31 Ocak 2015 Cumartesi

So, Eating Fish is Healthy. Right?

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 January 2015)

        Attempted murder suspect's mug shot.

In Istanbul, a 66 year-old woman swallowed a live 'istavrit'
(horse mackerel, scad) fish that she took from the pail of a
fisherman, believing that the 'istavrit' would do well for her
stomach and intestinal discomforts.  Evidently, the elderly
woman claimed to have eaten live fish like this many times

Nevertheless, the 'istavrit', which measures 16 centimeters
(6.2 inches) in length and 3.5 centimeters (nearly 1.5 inches)
in girth, got stuck in her in wind pipe.  The woman passed
out and was rushed to Fatih Medical Park Hospital's
emergency room where doctors were able to revive her only
with great difficulty. She remains in intensive care.

ER Dr. Zulfu Ozkilic said that "we first thought that she had
choked on a fish bone but then we saw this huge fish in her
mouth. Our anesthesiologist reached down her throat and
grabbed the creature by the tail. It was tough to get out because
it was so slippery. This is all the result of ignorance and a
lack of education."

Clooney'esque ER Dr. Zulfu Ozkilic.

29 Ocak 2015 Perşembe

Dowager's Well Bottom Blues

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 January 2015)

Tarihi köşkte kuyu kazası
               All's well that ends well...

In Kadikoy district, Istanbul, Mehves Sarica (85) went for a
walk in her garden at the historic Sarica Arif Pasa Mansion
on Moda Boulevard, where she lives, at about 11 am yesterday
morning. Unfortunately, Mehves hanim fell into a well
because the path in front of the mansion's entrance collapsed.

Sarica Arif Pasa Mansion in Moda section of Kadikoy.

Rescue teams arriving at the scene extended a ladder down
into the 8-meter deep well.  One of the rescuers then descended
into the well and found Mehves hanim up to her neck in well
water.  After having a rope tied around her waist, Mehves hanim
was hoisted to the top by firefighters, police and citizens who
pulled on the rope.  She was taken to Haydarpasa Numune
Training and Research hospital and an investigation into the
incident has begun.

Mehves hanim's younger sister is famous pianist Aysegul Sarica.
The mansion was used by the British during World War I as a

              Kadikoy district, Istanbul

28 Ocak 2015 Çarşamba

Dog's Loyalty Extends Beyond the Grave

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 January 2015)

 'Zozo' could be a dictionary synonym for 'loyalty'. 

A story similar to the one about a dog in Japan whose loyalty to
his master inspired a film and a statue - "Hackiko" - is playing
out in Ordu.  A Kangal-breed dog named Zozo has not left his
former master's grave for the past year.

Ismail Ozturk got Zozo as a puppy and loved him very much.
Since Ozturk died on 10 February 2014, Zozo has not left
Ozturk's grave.  Ozturk's son Zafer Ozturk explained that "we
got Zozo as a puppy and raised him as our own child. He loved
my father very much. A year has passed since his death but
Zozo still continues to wait at my father's grave."

                     Ordu province.

27 Ocak 2015 Salı

'Newlyweds', Mugged for Tip, Laugh Last

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 January 2015)

There was a time when asking for a tip was a bit more subtle...

Emre Saygi, a reporter for a  private TV channel in Istanbul,
wanted to do a story about a gang that extorts tips from
newlweds in front of the Beyoglu Marriage Bureau in Istanbul,
so he and a friend posed as a just-married couple.

Sure enough, when Saygi and his 'bride' left the bureau in
their car, decorated with all the trappings of a newlywed
couple, the gang attacked the car and Saygi was threatened
with death by one Abdullah K.

The scene was secretly being filmed for the news, which
assisted the public prosecutor in charging Abdullah K. and
Sahin M. with "pillaging" and "damaging property." If
convicted, the suspects face an 18-year prison sentence.

       Beyoglu, Istanbul, Wedding Bureau.

26 Ocak 2015 Pazartesi

Takin' It To The Streets! (With Soap)

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 26 January 2015)

Halı yıkayıp adalet istedi
Naci, on right, takes rug protest downtown. Wet & wild.

In Oltu district of  Erzurum province, Naci Polat (38), the
married father of three children, earns his living by washing
carpets. However, to protest  a raft of tickets issued on his
vehicle by traffic police, he has taken to washing the rugs
in Hukumet Square, opposite the statue of Ataturk.

Polat never got the proper license for his minibus, on which
'Oltu Carpet Cleaning' is written.  Consequently, the minibus,
which he uses to transport the carpets from his home to his
workplace, has been ticketed four times in three months for
fines totaling 517 TL (about $250).

Polat explained the situation as follows: "I spent 1,000 TL to
publicize my store and to have 'Oltu Carpet Cleaning' written
on my minibus.  My income situation is not good and because
the winter months are slow I didn't get the proper license."

"The police ticketed me four times. I paid a 400 TL fine and erased
the sign from my minibus.  The police came to my store to get
their rugs cleaned and because I didn't give them a discount they
harass me with these tickets.  I complained about the police to the
public prosecutor twice. I'll continue my protest until justice is

Oltu district is in the far north of Erzurum province.

24 Ocak 2015 Cumartesi

Oscar Edition: Turk Wrestler Pummelled 'Foxcatcher'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 January 2015)

          Necmi Gencalp

A surprise connected with the film 'Foxcatcher, one of the five
candidates for best picture at the 87th Academy Awards which
will be presented on 22 February!  The film centers on the story
of  Olympic wrestling champion Mark Schultz (Channing
Tatum) and his brother Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo). There is
also mention in the film of Shultz's defeat by Turkish wrestler
Necmi Gencalp.

                  Scene from 'Foxcatcher'

At the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Gencalp defeated Schultz
by a score of 14-0. At the time, Shultz was America's most
trusted wrestler and considered a sure bet to win a gold
medal.  The event is one of the key points of the film,
although Schultz's loss to the Turk is not depicted in the
movie. After this devastating loss, Schultz left wrestling
as a competitor and continued as a coach.

Our national wrestler went to the Olympic final after
beating the American but was defeated by his Korean
rival in the final, settling for the silver medal.

23 Ocak 2015 Cuma

'ISIS Invaders' in Quest for Forbidden Love

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 January 2015)

       "I'm a lover, not a (ISIS) fighter"

The day before yesterday a police team patrolling in Mardin
Republic Square became suspicious when they saw two
individuals wearing black sheets walking like men and with
men's shoes sticking out from beneath the sheets.

Police grabbed M.D. (30) but Z.T. (31), who was with him,
got away for a time, but was later captured.  This prompted
rumors around the city that "ISIS fighters have been captured."
However, an investigation resulted in a different explanation.

M.D., a relative of former CHP Mardin Parliamentarian Mahmut
Duyan and Mardin Mayor Abdulkadir Tutasi, was trying to meet
with his girlfriend.  Z.T. had accompanied his friend to dissipate
any suspicion that might befall M.D.  Since the families of both
M.D. and the young woman involved oppose their marriage, they
resorted to meeting in secret.

The couple have been seeing each other for four years and M.D.
used the same disguise many times in the past to reach his beloved
at a spot near Republic Square.  Neither M.D. nor Z.T. have any
connections to organizations.

In his statement, M.D. explained that "since our families oppose
our relationship, this was our only way to meet."  Both families are
prominent ones in Mardin and relatives of the couple contacted
local newspapers to say that there is an ongoing blood feud between
the families.

Mardin province is hard by the Islamic State.

22 Ocak 2015 Perşembe

Personal Hygiene Edition: Toothpaste, Deodorant

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(Sabah Newspaper, 22 January 2015)

        Once crime's out of the tube, there's no going back.

For the past week in Beykoz, Istanbul, a gang of four, one of
them a child, has been stealing expensive toothpaste of a
particular brand from supermarkets. The evening before last,
one of the thieves entered a market and headed straight for
the toothpast shelves.  A tip from the market employees
prompted police to come to the scene and seize the robber as
he left the store.

The remaining gang members tried to flee by car but were
trapped on a dead end street.  They continued their escape
effort on foot and one of them was captured. The two others
remain at large.  The gang targeted a particular brand of
toothpaste that normally sells for between 12 and 16 TL
(about $6-8).  The gang sells the toothpaste cheaply on the
street but nevertheless makes a nice profit.

               Beykoz district, Istanbul

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 January 2015)

Sensitive Sevgi A. careful to keep her distance from reporter.

A complaint was filed against Topkapi Palace deputy director
Sevgi A. for saying the following to palace security guards and
cleaners: "You smell. You won't be allowed to talk to tourists."
According to the complainant, a palace worker, Sevgi A. made
the remark in question at the monthly meeting. The complaint
also alleges that Sevgi A. practices favoritism among employees.

Based on the complaint, the Istanbul Governor's office opened
an investigation and ultimately found that there was no proof
to substantiate the complaint.  Yavuz Ozdemir, the director of
the Galata Mevlevihanesi Museum,  prepared the report and
said that it could not be determined who had sent the complaint
in the first place. It was stated that Sevgi A. had not committed
any crime, made any insult or had otherwise acted improperly.

               Topkapi Palace by-the-sea