airbags'.

In Caycuma, Zonguldak province, a minibus driven by
Ramazan Unluturk carrying passengers from the town of
Filyos to the city center, overturned last Monday when
the brakes failed. One person died in the accident, Serafettin
Ucar (63).

At the time of the incident there were 41 people in the minibus,
which has a capacity of 23, sparking criticism. However, Osman
Bahar, the head of the Zonguldak Drivers Association, had an
interesting way of defending the driver.

While admitting that it was not proper to load 40 passengers into the
23-person capacity minibus, Bahar asserted that "there are from 3 to
5 extra passengers in mass transit vehicles every morning and evening
in all provinces of  Turkey. When there are extra passengers in a vehicle
involved in an accident this reduces the number of deaths and injuries
because the passengers inside the vehicle can't be thrown around. If there
had been the normal number of persons in the vehicle there may have
been more deaths."

Zonguldak - home of alternative ideas for safety.

23 Ağustos 2013 Cuma

Turks' Real Homeland Ursa Major

ursamajor links to original article

(Posta Newspaper, 22 August 2013)

Turk forefathers' outer space neighborhood.

In Marmaris district of Muğla province, Cenk Sertdemir,
the 'Altay Wolf Shaman', organized a mass to cleanse people
from bad karma. The mass was arranged through Sertdemir's
personal development firm.
Shaman on duty.
Cenk in civilian attire.

The participants stated that they experienced very intense
feelings during the mass, which was held at the Turunç Serena
Süit Hotel. Sertdemir wore an outfit befitting a shaman and
said that "I started my shaman training in Siberia and after three
years I learned the way to reach our forefathers. Then I returned
to my country (Turkey). Our forefathers are from up above,
meaning they're from Ursa Major."


22 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

Hitchhiker's Guide to Disaster

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 19 August 2013)

Next time, catch a cab.

In Nusaybin district of Mardin province, Emin Diri (40),
the father of four who makes his living herding animals,
received 15,500 TL for the animals he sold and headed
back to Nusaybin city. In order to get there he hitchhiked
and so got into a vehicle that stopped for him.

In the car, Diri smoked a tampered cigarette and drank
something that was offered to him. He then passed out and
later found himself on the side of the road without his money
and in a wobbly state. Passers-by noticed Diri and took him
to a hospital. Police are tracking four persons in connection
with the incident.

Thumb a ride at your own risk in Mardin.

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These Kids Today...Dad Gets Revenge

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 August 2013)

Author and his work.

In Sanliurfa, a famous contractor put an interesting
sign on the balcony of a 480 square meter duplex
apartment that he doesn't want his children to inherit.
Those who see the sign cannot hide their amazement.
It reads: "480 square meter duplex apartment for sale
at a bargain so as not to leave it as inheritance to my
treacherous and dishonorable children."

The apartment is for sale at a price of 800,000 TL. Celal
Koc, the Sanliurfa contractor who has two daughters and
two sons, allegedly got angry with his son and then put the
unusual sign on the house in the Hamidiye neighborhood of
Yenisehir.  The apartment is on the 5th floor of the Koc
Apartimani on Emniyet Boulevard.

Seeing the sign, one passerby remarked "it seems these kids
got their father angry. I know that Celal is a very good person."
Celal Koc, who has built luxury apartments in many areas of
Sanliurfa, is currently in Istanbul.


20 Ağustos 2013 Salı

Cock Crows Relentlessly

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 17 August 2013)

//ed. note: blog editor experienced a similar rooster crisis in Bodrum,
while on vacation. Thankfully, a note to the owner resulted in the
creature's exile.//

Can't stop crowing nohow.

Ingeborg and Metin Timocin live in Holte Stukenbrock
district of Gutersloh in Germany but their life has turned
into a nightmare because of their neighbor's rooster's non-
stop crowing. The couple has to listen to the rooster from
morning till night and they say "it's not a rooster, it's a monster.
It doesn't crow, it screams!"

Metin Timocin (76) explained that they wanted to solve the
problem together with their neighbor: "He just made fun of us.
So I filed a petition with the municipality and the officials said
that the neighbor had to find a remedy for the rooster. The
decision was announced in writing but after a week the rooster
has still not shut up."

"My wife call the municipality and the same official stated that
the rooster had to keep quiet at night but could crow from 6 in
the morning until nighttime. He told us to solve the matter between
neighbors and that the decision to impose a silent time between
1300 and 1500 had been vetoed by the municipal council decision.
We were shocked!"
Can't bear the crowing nohow.

Oguz Sarikaya of the Koln Bar Association provided the following
information: "it is forbidden for animals in a neighbor's house or
garden to make noise for more than half an hour in a day." Never-
theless, the municipality's mediator, Hans Schaefer, said the
following: "the rooster's owner promised me that the rooster would
not make noise between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. He has three roosters and
he's gotten rid of two of them. They have a handicapped child and
part of the child's therapy is to interact with the animals."

Rooster crisis erupted near Bielefeld.

17 Ağustos 2013 Cumartesi

Scorpion-hunting Kids in Sanliurfa

spiderkids links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 14 August 2013)

Spiderman would be proud.

Sanliurfa is the province with the largest
population of children and youth in the
country. When the schools close for the
summer the 'work time' for the kids begins.

Some young people come to Istanbul and
work as 'child workers' in various sectors,
primarily the textile industry. Others sell
tissues and bagels on the street, while their
friends work as painters or garbage collectors
to help their families' budgets.

Back in the villages of Sanliurfa's Harran
district, though, after working in the fields
all day the youngsters engage in a very unusual
activity to earn money. These kids, mostly in
primary and middle school,  hunt scorpions in
abandoned buildings and stables at night.

Taking no precautions whatsoever, the children
collect the poisonous scorpions which they sell
for one lira (50 cents) apiece to wholesalers. The
scorpion traders tour the villages during the summer
and buy the creatures for 50 kurus (25 cents) or 1 lira.
The scorpions are then sold to factories that produce

Scorpions aplenty in Sanliurfa.

15 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

'Rocking Imam' Singing the Blues

rocker imam links to original article

(Aydinlik Newspaper, 15 August 2013)
Imam has day and night jobs.

The Antalya Office of Islamic Law (Muftuluk) has
opened an investigation concerning Ahmet Muhsin Tuzer,
the imam of Pinarbasi village in Kas, Antalya, known
as the 'Rocking Imam', because he performed at a
concert. The completed report will be sent to the Directorate
of Religious Affairs, which, if it deems it appropriate,
will send inspectors to Pinarbasi from Ankara.  

On 10 August Imam Tuzer performed with his group 'FiRock'
at the Kas Yacht Harbor. This was Tuzer's first concert
and his musical works were a combination of Islamic
mysticism and rock. However, after the concert Tuzer
started receiving threatening messages on social media and
filed a complaint with the public prosecutor, who has started
an investigation.

Concurrently, the Antalya Muftu, Ahmet Celik, stated that
the intent of the concert would be looked into. He added that
"Being an imam is not an ordinary duty. This situation (being
a part-time rocker) might be normal for others but its not
normal for us."

Kas district is Antalya's westernmost.

14 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba

Tuva Turks in Mongolia Grasp Heritage

tuva links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 August 2013)

//ed.note; this item is another of our blog's occasional reports on the Turkish
world at large//

Tuva Turks in their teepees.

Educational material and technical support has
been secured within the scope of a project to
protect the language and culture of the Tuva
Turks who live in Mongolia. Atlas Magazine
Publisher Ozcan Yuksek and photographer Selcen
Kucukustel introduced the Tuva Turks to Turkey
and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination
Agency (TIKA) initiated the project.

The proportion of the Tuva Turks who know Tuva
Turkish, besides the elderly,  is between 10 and 15
percent. The 843 Tuva Turks live in 393 tents within
the borders of Buyant district of Hovd province, located
1,500 kilometers from the Mongolian capital of Ulanbatur.

The elderdy who know the language are dying off and
the children are learning Mongolian at school so the new
generation is becoming increasingly distant from its native
language and culture.  In order to stem this trend, TIKA and
the Association for the Support of the Development of Tuva
Turks cooperated to prepare the Tent School Project. The
material and equipment obtained within the framework of
the project were handed over to the Tuva Turks at a ceremony
in Buyant.

Hovd (or Khovd) province is in Mongolia's far west.

13 Ağustos 2013 Salı

In-laws In a World of Hurt

in-laws links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 August 2013)

Whatever did I see in that guy?

In Karacalar hamlet of Salipazari district, Samsun
province, Behic Zengin (48) called his son-in-law
Burhan A. (31) yesterday morning and asked him to
bring his two grandchildren to his house.  Burhan A.,
however, said that he was busy, wouldn't bring the
children and argued with his father-in-law on the phone.

Concurrently, Behice A. (28) got into a fight with her
husband Burhan A. while he was arguing with Behice's
father.  Burhan A. beat his wife and then headed for his
father-in-law's house in a fit of anger. Arriving there,
Burhan A. unloaded his revolver on Behic Zengin and
then his mother-in-law Cemile Zengin (47) who attempted
to intervene. Sister-in-law Beyhan Zengin (20) was also

Behic and Cemile Zengin died at the scene and Beyhan,
wounded in the hand, was taken to Carsamba State
Hospital for treatment. An irritated (!) Burhan A. went to
the Carsamba Gendarmerie Command and turned himself
Samsun province

12 Ağustos 2013 Pazartesi

Cocaine Smuggler Can't Resist Turkish Food

apetite links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 11 August 2013)
Where's the salt and pepper?

A plane landed at Istanbul Ataturk Airport the day
before yesterday, having originated in Brazil and
flying via Amsterdam. A narcotics team became
suspicious of a nervous passenger named Eduard
Jesus Espinoza Guzman of Venezuela and searched
his suitcase.

The team found six photograph albums with three
kilos of cocaine pressed within the pages. In his statement
made at the police station, Guzman explained that "someone
in Brazil brought the photograph albums to me and said
that if I would bring them to Turkey he would pay my
airfare. I'm very curious about Turkish food and wanted to
taste it so I accepted his offer."

11 Ağustos 2013 Pazar

Lightning Strikes Its Namesake

lightning links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 8 August 2013)
Fate takes name and kicks ass.
In Dikme village near the Kars provincial capital, Adnan Yıldırım (60)
and Tamara Yıldırım (55) went to tend their fields three kilometers
from their village on 28 July. The couple began to gather the grass in
the field with their rakes when it started to rain so they headed for home.

Riding on her donkey with a rake in her hand, Tamara was struck by
lightning right after a sudden thunderclap. Adnan, shocked to see his
wife thrown one way and her donkey the other, came to his senses and
informed his relatives.  Following an investigation at the scene Tamara's
body was sent to the morgue for an autopsy, after which she was buried
amid tears.

The prosecutor's report determined that the rake in the hand of the
unfortunate woman had attracted the lightning. Adnan told his relatives
that "when I went to her side smoke was coming from my wife. The rake's
metal end was red and the wooden handle was burnt."

//ed. note: 'yildirim' means 'lightning' in Turkish//

Lightning reaps kin in Kars.


7 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba

'Love Boat' Sails to the Scrap Heap

loveboat links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 August 2013)
Ship and crew in their heyday.

The 'Pacific Princess' cruise ship used as the setting for
'The Love Boat' TV show that gained world-wide fame
in the 1980's, was brought to the Ship Recycling Facility
in Izmir's Aliaga district yesterday to be stripped.

The ship was built in Germany in the 1960's and used
for the TV show from 1977 to 1987. Some 171 meters
in length and 24 meters wide, the long-serving vessel
saw duty primarily in the Mediterranean Sea. Recently,
the Pacific Princess was offered at auction for 4 million
Euros but when no buyer came forth the ship was sold
to the Turkish firm Izmir Recycling Company for 2.5
million Euros.

The Pacific Princess left the shipyard at Genoa- San
Giorgio Port in Italy ten days ago, guided by tugboats,
and was expected at Aliaga on Sunday. However, a
storm delayed the ship's arrival for two days and it
sustained damage along the way. When the Pacific
Princess began to take on water, three tugboats owned
by TUPRAS (oil firm) pulled it in front of the Izmir
Ship Recycling Facility and grounded it.

Razor blades in its future now.

New Version of 'The Dog Ate My Homework'

trucker links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 4 August 2013)
Creative thinking continues in jail.

Two security guards who turned themselves into authorities
four months after stealing 7.5 million Euros belonging to banks
in Gaziantep, have bewildered police with their explanation:
"We hitchhiked a ride on a truck and the trucker grabbed all the
money and took off. For months we looked for the truck and the
money but when we couldn't find them we turned ourselves in."
The police didn't find these statements believable and have
intensified their investigation.

Mehmet Vatan (33) worked for an Istanbul-based security firm
and on 29 March, while taking the money he had collected from
banks in Gaziantep, he distracted his partner M.A. and disappeared
with all the money. Police determined that Vatan escaped with his
friend Gokhan Arnavut, also a security guard. The two showed up
four months later, on 30 July, at the Gaziantep courthouse, telling
the incredulous police and prosecutor that they had lost all the money.

Vatan, the father of two who worked for the firm for six years,
explained what happened: "While I was collecting the money in I lost
my head and decided to steal it. Then I called Gokhan and we put
the money in a car he borrowed and escaped. I was going to buy a
car for 17,000 Euros but the seller changed his mind. Then Gokhan
had to return his car so we were left without one."

"We started to hitchhike and got a ride with a trucker going to
Mersin. Just before getting to Adana we took a break and went into
a restaurant. But the trucker, who said his name was Murat, didn't
follow us. When we came out the truck and the driver were gone
and so was the bag full of money."

Arnavut added that "we looked for the white truck for a month and
a half but we didn't know its plate number, only that it was headed
for Mersin. Having spent the 17,000 Euros we had put in our pockets,
we came and turned ourselves in." 

Both Vatan and Arnavut were arrested and the police and prosecutor,
not buying the "we lost the money" explanation, are continuing their


6 Ağustos 2013 Salı

Facebook Gaffe, Painful Memories

toilet links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 August 2013)

Facebook faux pas, regretful Ö.V.

Ö.V. works as a technician at a state hospital in Patnos district
of Ağrı province. On her Facebook page she wrote "I feel like throwing
Patnos in the toilet and flushing it." Another worker at the the hospital
noticed Ö.V.'s posting and re-posted it, claiming that Ö.V. had insulted

Because of her comment, Ö.V.  received quite a few death threats and
so she was sent to work at another hospital, Eleşkirt State Hospital. The
threats continued, however, and Ö.V. appealed to the public prosecutor
for police protection. The young woman next applied for a transfer and
has been assigned to another city.

After her transfer, Ö.V. wrote on her Facebook page "the Ağrı story is
over. Henceforth if I have a headache I won't use the word 'ağrı' (the name
of the province but a word that also means 'pain'), I'll just say my head
hurts. I don't even want to pronounce the name of that place anymore."

Agri province way out east.

5 Ağustos 2013 Pazartesi

Lawyer Has a Bit Too Much To Say

lawyer links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 4 August 2013)
Insult them at your peril.

In Izmir, lawyer Yesim K. (30) went to a hearing
at the courthouse but ended up waiting for a long time
for her turn to come. Yesim K. got fed up and decided
to fill out a excuse form so she could look after other
matters in the meantime.

Yesim K. then went to the court secretariat and asked
the clerks there for an A4 form so she could fill out
the excuse petition. However, one of the clerks pointed
to the sign they had hung on a cabinet that read "Please
do not request petition forms." 

The irritated lawyer took a picture of the sign with her
cellphone and said to the clerks "whoever wrote this is
ill-mannered and ill-bred."  Taking exception to Yesim K.'s
words, clerk Seval D. replied "we wrote it and hung it up.
Are you calling us ill-mannered and ill-bred!?", to which
Yesim K. responded "yes!".

The chief clerk and the other clerks put this all down on
paper and filed a complaint with the public prosecutor,
who has charged Yesim K. with "insulting personnel on
duty."  The penalty upon conviction is no less that one
year and no more than two years in jail.

So the lawyer who has become a crime suspect because of
a form, will now have to  face a judge in Serious Crimes Court.

4 Ağustos 2013 Pazar

Even Shining Shoes Gets Dangerous

shoeshine links to related article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 4 August 2013)
When bullets fly, unintended consequences...

In the hamlet of Cavuslu in Bozoglak village, Patnos distict,
Agri province, two cousins named Mehmet Ali Akan and
Sevket Akan ran into each other on Recep Tayyip Erdogan
boulevard and had an argument about a land issue.

The two cousins then opened fire on one another but one
of the bullets ricocheted, hitting Nesim Yildiz (57), who was
shining shoes in front of a coffee house, in the head. Yildiz
collapsed and died at the scene. The two cousins, who wounded
each other, were taken to the hospital for treatment.
Agri province. Patnos in its SW region.

3 Ağustos 2013 Cumartesi

Doctor Rolex

rolex links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 3 August 2013)
The doctor is in...jail.

The incredible fraud perpetrated by Zulfu G. has
been exposed thanks to a complaint by university
student Fatih O. A supposed doctor summoned Fatih
O. to the hospital, claiming that he wanted to buy the
two Rolex wrist watches that Fatih O. had offered for
sale on the internet for 75,000 TL each.

A second complaint came from dentist Mehmet E.
whose cellphone was stolen in the same manner.
The police then reviewed security video footage
and determined that the same person was responsible
for both thefts - Zulfu G. (32), who has a record for
previous crimes like these.

In the videos, Zulfu G. meets his victims wearing
a doctor's frock and a stethoscope. Zulfu G. used
the same technique to bilk three other victims over
the past months, netting five cellphones, two watches
-one of them a Rolex, and two season passes to Besiktas
Sports Club games.

Zulfu G. met the citizens he hoodwinked in front of
hospitals and health centers, identifying himself as a
'heart doctor'.  Saying he wanted to show the goods he
planned to 'buy' to a friend, Zulfu G. took the items
and disappeared.

After a long investigation, Zulfu G. was found at a
location in Bakirkoy, Istanbul, the day before yesterday
and arrested.

1 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

Relative Transformers

transplant links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 31 July 2013)
The family that transplants together...

Dogan Kadim (23) is living life anew after a 17-hour
operation in Izmir in which he received a kidney from
his father and a liver transplant from his sister. Kadim
is a mine worker from Ortakoy in Akdagmadeni district
of Yozgat province. Three years ago he was diagnosed
with chronic kidney insufficiency, began dialysis and was
forced to leave his job.

The young man's left kidney was removed in an operation
and the stones within it revealed that his main problem
came from his liver. Doctors said there was no solution other
than transplants. Investigations showed that his father's kidney
and his sister's liver would be suitable as donors.

So the family came to Izmir and on Tuesday, 23 July, the
double transplant operation was performed. First, Dogan
received part of the liver of his 21 year-old sister Kamer
Ozbulut, who has one child. The operation team then changed
and the new group of doctors transplanted the kidney from
father Omer Kadim (43) to Dogan.

The operations lasted 17 hours and the following day the
father and sister were in their recovery rooms. One day later
the three came together. The young man was quite happy to
have regained his health and said that "I'll be thankful to my
father and sister all my life."

Akdagmadeni is in Yozgat's east.