28 Mart 2013 Perşembe

Revenge Edition

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 March 2013)
Canadian days all in the past.

Yesterday morning in Gebze Hikmet Dasdemir
was killed by thirteen bullets. The suspects caught
after the incident are relatives of someone Dasdemir
killed in Canada 6 years ago.  The incident occurred
at 1746 Street in Gaziler neighborhood of Gebze.

According to information that has been obtained,
while Dasdemir was walking along the street yesterday
morning at about 7 o'clock, he got into an argument
with some people in a car. One of the individuals in
the car got out and shot the fleeing Dasdemir 13 times,
with four of the bullets hitting him in the head.

A citizen hearing the gunshots alerted the police who
came and found Dasdemir's body, which was taken to
the Gebze morgue. The suspects were captured in Bolu
in the evening and brought to the Kocaeli police
headquarters.  They were identified as Tayfur Y.(26),
his father Timur Y.(44) and uncle Cemal Y.(50).

Dasdemir allegedly killed Engin Yilmaz in Canada in
2007 for some unknown reason. After four years in
prison, Dasdemir settled in Kocaeli. It is claimed that
the suspects, who came from Agri, said that they killed
Demirtas, whose address they had learned, in connection
with a blood feud between them. The suspects were
given phsical exams and their processing continues at
police headquarters.


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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 28 March 2013)
Wife-snatcher met his doom here.

Sukru Uymaz (34), who has two children,  divorced his
wife three months ago. Ten days ago, while en route to
Samsun, Uymaz abducted the wife of his former neighbor
Niyazi Y. and brought her to Corlu. Yesterday morning
Uymaz boarded a service minibus at the Sifa intersection
to go to thefactory where he works.

As the minibus approached Eski Mezarlik Street, Niyazi Y.
(33), who was sitting in the back, came alongside Uymaz
and to the shock of the 10 people in the minibus said to
Uymaz "whose wife are you stealing?", simultaneously
plunging a knife into Uymaz's throat. Niyazi Y. stabbed
Uymaz three more times before fleeing the scene.

The factory workers in the minibus appealed for help from
a nearby hospital, where, despite all efforts, Uymaz died.
Uymaz was carrying a 7.65mm revolver and 6 bullets when
he was stabbed. Niyazi Y. had boarded the minibus as if he
were a worker and the other passengers thought he was a
employee of a subcontractor.

Corlu a long way from Samsun.

27 Mart 2013 Çarşamba

Restroom and Related Activities

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 March 2013)
Literally scared shitless.

In Fatih, Istanbul, Huseyin D. was scared out of
his wits while relieving himself. The accident
occurred on the bottom floor of a two-story
building said to be about 50 years old. Huseyin
D. entered the bathroom to take care of business
at about 0800, at which time the toilet in the home
of Saban G. on the floor above came crashing

Huseyin escaped injury and his wife called for
help from the fire department and other offices.
Firefighters closed off access to the building and
all nearby roads were closed to traffic and


tuvalet2 links to related article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 March 2013)

Bathroom cleaners at the Suleyman Demirel Culture
Center in Kocaeli, where hundreds of people come and go
each day and where 135 actors work, found a secret camera
a few days ago in the restroom. When police examined
the camera, though, they found that the person who placed
the camera had accidently taken a picture of himself.

The secret photographer turned out to be E.D., the brother of
S.D., who runs the cafeteria at the center. Police took
statements from S.D. and officials at the center but E.D.
remains at large. S.D. was shocked by the development
and said that E.D. sometimes helps out in the cafeteria but
doesn't work there.
E.D.'s photo haven, but one picture too many.


tuvalet3 links to related article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 March 2013)
Whoa! Saints be praised!

People who used the touch screen that Bursa officials
placed at the tomb of Suleyman Celebi were greeted
by pornographic pictures on the screen. Culture
and Tourism Bureau officials quickly shut down the

Bureau chief Ahmet Gedik confirmed the porno complaint
but another official, Zeki Beyhan, stated that the views
weren't pornographic and, in any event, resulted from a
problem with the screen's presentation. Beyhan promised
that the system would be fixed and back in service soon.

26 Mart 2013 Salı

What's in a Name

nincompoop links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 27 March 2013)

S. Dingil, who lives in Ankara, filed suit in Ankara's 7th
Court of First Instance to change his surname on behalf of
himself and his family. In his petition to the court, Dingil
(whose surname literally means 'axle' but which has come to
be used in slang as 'nincompoop') stated that "Dingil" is used
in a derogatory manner and that he has been humiliated because
of it several times.

Dingil asked to change his name to T. (as in "Mr. T."?).
Judge Ismail Demirtaş ordered that the name be changed
from "Dingil" to "T." after receiving a favorable assessment
of the situation from the Population Bureau. 


ID card links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 27 March 2013)

Lost in bureaucratic tax hell.

In Istanbul, the life of Yaşar Özdemir of Kastamonu has
been poisoned since he lost his ID card in 2004. Özdemir
says that in 2007 he received a notice from the Tax Office
in Kadıköy, Istanbul, informing him that he had a 500,000TL
(appx. 300,000USD) tax debt from companies set up in his
name. Özdemir learned that someone had put their own picture
on his ID card and set up companies in various cities under his
name. He stated that "I've been running around the courts for
5 years" and asked for help from officials.

23 Mart 2013 Cumartesi

A Boy and His Dog

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 March 2013)
In spring a boy's heart turns to...

In Kayseri, Gazi Coskun responded to his girlfriend's
ultimatim - "either him or me!" - by siding with his
dog Garip and ending his three-year relationship with
the woman. Coskun explained that "my biggest hobby
is spending time with my dog on the weekends. My
girlfriend gave me an ultimatum but I preferred  my dog."

Coskun also stated that a friend had offered a car worth
17,000 TL for Garip, a 3.5 year old Kangal. In any event,
after being separated from his girlfriend for a year he made
up with her the day before yesterday. But he extracted a
promise from her that she would not object to him spending
time with Garip.

Dog is king in Kayseri.

21 Mart 2013 Perşembe

Tricky Police Nab The Bad Guys

ambush links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 March 2013)

No umbrella but still camera-shy.

Police evaluated robbery reports from computer
fırms in various districts of Istanbul and located
the suspects by reviewing security camera video.
The robbers had entered four computer firms ın
Kağıthane and Beşiktaş, using umbrellas to hide
themselves from the security cameras. They stole
four cellphones, two cameras and five tablets, along
with 12 computers, 600 TL and 80,000 TL worth
of jewelry.

The police determined the license plate of the taxi
that transported the thieves and arrested taxi driver
Yılmaz T. (38). Suspects Mikail Ali V.(24) and Ercan
T. (19) were taken into custody in their homes but
Rıdvan T. (22) remained at large.

Police teams surveilled the telephone of Rıdvan T. for
34 days and determined that he would give a statement
at court in connection with a case opened against him
in the past. So the teams waited at the courthouse for
Rıdvan T. to show up and when he did he was taken
into custody. Ultimately, Rıdvan T. and his accomplices
were arraigned and sent to Metris Prison.


puppets links to original article

Canine Pako foils Karagöz and Hacivat.

(Sabah Newspaper, 21 March 2013)

Shadow-puppet expert Ö.A., who travels from province
to province in Turkey doing his show about Karagöz and Hacivat
(famous Turkish shadow puppet show), was found to be
engaging in narcotics trafficking, as well. Narcotic police got a tip
that Ö.A. would be bringing dope from the east to the Adana market
and put him under technical and physical surveillance.

In an operation conducted by police the day before yesterday,
Ö.A.'s car was stoped at a check-point along the Tarsus-Adana-
Gaziantep highway. With the aid of sniffer-dog "Pako", police
found 6.5 kilograms of powdered hashish secreted away in various
compartments in the car. Following interrogation at the police station,
Ö.A. was transported to court and then incarcerated.
Shadow-puppet ace shadowed in Adana.

19 Mart 2013 Salı

Meal Late, Prosecutor Flips Out

prosecutor links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 19 March 2013)
Just can't abide delayed gozleme.

Prosecutor Mehmet Ali Erbay, who serves in the
hall of justice in Istanbul, went to a tea garden
named Tropicana in Edremit and ordered a beer
and a gozleme (a thin-crusted pancake). The
prosecutor got agitated when the gozleme didn't
come soon enough so he went to the kitchen and
yelled "what moron, what retard is making the

The gozleme chef, Sabri Can, took exception
to this and countered with "How can you insult
me like this?! Can a moron make gozleme!"
Erbay responded by saying "who hired you, you
retard?!" and started to curse as the cafe workers
gathered around him. Erbay then told the cafe
owner, Yakup Karamese, "I'm a lead prosecutor!
Did you hire this retard?! I'll close this place, I'll
ruin you!"

Based on the owner's instructions, cafe worker
Burak Erdogan moved to take Erbay outside but
Erbay punched Erdogan, who fell to the ground.
The prosecutor then started fighting with the other
cafe workers and hit the ground, bloodying his nose.
Ultimately, some other customer rescued Erbay from
the workers.

Subsequently, Erbay screamed at cafe owner Akmese
and gozleme chef Can as they were taken into custody
by the Gendarmerie, bellowing "Now I'll *&^% your
mothers. I'll get this place closed down." Huseyin Cam,
a cafe worker, was punched in the chin by Erbay and
complaints against him were filed by 5 individual cafe
workers. An investigation has been started concerning
the prosecutor for "threats, insults and bodily harm".

The file on Erbay was sent to the Istanbul State
Prosecutor's Office since Erbay serves in Istanbul.
His trial is continuing in Istanbul's 18th Serious Crimes

Edremit district far left.

18 Mart 2013 Pazartesi

MR Snafu: Same Name, Same Day

mr links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 17 March 2013)
Looks young for 73...

On 30 January 2012 Ramazan Acikgoz (32),
an imam at Bayat Koyu Mosque in Duragan,
Sinop, and the father of two children, went
to Duragan State Hospital because of a severe
pain in his head. Acikgoz was then transferred
to Sinop Ataturk State Hospital.

As the result of an MR taken at the hospital,
four hernias were found in his neck and midsection
and an immediate operation was called for.
Acikgoz subsequently took the MR results to a
hospital in Istanbul and again an operation was

But Dr. Gokalp Silav, the brain and nerve surgeon
at the hospital who looked over the MR findings,
noticed that Acikgoz's birthdate was written as
1940. Acikgoz did some research and discovered
that he had been given the wrong MR results. It
turned out that a 73 year-old patient at the hospital
in Sinop with the same name had an MR taken the
same day and his results were given to Acikgoz.

On 26 February, Acikgoz filed a complaint with
the public prosecutor. After the operation decision
had been taken Acikgoz took medicine for 15 days.
He stated that "I've suffered both mentally and
materially. I was told I was very ill and had to have
an immediate operation but there were no hernias
in my neck or midsection. The MR results got mixed
up. If the doctor hadn't noticed it I would have had
an operation for no reason. A plate was going to be
attached to my spine. I was saved at the last minute."

Sinop Ataturk State Hospital officials have started
an administrative investigation into the matter.

Duragan at bottom right, in blue.

17 Mart 2013 Pazar

Diving Rod Treasure Hunt

divining rod links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 16 March 2013)
Dig We Must!

In Mersin, miner Hikmet Rencber (55), believing
that a great treasure lies beneath the ground, applied
to the Culture and Tourism Ministry seven months
ago for excavation permission. Rencber was given
a license to dig a 100 square meter area on the slope
of a hill. Under the supervision of officials and
spending 150,000TL, Rencber began to dig.

Rencber explained that there is a legend in the
region about the treasure and he claimed that the
diving rod he uses has confirmed this. He asserted
that by holding the rod parallel to the ground, one
digs where the rod bends towards a certain point.
In the jargon of miners this means that "a metal
reserve is present." Rencber said that "I felt this
energy from 1.5 kilometers away."

Rencber also claimed that he had observed the
underground treasure using special equipment.
He added that "everything that comes out will
go to the state. Then a commission will assess
its value and we'll get our share. We think there
is 3,000 year-old gold in large containers in a room
2-3 square meters in size, 24 meters underground.
Our estimate is that this underground treasure is
enough to pay off all of Turkey's debts."

Curious citizens are observing the ongoing dig
with great excitement. Police teams are on duty
24 hours a day in the area. Some of the spectators
said that such a treasure has been talked about for
years but everyone thought it was just a legend.

Divine treasure in Mersin.

15 Mart 2013 Cuma

Name Change But Same Game

swindler links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 15 March 2013)
Handsome is as handsome does.

In Istanbul, a swindler who allegedly identified
himself as the right hand of Fenerbahce football
club president Aziz Yildirim and the manager of
former Fenerbahce player Roberto Carlos has
been arrested.

Serkan Y.(44) lost his parents in 2007 and was
adopted by his aunt, an American citizen. In 2008
he changed his name and gained American citizenship.
Up to 2008 Serkan Y. was sought on 18 separate
charges of fraud but he picked up where he left off
with his new name. After his name change, though,
Serkan Y. was sought by police as Serkan A.

Identifying himself as Aziz Yildirim's assistant,
Serkan A. bilked 60 people out of 30,000TL each,
in the name of the Fenerbahce club. He was sought
on 30 separate charges and was finally arrested in
Kadikoy, Istanbul, based on a complaint from Ayse
O., from whom Serkan A. took 600,000TL with the
promise of "a house in the U.S. for half price."

Serkan A. denied all the charges and was released
pending trial.

14 Mart 2013 Perşembe

Stingy Dad's Ripple-effect Wounding

ripple effect links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 14 March 2013)


Chain-reaction anger victim.

An indictment has been prepared in connection
with the firing of a Kalishnikov rifle bullet and
the wounding of a bus passenger as the bus was
passing by Metris Prison during its Mecidiyekoy-
Cebeci run in Istanbul. A penalty was requested in
the indictment for a soldier who "got mad at his
father because he wouldn't send him money. The
soldier at the prison barracks then fired into the
air in anger."

In the indictment, pepared by Judicial Lieutenant
Akif Duzgun, information was given to the effect
that suspect Emrah Tekin was standing guard at
the Metris Barracks between 1130 and 1330 hours.
At 1310 Tekin fired his Kalishnikov infantry rifle
and the bullet struck the compainant Sukru Akpinar.
An empty cartridge casing was found next to the
guard shack and a bullet shell was found in the bus
and it was determined that both of them came from
Tekin's rifle.

In his statement included in the indictment Tekin
said that one hour prior to taking up his guard
duty he had spoken with his father and asked him
for money. When the father refused Tekin got upset
and later fired his rifle into the air while on guard

Tekin was charged with "negligent wounding"
and a sentence of between 4.5 months and 1.5
years was requested in the indictment.

12 Mart 2013 Salı

Bridge, Cars go 'Poof' in the Night

bridge links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 12 March 2013)
Hey, wasn't there a bridge here yesterday?

The iron bridge at Ihsaniye Karakas location
in Golcuk district of Kocaeli province, which
villagers use to get across the river to their
fruit orchards, was stolen over night. Villagers
who arose early to go to the orchards were
shocked to see that the bridge wasn't there

Police teams that came to the scene determined
that the bridge had been taken apart and loaded
onto a tractor trailer. The bridge's length is 25
meters, its width 2 meters and its weight 22 tons.
Disappearing bridge in Golcuk district.

cars links to related article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 March 2013)

In Bornova, Izmir, 3 automobiles were set on fire last week
on 113/17 Street in the Evka 3 neighborhood. The incident
was characterized as arson and a suspect, A.C.(32) was taken
into custody. A.C. had been trying to steal a car but couldn't
manage the job so he torched the car to remove any trace of
his fingerprints. The fire spread to two other vehicles. A.C.
was released pending trial.

Leave no prints in Bornova.

11 Mart 2013 Pazartesi

Vehicular Beauty, Beast

beauty links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper and Renault Fan Club, 9 March 2013)

Understated it's not...

You've never seen a truck like this one. Owner Nuri Çerçi
introduces us to his homey truck  with pride. Çerçi mostly
drives loads between Istanbul and Antalya. He attached the
lights on the truck afterwards and only lights them when he's
parked. But this unusual highway truck is not just interesting
on the outside, the inside is worth seeing too.

When you open the door it's as if you're entering a warm hearth.
Since the driver's compartment is carpeted you're without shoes.
Even the pedals are carpetted. There are tens of toy animals but
Çerçi focuses on the toy cars he has lined up in front of the
windshield. He wipes them clean each day and lines them up as
he chooses to. It's because Çerçi has a fascination with cars that
he has adorned his truck in this manner.

"I've loved cars since childhood. This is my home, where I spend
most of my time. That why I've dolled it up and made it homey."
For this aim he has spent about 25,000TL. He's turned the truck
into a warm home. Çerçi has put fancy towels and charms in the
front section, along with a chandelier, beads and curtains.

Nuri relaxing in the living room.


beast links to related article

(Posta Newspaper, 23 February 2013)

Special delivery to the emergency room.

In Manisa, the relative of a patient crashed his car
into the emergency room of a hospital because he
was angry at a doctor.  Barış Savaşkan brought his
younger brother Zafer Savaşkan to Celal Bayar
University (CBÜ) Hafsa Sultan Hospital's emergency
room yesterday morning when Zafer complained about
stomach bleeding . Zafer was accepted for treatment
but he then called Barış and complained that no one at
the hospital was paying any attention to him.

Barış then came back to the hospital with some friends
and argued with a doctor there. Along with Zafer, Barış
and his friends left the emergency room, got in their car and
crashed at high speed through the emergency room entrance.
Other patients' relatives in the room were bewildered and
panicked. Barış and the other three people in his car were
arrested by hospital police and security guards. An
investigation into the incident has been begun. 


10 Mart 2013 Pazar

Ferry Tale Marriage Proposal

proposal links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 9 March 2013)
Shipboard romance.

The Besiktas-Kadikoy ferry was the scene of a
surprise marriage proposal on 8 March, World
Women's Day. Tugce Ozdemir boarded the ferry
at the Besiktas pier and sat in the rear section.
Sitting among the passengers were musicians
who began to play and sing Kenan Dogulu's
"Yuzsuz Yurek" (Shameless Heart) song.

As the song ended a banner was unfurled that
read: "My Princess, Will You Marry Me?". Ozkan
Taskin then went down on one knee with a bouquet
of roses in his hand and asked Tugce to marry him.
A flustured Tugce assented and  said "Yes!".
Saying she was very happy, Tugce added "I didn't
expecet anything like this. He said many times that
he wanted to marry me but this was the best way
to do it."

8 Mart 2013 Cuma

High-tension Puts Road in Limbo

road to nowhere links to original article

(Hürriyet and Radikal newspapers, 8 March 2013)

"Road closed because the high-tension lines weren't moved"

In Geyve district of Sakarya province, a 3,700 meter road
was built to connect Geyve with its neighboring district
Pamukova. However, when a portion of the road was set
too high it came rather close to high-tension lines and despite
the road being finished it could not be opened to traffic.

The firm that won the contract to build the road began the
job two years ago. The road runs alongside the Sakarya River
and fill was used to lay the road 3-4 meters above ground
level. It was finished nearly six months ago but because the
roadway rose to within 3-4 meters of the high-tension lines
the road-building firm asked TEİAŞ (electric utility) to either
raise the lines or move them. TEİAŞ did not respond to the
request and the road was left to its fate.

Meanwhile, the Sakarya River rose and flooded the service
road that links Geyve with the road-building firm's construction
site, cutting off  all access. As for the villagers who own orchards
and fields nearby and drive their tractors along the road, no one
has an answer to their plight.

Geyve and Pamukova districts at bottom, left.

7 Mart 2013 Perşembe

Donkey Milk 10 USD; Batman's Kebap

milk links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 March 2013)
Cash-cows come in different forms.

Musa Karacam purchased 60 donkeys from Taslica
village in Marmaris district of Mugla province
and brought them  to Yatagan. Karacam uses
the donkeys for safaris in summer and sells their
milk in the winter. He says that there is a high
demand for the donkey milk - he gets 20 TL (more
than 10 USD) for a tea glass worth of it.
Mugla province, where the pricey milk is.

Karacam plans to increase his donkey herd. As for
Taslica village in Marmaris, which is known for
its donkeys, village chief Sadi Altinisik says that
"people pay 30-40 TL for 150-200 grams of milk".


kebap links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 7 March 2013)
Breakfast of Champions

Stan Worby (39), dressed in the costume of superhero "Batman",
delivered a suspect to the police in Bradford city in northern
England last week. Worby says that he owes his (super) strength
to Turkish doner kebap.  The fast-food delivery man  gained
worldwide fame for his exploits. Worby asserts that to keep up
his strenth he eats doner kebap, just like Christian Bale who played
Batman in the film, saying that "I don't do sports and neither does
Bale. I eat doner kebap and smoke cigarettes."

6 Mart 2013 Çarşamba

TV Host Rescues Gouged Commuters

gouging links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 March 2013)

Floating cash-cow reined-in.

The Istanbul Municipal Transportation Coordination
Center (UKOME) designated 0600-0800 hours to be
the rush hours for the Harem-Sirkeci car ferry and 1600-
2000 hours for the reverse run. IDO (Istanbul Ferry
Company) then decided to increase prices during these
hours, ostensibly to encourage customers toward non-peak

However, Fatih Portakal, the host of FOX TV's Alarm Clock
program, had lawyer Rezan Epözdemir file a suit against
the Istanbul municipality. As a result, the Istanbul 1st
Administrative Court declared that the municipality's
action was contrary to the public interest and voided UKOME's

Additionally, the court decreed that the municipality would
have to reimburse Fatih Portakal 152 TL in court costs and
600 TL for the lawyer's fee. In the court ruling, it was stated
that although IDO has been privatized, it is providing public
service and raising prices during rush hours is unjust, as is
trying to extract maximum profit.

The court's decree reads as follows: "It is not possible for
commuters to avoid using the ferry going to and from work
during the hours of 0600-0800 and 1600-2000 and for them
to use ferry runs at other times. Essentially, the defendent
(UKOME) and IDO's aim is not to channel commuters to
other times but, just the reverse, to extract the maximum
profit from the heavy commuter traffic during rush hours."

5 Mart 2013 Salı

Hero's Fine Essentially a Victory

hero links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 March 2013)

Spoiled brat gets what's coming to him...

The case involving street sweeper Selçuk Kahraman ('kahraman'
means 'hero' in Turkish) and 17 year-old Yasin Karaaslan, which
began with Kahraman telling Karaaslan "beat it, kid!" and ended with
the street sweeper hitting Karaaslan over the head with the handle of
his broom, has ended in Gölcük Petty Crimes Court. //The incident
took place on 11 May 2012 in Gölcük district of Kocaeli province.//

The judge gave Kahraman a fine for the crime of "intentional wounding"
equal to 740 TL, after applyıng a discount based on the suspect's economic
situation, and the broom used in the incident was returned to the Gölcük
Municipality. Kahraman's father Mustafa Kahraman said that they will
not appeal the verdict.

When father Kahraman was asked by a reporter whether they have been
given an apartment for the film rights to "Oğlum Git Bak" (YouTube
video "Beat it, Kid!"), Mustafa Kahraman responded by saying that
"They were going to give us an apartment and a ten year mortgage.
They wanted to use my son for 10 years. I said no."

Gölcük located south of Kocaeli (İzmit)

4 Mart 2013 Pazartesi

These Kids Today...

kids links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 4 March 2013)
Sign, sign everywhere a sign...

In Kozan village of Geyve district, Sakarya province,
garden owner S.G. got angry at young people who
have been littering his garden and put a sign on a
tree to warn them. S.G. was upset by the youths
drinking alcohol alongside the village road and then
throwing their refuse onto his property.

S.G.'s warning notice read as follows: "Young people,
what you've done isn't worthy of human beings. Why
do you insist on throwing your beer bottles left and
right? Isn't a shame that there are bottle caps all over
the place? If I  catch you I know what I'll do with
those bottle caps!"

The village young people who came to the garden
and read the warning took a picture of it and then
shared it on social media.

Geyve district at bottom.

3 Mart 2013 Pazar

Help From Above Invoked Willy-nilly

prayer links to original article

(Internet news, 2 March 2013)
Let there be a district, and there was a district (hopefully!)

The citizens of the township of Mahmutlar in Alanya
were gathered together to say a prayer that their town
becomes a district. Along with the citizens,
Kargicak Mayor Zihni Asilturk, Mahmutlar Mayor
Ali Celik, Alanya Commerce and Industry Union
Chairman Mustafa Tuna and MHP Alanya District
Chief Cafer Uyar all came together in front of the
Mahmutlar Municipal Building.

The prayer was led by retired Imam Mehmet Korkmaz,
who intoned that "God willing, Mahmutlar will become
a district and  a district office will be established here,
along with a national education building." Those present
said "Amen" to this. Mahmutlar District Platform Chief
Sudi Candir noted in a press release that Mahmutlar's
population has exceeded 20,000 and that the township
is eligible to become a district.

Candar explained that they wanted to make their voices
heard on this matter and so the "district prayer" meeting
was organized. He added that they will not abandon their
struggle until the town becomes a district. He added that
"there's no reason we shouldn't be a district. No one has
told us 'you can't be a district.' This is our legal right.
We'll struggle to the end and achieve our right."

The participants then dispersed.
On the Mediterranean coast.

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 28 February 2013)
Some religious flattery couldn't hurt...

The prosecutor in the case against a "criminal organization'
involving the owner of Metro Tourism, Galip Ozturk, and 70
other suspects has asked for a sentence of up to 75 years for
Ozturk. In his plea to the Istanbul 23rd Serious Crimes Court,
though, Ozturk requested his own release, telling the judges
"with the power vested in you by the sacred cloak you wear,
I ask you to think again."

Invoking religious passages, as well, in his plea, Ozturk wrote
that "there are three kinds of judges. Two of them are in hell,
one of them is in heaven. The first knows the law but takes
sides and so cannot administer justice. The second gives a
decision without knowing the law. The third, however, knows
the law and gives a proper verdict. He's the one in heaven. You
judges are the ones that belong in heaven."

1 Mart 2013 Cuma

Cleopatra Had Kid Sister Bumped Off!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 March 2013)
Princess Arsinoe...she's no Liz Taylor.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, accepted as one of
the world's most beautiful women, had her
younger sister Princess Arsinoe the 4th killed
and the princess is buried among the Ephesus
ruins in Izmir province.

Archaeologist Dr.Hilke Thuer of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences made the claim and
stated that "we haven't yet been able to do a
good DNA test on her bones because most of
the remains of Princess Arsinoe have disintigrated
in the intervening 2,000 years. We will be able to
confirm it though, by using new generation
forensic techniques, such as 3-dimensional

After the sisters' father died Roman Emperor
Julius Cesar supported Cleopatra for the throne
in Egypt.  Princess Arsinoe chose to side with
those opposing the Roman army. When Cesar
and Cleopatra won the war, Princess Arsinoe
was exiled to Ephesus. It is believed that
Cleopatra later saw her sister as a threat and had
her new lover Marc Antony kill her.