28 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Driver Panics, Flees but 'Injured' are Mannequins

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 November 2011)

In Keşan district of Edirne, a car with plate number 45 HB 6893 went
out of control at high speed around 1 in the morning, broke the window
of a clothing store and entered. The unknown driver, who was slightly
injured, left his car and fled the scene.

Those who witnessed the accident thought that the lifeless mannequins
that fell to the ground in the store were real people and panicked.
Police and medical teams were summoned, with the thought that there
were injured people at the accident scene. Shortly afterwards, though,
it was determined that those lying on the ground were lifeless

26 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

A Very Complicated Revenge Story

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 November 2011)

An unbelievable story of revenge has emerged following the murder of
a father and daughter in the Inegöl district of Bursa. The murder suspect,
Alaadin Kaya, went to the home of Emrah Çetin, who was allegedly having
an affair with Kaya's wife, and killed Çetin's father and sister. Police have
captured Kaya, who said 'I regret it. Noone should die like that.'

According to claims, Emrah Çetin (22), the son of Yakup Çetin (52) who
is the father of seven children, had an affair with Elif Kaya, who is married
and the mother of three children. Three months ago Alaadin Kaya (38)
learned about the affair and sent his wife to Ankara, where her family
lives, and filed a divorce suit.

Emrah Çetin's older sister Serap Keskin sent a message to Elif Kaya (28),
telling her to 'keep away from my brother.' Two months ago Elif Kaya
returned to Bursa, stabbed Serap Keskin during an argument and was
sent to prison. The day before yesterday Alaadin Kaya attended the
hearing for his wife and then went to the home of Yakup Çetin where
he killed Yakup Çetin and his daughter Semra Çetin (21).

Evidence Room Chief Duped But Thief Gets Nabbed

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 November 2011)

An interesting robbery occurred yesterday at the Judicial Forensic Medical
Center in Istanbul's Yenibosna district. An individual around 30 years old
came to the Chemical Speciality Office, where the evidence for critical cases,
murders and death incidents is held, with measuring tape and other supplies.
He told everyone 'Quick, get out of here. I'm going to install a drinking
fountain and I have to set it in silicon.'  The thief took valuables and money
and disappeared.

The unknown intruder moved past security freely and first went to the
office of Chemical Specialty Office chief Dr. Mahmut Aşırdizer, advising
him to leave his office while he installed the drinking fountain. The clever
thief then stole the wallet, cellphone and other valuables he found in
Dr. Aşırdiver's drawer, desk and jacket. Using the same technique, he
robbed the personnel in other rooms.

The robbery came to light when a message came to Dr. Aşırdiver's
cellphone (!) alerting him that a large amount of money had been
withdrawn from his bank via his credit card. It was understood, as well,
that gold purchased with money collected for the wedding next month
of a worker in the Chemical Specialty Office went missing. Police
took possession of video images related to the incident.

//The rest of the story...//

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 November 2011)

A person has been taken into custody in connection with the robbery
incident at the Chemical Specialty Office of the Judicial Forensic
Medical Center. Police determined the license plate of the vehicle
used by the suspect who allegedly stole cellphones, wallets and
jewelry from personnel in the office in Istanbul's Yenibosna district.

Police learned that the vehicle had been rented in Avcılar and an
operation was mounted there, resulting in Gürsoy E., who had a
fake identity card with the name Cihan A., being taken into
custody.  The suspect has a record of 25 robberies in police files
and was incarcerated at Ankara's Sincan Open Prison for his
involvement in a robbery in Bahçelievler that occurred in 2006.
He had been released on leave 22 days ago but did not return
to the prison. The suspect was identified by personnel from the
Judicial Forensic Medical Center.

Furthermore, the Judicial Forensic Medical Center denied reports
that material that would determine the cause of death of Kaşif
Kozanoğlu, who became ill and died in Silvri Prison on 12
November, may have been tainted during the robbery. In a
statement it was said that 'the material in question was held
in a laboratory separate from the robbery scene, which has a
card-controlled door.'

pavyon links to a related article

(Sabah Newspaper, 27 November 2011)

Gürsoy Erinci (31), who robbed the Judicial Forensic Medical
Center in Yenibosna, where the evidence for critical cases is kept,
on 22 November was captured while enjoying himself at a 'pavyon'
(cheap nightclub). Erinci explained that 'I was working at a company
that supplied water to the Judicial Forensic Medical Center before
I went to prison. Once in a while I brought the water there myself
so I identified myself as a company member and entered. After I
left I bought a cellphone money card and a suit with the credit card.
I also cashed in the jewelry.'

On 22 November, Erinci had entered the office of E.A. and took
2,000TL worth of jewelry from her handbag. Then he went to the
office of the chief, Dr. Mahmut Aşırdizer, and stole the wallet in
the drawer there.

24 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Slick Policework Traps Rapist on Balcony

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 November 2011)

In Antalya's Aksu district, Ramazan A. was sought by police in regard
to a claim that he and 16 friends had raped K.O. (28) whom they had
kidnapped. Thanks to a plan designed by the police he has been captured.

Plainclothes police traced the suspect to an ironworks shop in the
Döşemealtı Industrial City. With the pretext of having some ironwork
done for a balcony, the police went to Ramazan A.'s shop and talked
with him about it.

The suspect, who identified himself as Soner A., was taken by car
to see the purported balcony work. By taking Ramazan A.'s finger-
prints from the car and the balcony police were able to definitively
identify Ramazan A. and arrest him.


23 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Drunken Libyans' Istanbul Night Out

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(Habertürk Newspaper, 22 November 2011)

Two Libyan opposition fighters were brought to Istanbul from Libya for
medical treatment at a private hospital. First, though, the two got beaten
up at a bar and then they claimed they received poor treatment at the
hospital they were taken to after the fight.

Libyan opposition fighters Ebu Aisha Muhammed and Abdül Manan
Ebu Gül went to a bar in Beyoğlu for a good time. Later Muhammed
got into an argument with the bar workers over the bill. The argument
escalated into fighting and both Muhammed and Gül were injured and
taken to Taksim Training and Research Hospital where they argued
with the doctors and security personnel whom they claimed weren't
paying enough attention to them.

The police were called to the hospital and brought the two Libyans
under control.  Muhammed made a statement to the press with the
assistance of officials from the Libyan Istanbul Consulate, saying
that he had been beaten at the bar and that 4,000 Euros, along with
his cellphone, was taken from him. Muhammed added that he
received poor treatment at the hospital, where he stabbed with an
injector in various parts of his body.

Muhammed stated that a bullet has struck the head of his friend
Gül during the fighting in Libya and that the bullet was still in
Gül's head. According to Muhammed, despite telling the hospital
workers that he didn't want Gül to be struck in the head Gül
was nevertheless hit in the head (!). Muhammed added '(Prime
Minister) Erdoğan, where are you? We're being treated badly.
Help us!'

Ebu Gül had been trasported to the hospital in an unconscious
state by a medical team. Taksim Training and Research Hospital
officials stated that Muhammed and Gül had attacked the nurses
who were caring for them and threatened a nurse and the relatives
of some patients with a needle-nosed injector. According to
hospital officials, security personnel intervened at this point
but did not use violence.

Blood samples were taken from Muhammed and Gül, whom
hospital officials claimed had imbibed excessive amounts of

22 Kasım 2011 Salı

Tender Trap Snares Businessman

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 21 November 2011)

Here's how an interesting incident that occurred in Antalya developed:
a businessman from Manisa, M.A., got a call on his cellphone about a
month ago and developed a relationship with the woman who called.
The woman invited M.A. to come to Antalya, which he did, and after
meeting her they went to a house in the Muratpaşa district.

M.A. explained that 'we drank some alcohol and started to make love.
At this point the door opened and two men entered. One of them
said to me 'Who are you?! What are you doing with my wife?!' and
then he attacked me. After they beat me they threatened me and made
me sign two negotiable vouchers. They also robbed me of the money
I had on me and took my cellphone. Then they let me go.'

M.A. reported the incident to the police who first raided the house
where M.A. had gone with the woman but it had been vacated. The
investigation continued and Berran Ç., Ahmet K. and Yasin V. were
taken into custody at a hiding place. A search at the scene produced
M.A.'s cellphone and the two negotiable vouchers the suspects had
made him sign.

Bilking Dead Mother-in-Law For Nine Years

ruhiye links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 21 November 2011)

In Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, a charge has been filed against Sedat Süsler,the
son-in-law of Ruhiye Çetik who died at the age of 88 nine years ago,
claiming that Süsler has been collecting the dead woman's retirment salary
all this time.

In a statement to the Bakırköy Public Prosecutor, which has begun an
inquiry into the matter based on a tip, Süsler said that 'When my mother
-in-law died in 2002 we applied to BAĞKUR (a retirement fund) to
have her salary linked to her daughter Ayşen Çetik. But BAĞKUR
stated that since Ayşen was already insured her mother's salary could
not be transferred to her. Subsequently, in 2003 I drew some death
money (sic 'ölüm parası') - I can't remember the amount - from my
mother-in-law's account using her card. I withdrew this money in
Bakırköy and gave it to Ayşen Çetik.'

The prosecutor has filed a charge against Sedat Süsler for the crime of

21 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Health Care: Hospital Crumbling; Patient Left Up a Tree

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(Akşam Newspaper, 19 November 2011)

While a possible earthquake in Istanbul is being talked about, five sections of
the Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital have been
evacuated because of the threat of collapse. Reportedly, the night before last
cracking sounds were heard in the columns, stemming from construction
underway nearby.

Cracks in the columns and foundations of the buildings housing  oncology,
the hemotology-dialysis unit, the children's polyclinic, the ear/nose/throat
polyclinic and the nursery were found. The patients were transferred to
different sections and other hospitals, while the equipment was removed.
The affected buildings were cordoned off with signs reading 'entry is
dangerous and forbidden.'

tree links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 November 2011)

This is real, not a joke...in Adana Muzaffer Beyazgeyik (46) went to a
health center, complaining about an influenza infection. After he was
examined a serum flow was attached to his arm. Shortly afterwards,
however, Beyazgeyik was told that 'work hours are over' and he was
ushered outside. So he hung the serum drip on a lemon tree branch
and waited for the health workers to come back from lunch.

The incident occurred the day before yesterday in Doğankent when
Beyazgeyik, suffering from weakness and a headache, went to the
health center. He was diagnosed with a gribal infection and a serum
flow was attached to his arm. But a while later one of the center's
workers told Beyazgeyik that 'it's 12 o'clock. We're closing, wait

Beyazgeyik was bewildered by this but, despite the rain, he was
forced to wait outside. He hung the serum bottle on a branch of
a lemon tree in the garden and waited an hour for the workers to
return. Beyazgeyik began to feel even worse and informed his
relatives. After the treatment he went to the district chief's
office to complain. Meanwhile, the Assistant Health Director
for Adana Province, Saadettin Özsürekçigil, stated that they
have started an inquiry into the matter.

From Dust We Come and (Saw)Dust We Will Return

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 19 November 2011)

In Denizli's Pınarkent town Mustafa Kırdı (51), the father of three children,
began to cut wood from the pear tree in front of his house the night before
last at about 2000 hours, using a power saw. While trying to cut a
particularly hard branch the saw in Kırdı's hand reportedly slipped
suddenly and struck the throat of his wife Nurten Kırdı (49) who was
gathering the cut wood. Nurten Kırdı's throat was cut and she died at
the scene. The Gendarmerie took Mustafa Kırdı into custody.

17 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Doctors, Not Janitors, Get the Girls

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 November 2011)

Hasan A. worked as a janitor for a while at Haseki Training and Research
Hospital in Istanbul and then returned in doctor's clothing after he left the
job. Hasan A. walked around the hospital without attracting anyone's
attention (!) and began introducing himself as a doctor to patients'
female relative that he zeroed in on.

Hasan A. met S.K., who came to the hospital to visit her sick father, in
this manner. He brought the woman to the orthopedic storeroom, which
he told her was his office, and engaged in sex with S.K. there. The
hospital's security personnel entered the room at this time and caught
the two 'in the act.'

The security personnel realized that Hasan K. was not a doctor and
informed the police and a Region A Security Team from the Public
Safety Directorate came and took Hasan K., who was wearing a doctor's
frock with the name 'Dr. Mert' on it, into custody. Hasan A. claimed
that he already knew the woman he was caught with. He was released
without a statement being taken.

16 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Starstruck Crook Foiled by Photo-op

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 November 2011)

Yahya Eminoğlu (35) resigned from the presidency of the Gebze Musicians
Association in Kocaeli a short while ago. He withdrew 70,000TL in credit
from a bank using a false identity and documents. When bank officials
became suspicious and reexamined Eminoğlu's paperwork they realized the
falsification and notified the police.

Eminoğlu was tracked by police who noticed that he put photographs of
himself with singer Ahu Tuğba that he had taken at the Golden Orange
Film Festival held in Antalya last month, on his Facebook page profile.
Based on this, police determined that Eminoğlu was in Antalya and they
went there to arrest him. Eminoğlu was brought before the court, charged
with 'first degree fraud' and incarcerated.

15 Kasım 2011 Salı

Holy Şit! Robbed on Feast's Eve 3X's

şit links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 14 November 2011)

In Maltepe, Istanbul, thieves who have broken into a market for the past
three years on the eve of the holiday (Feast of Sacrifice/Kurban Bayramı)
did it again in the middle of the night. The incident was recorded by security
cameras. Two robbers wearing masks broke the door to the store at 0545
hours, went to a compartment under the safe where the cigarettes are kept
and took as many cigarettes as they could carry to their cars.

The thieves constantly surveilled their surroundings and didn't go outside if
a car passed along the street, in order not to draw attention to themselves.
At the last minute, one of the robbers noticed the security camera and hit it,
hoping to prevent the camera from recording. They stole all the cigarettes
in the store in five minutes and disappeared with 20,000TL worth of goods.

Ercan Şit (pronounced 'shit'), who noted that his store has been robbed for
the last three years on the eve of the holiday, pleaded with officials to catch
the thieves who have been plaguing him. The police investigation concerning
the matter is continuing.

14 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Wife Frames Wayward Hubby

frame-up links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 November 2011)

In Antalya, a caller informed the police via the emergency 155 line that one
Kenan A. who lives in Serik was involved in the narcotics trade. Police then
stopped Kenan A.'s minibus at the entrance to Antalya and during a search
found 60 grams of hashish in ten packets and 12 Ecstacy pills hidden under
the front seat flooring. Kenan A. was taken into custody for questioning and
evidence was retrieved from the minibus.

The seized material and traces taken from the minibus were compared with
the blood and fingerprints of Kenan A. but no match was found. Police
determined that Kenan A. is married but has lived with another woman for
some time. Consequently, his relationship with his wife and son is strained
so police brought the wife, Şenay A., and son, Serdar A., to police
headquarters to make a statement.

Şenay A. stated that her husband was cheating on her so 'I wanted him to get
caught with narcotics and go to jail. I figured that if he was penniless the
woman he's living with would desert him and he'd come home. My son
took up the flooring in the minibus and I put the narcotics there. Then we
informed the police.' Serdar A. confirmed this account and both the mother
and son were taken into custody. The interrogation of the three suspects is
continuing with the police.

10 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Sacrificial Payback for Unlucky Butcher

sacrifice links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 November 2011)

The incident occurred this morning in the Çepni neighborhood of Çorum. A
place to butcher animals (for the Feast of Sacrifice/Kurban Bayramı) was set
up with a tracked hanging system at the entrance of the private Alaybey
Boys High School dormitory. Butcher Murat Yıldız climbed up to the
elevated track, which was about four meters high, in order to hang the
butchered animals.

When the whole apparatus collapsed Yıldız fell to the ground along with
the animal carcasses. There were six livestock carcasses hooked to the
apparatus and Yıldız was crushed under one of them. As the result of a
severe blow to the head he died at the scene.

Butcher Murat Yıldız's lifeless body was taken to the morgue at Çorum
State Hospital in a vehicle belonging to the Çorum municipality. It was
reported that Yıldız had come from Sivas's Yıldızeli district to Çorum to
butcher the animals. An investigation into the incident is continuing.

9 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Cozy and Convoluted Brotherly Wrecking Crew

wrecker links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 8 November 2011)

Teacher Harun Reşit Ünüvar parked his Chevrolet automobile in front of an
apartment house in Beylikdüzü on 1 February 2010. An hour later the car was
no longer where he had parked it. Bystanders told Ünüvar that police had
towed the car so he went to Duran Autopark to get his car back but instead
was shocked to see that the octopus arm of the wrecker, which had civilian
plates although the sign at the facility read 'Beylikdüzü Security Directorate',
had fallen on the roof of car, inflicting major damage.

Police made a record of the incident and an insurance company paid for the
expenses related to Ünüvar's automobile. When Ünüvar tried to sell the car
a few months later he learned that because of the roof damage his 17,000TL
car was only worth 7,500TL. Ünüvar called Refik Akdağ, president of the
Beylikdüzü Police Services Development and Support Association (BPSDSA),
who had given Ünüvar his card on the day of the incident, but could not reach
him. Contacts with the Beylikdüzü Security Directorate were fruitless, as

At this point, Ünüvar had lawyer Ilyas Harmandalı send a warning from
the Büyükçekmece Third Notary to ADR Ilker Automotive, the owner of
record for the wrecker whose headquarters is in Üsküdar. In response,
ADR sent a one-page rental agreement: the wrecker had been rented to
Hismak Engineering Company on 11 January 2010 for 3,000TL until
30 June 2010.

Ünüvar's lawyer Harmandalı then sent a warning letter to Hismak
Engineering in Fourth Levent, demanding payment for damages. Hismak
Engineering replied by sending a two-page rental contract: on 7 January
2010 - in other words before Hismak had leased it from ADR Ilker - the
wrecker had been rented by Hismak to the Beylikdüzü Police Services
Development and Support Association Economic Business Enterprise
(BPSDSAEBE). And despite the fact that Hismak Engineering's agreement
 with ADL Ilker was to end on 30 June, Hismak rented the wrecker to
BPSDSAEBE until 30 October 2010.

Based on the agreement, Hismak Engineering would receive a 50 percent
share for all towed vehicles and take care of all expenses associated with
the wrecker. The agreement was signed by BPSDSAEBE president Refik
Akdağ, who just happens to be co-owner of Hismak Engineering with
his older brother Engin Akdağ. In light of these developments, lawyer
Harmandalı filed a criminal complaint against Hismak Engineering and

Turkish 'Rocky' KO's 'Godzilla' Attacker on Wall Street

rocky links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 November 2011)

Activists who are continuing their 'occupation' at Zucotti Park in the city of
New York in the U.S., with the aim of protesting unjust income distribution
and financial corruption, were attacked the day before yesterday. A mentally
unbalanced individual named Jeremy Clinch came to Zucotti Park early in the
morning. According to a statement in the New York Post, Clich terrorized
the tents 'like Godzilla' but ultimately crossed 'the wrong man'.

The unemployed attacker, from Cleveland, claimed that the protestors had
violated his living space. Clinch is said to be paranoid and had not taken his
medicine that day. Screaming 'I've been here since day one but I don't have
a tent. You haven't let me sleep for three months', Clinch then started kicking
the tents of the occupiers. When the tent of Turkish protestor Recai Iskender,
nicknamed 'Rocky', was targeted Iskender immediately woke up and went
out to defend himself.

Iskender floored the attacker with one punch and said 'this man is a police
agent. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using every tactic to disperse this
protest.' An activist named Chris Guerra stated that Clinch has been doing
the same thing each morning since the protest started but 'this time he
roused the wrong bear from his sleep.'  The U.S. tabloids have taken to
calling Iskender 'Rocky'.

In connection with the protest, Iskender has conducted a hunger strike for
six days and lost 9 kilograms. On the internet he uses the moniker 'Reis'
(chief) but his name is not foreign to the Turkish public. Turkish diplomatic
sources in the U.S. confirmed that Iskender, whom the U.S. press has
characterized as a former Turkish diplomat based on Iskender's own
assertion, was an employee of the Turkish Foreign Ministry at one time.

Iskender began his service in the Foreign Ministry on 24 December 1986
as a 'candidate professional officer'. According to his own statement, when
he was 16 years old his father goaded him into attacking the principal of
his school because he was a 'communist'. Upon this information reaching
the Foreign Ministry years later, he was removed from the 'professional
officer' ranks and assigned to administrative duties, effectively ending his
chances to serve in an embassy.

He then began a legal fight and in 1999 he protested naked in front of the
Prime Minister's office in Ankara and chained himself to the statue of
Köroğlu in Bolu. Iskender now lives in the U.S. and owns a company
that rents buses.

5 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

Shock Treatment for Unruly Flyer


(Hüğrriyet Newspaper, 4 November 2011)

Alpaslan T. (35), lives in Australia and was flying to Istanbul,
having made a connection in Seoul. When he tried to light a
cigarette on the plane he was prevented from doing so by the
cabin crew. Alpaslan T. then hurled abuse, first verbally and
then physically, toward the crew.

The plane's pilot, also a Turk, emerged from the cockpit to
talk with Alpaslan T. who, despite warnings from the captain,
remained agitated and demanded whiskey. It is claimed that
when taken to the plane's kitchen for a talk with the captain
he attacked the pilot, who was trying to convince him to calm

At this point the captain brought Alpaslan T. under control
by using an electroshock device, after which he was tied to
his seat by the cabin crew and remained there for four hours.
The Korean Airlines plane landed at Atatürk Airport the
evening before last at 1830 hours. Alpaslan T. was taken into
custody on a charge of 'threatening flight safety' and transported
to Bakırköy Mental Hospital.

3 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Gold Mining with Pickax Lives On in Trabzon

pickax links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 2 November 2011)

The night before last in the municipality of Çağlayan in Trabzon city
some thieves saw an opportunity when most of the people went to a wedding.
They stole 60,000TL worth of gold and disappeared.

First of all, the robbers entered the home of Mayor Cafer Sadıklar where they
found a 200 kilogram safe. They took the safe outside through a window to a
point 70 meters away and broke into the safe using a pickax. After stealing the
45,000TL worth of gold in the safe the thieves proceeded on to the homes of
Necati Sadıklar and Enver Sadıklar.

Cafer Sadıklar asserted that the robbery had been planned in connection with
he and his relatives going to the wedding of his nephew the night before last.
He stated that 'our nephew was getting married. Noone stayed at home. A
total of 60,000TL was stolen.' The Gendarmerie has initiated an investigation
into the incident.

2 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Georgian Crooks Can't Buy Freedom

georgia links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 November 2011)

In Trabzon, workers at a supermarket chain, where over the past week three
separate robbery incidents took place, were monitoring the security cameras
the day before yesterday. The workers noticed a man and a woman stealing
and went into action. The two thieves tried to escape, throwing off the bags
in their hands, but they were caught next to a car with Georgia license plates.

The suspects were in a state of panic and offered the supermarket workers
1,000 USD and gold to let them go. Instead, they were handed over to the
police. Goods from the supermarket were found in the trunk of the car
belonging to Georgian citizens Nino Abashidze (56) and her son Teimuraz
Khmalazde (20).

1 Kasım 2011 Salı

CSI Istanbul: This One Too Easy

phone links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 October 2011)

In Ümraniye, Istanbul, Gökmen Kanbir alerted the police after his home was
robbed. Kanbir said that 6,000TL worth of goods had been stolen and he
provided the police with a foreign cellphone that he found in the house. Via
the cellphone, police reached one Maşallah K. (20). Consequently, it was
understood that Maşallah K. had dropped his cellphone in the house while
robbing it. Maşallah K. was place under arrest by the court.