30 Mart 2016 Çarşamba

Relationship Killers

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 March 2016)

Yaşlı Adamı Sevişme Bahanesiyle Öldürdü, Ömür Boyu Hapsi İsteniyor
"Cingöz" (cunning/mischievous) Selma hanım.

In Adana, Selma Cingöz (40) struck up a relationship with
Osman Efe (70), a retiree from Germany who settled in Sarıçam
district's Yavuz Selim Sultan neighborhood. Cingöz, the married
mother of two children, had put her house on the market and Efe
was a prospective buyer. Over the course of time, Efe began to
pay Cingöz for sex.

When Cingöz learned that Efe had a large amount of jewelry
and cash, she hatched a plan to kill him.  Figuring that this
would be easiest to do during sex, Cingöz filled two injector
needles with pesticide and went to Efe's house, carrying a
knife, as well.

Selma hanım caught cashing in her ill-gotten gains.

Once in Efe's bedroom, Cingöz asked him to get her a glass
of water from the kitchen. At this time, she put the injectors
and knife under her pillow. When Efe returned and lay down
on his back Cingoz stuck an injector needle into his neck. Cingöz
then told the protesting Efe that the injection was meant to
assist his sexual performance (!).

Cingöz then took the knife out from under her pillow and
stabbed Efe nine times.  Taking Efe's telephone and 7,000
euros, Cingöz tried to make the house look like a robbery
scene and fled. Upon finding Efe's body, though, police checked
his cellphone records, which led them to Cingöz, who then

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                      Adana province

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(Cumhurriyet Newspaper, 30 March 2016)

[Haber görseli]
    After the next argument, she'll rent a truck.

In Antalya, yesterday evening Gizem C. (21) got into an argument
with her boyfriend Ramazan K. (24) in Muratpaşa district's
Bayındır neighborhood.  Gizem hanım then drove her rented car,
license plate number 07 GBE 84, onto the sidewalk where Ramazan
was standing, in front of the car dealership where he works.

Image result for women drivers
      Action photo of Gizem hanım.

Gizem's car hit Ramazan and another car before crashing through
the window of the Yabancı Kuaför beauty salon, owned by Ramazan
Güç.  Commenting on the incident afterwards, Güç had this to say:
"I was tending to a customer's hair when the car came toward me.
Two of my customers, Ahnur Çayır and Emine Güç, were injured.
The woman driving knowingly came through my window. She's
the girlfriend of a guy who works at the car dealership next door.
After the crash she said to him 'you didn't think I'd do it, did you?!'"

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              Antalya province

29 Mart 2016 Salı

Location, Location, Location

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 29 March 2016)

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     Istanbul's newest real estate tycoon.

The residents of Garipçe village, at the point on the Bosphorus
where it opens to the Black Sea, are fishermen and year round
fishing has been their only income source. Until now. Because Garipçe
lies at the foot of the new Yavuz Sultan trans-Borphorus bridge
and this geography has sent house and land prices there through the

Garipçe, on the left bank of the Bosphorus, before the bridge.

A house a bit up the steep incline from the shore belongs to lifetime
Garipçe resident "Aunt" Mevlüde Kamburoğlu (77), who has 7
children and 18 grandchildren.  Mevlüde explained that a grander
house than hers is selling for 5 million TL (about 1.7 million USD).
Nevertheless, Mevlüde is reluctant to sell although she will probably
yield to the wishes of her children.  

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    Traffic will start crossing in August '16.

27 Mart 2016 Pazar

Turkish President Yields to King Cat

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 21 March 2016)

catstantinople  understanding the cat's place in Istanbul.

Cumhurbaşkanı Konvoyunu Bu Kez Kedi Durdurdu

Feline Majesty Trumps (!) Presidential Car-power.

As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his convoy
were entering the grounds of the Yıldız Palace in Isanbul, a
cat suddenly jumped out in front of the limos. The cars slowed
to allow the cat to pass before proceeding.

Cumhurbaşkanı Konvoyunu Bu Kez Kedi Durdurdu
    Safely across, cool cat saunters onward.

25 Mart 2016 Cuma

Selfies May Be Hazardous to Your Health

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Posta Newspaper, 24 March 2016)

Son selfiesini paylaştığı yerde cesedi bulundu
                      The Last Selfie

Aydın Kesmeni, a third-year engineering student at Süleyman
Demirel University in İsparta, came to Antalya on 18 March as
a tourist.  On the morning of 20 March Kesmeni posted this
message - "dad, hungover from last night." - along with a selfie
photo, and then disappeared.  

When Kesmeni's relatives received no further word from him,
they contacted the authorities.  Ekrem Kesmeni, Aydın's older
brother, came to Antalya from Ankara and began to search for
his brother like a detective.  Ekrem followed Aydın's path to the
Kepez scenic lookout point, where he found the rocks in front
of which Aydın had taken the selfie.

Ekrem then noticed a male body at the bottom of a cliff and
determined that it was indeed Aydın's.  Arriving at the scene,
police surmised that Aydın had fallen to his death. AFAD (search
& rescue) teams retrieved Aydın's body, which was taken to the
Antalya morgue.

Narcotics paraphernalia were also found at the scene and police
conjectured that Aydın had lost his balance while taking the selfie
and plunged to his death.

Antalya province. Kepez is right in the middle.

24 Mart 2016 Perşembe

Sacrifice of the Lambs (Not on Kurban Bayramı)

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 March 2016)

Sheepskin coats and lamb stew aplenty henceforth.

Nail Çobanoğlu raises animals in Sindehöyük village of Develi
district in Kayseri province.  When one of twenty sheep was born
deformed, Çobanoğlu became concerned and summoned a veternarian.
Vet A.U. came and diagnosed the problem as a lack of vitamins. He
promised to come back in the evening and give the sheep injections.

When A.U. came and finished giving the animals shots by 9 p.m.
Çobanoğlu came at midnight to check on the sheep but found them
thrashing on the ground. By 3 a.m. a number of the sheep had died.
Çobanoğlu called A.U. but received no reply so he drove to A.U.'s
house and brought him back to the farm.

A.U. then began giving the ailing sheep heart injections but this only
served to hasten their deaths.  At his point A.U., at wit's end, left the
farm. Çobanoğlu lamented that "the Gendarmerie came and I filed
a complaint against A.U.  I lost 200 sheep, a great tragedy."

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Develi district is in southern Kayseri province.

22 Mart 2016 Salı

Taxi Driver Prevents Travesty of Justice

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 21 March 2016)

Everyone chats with their cab driver but "I'm a murderer"...?

In Çorlu district of Tekirdağ province, Faruk T. stabbed Ferhat
A. (35) to death.  The murder came to light after Faruk T. related
the details to a taxi driver.  The incident occurred at an apartment
building on Adnan Doğu Avenue in the Esentepe neighborhood.

Faruk T. went to the home of Ferhat A., a transvestite ('travesti' in
Turkish) and the two argued for some unknown reason.  The
argument turned into a fight, whereupon Faruk T. stabbed Ferhat A.
Then, Faruk T., with blood on his shirt, got into a cab and as he
exited the taxi in the Havuzlar neighborhood he told the taxi driver
that he had committed a murder.

Image result for travis bickle
            Good citizen taxi driver. 

The taxi driver informed police about what Faruk T. had told him.
The police went to the apartment in Esentepe and, with the help of
a locksmith, entered the flat, finding Ferhat T.'s body there.  About
an hour later police took Faruk T. into custody at his home in the
Havuzlar neighborhood.

Image result for tekirdağ haritası
               Tekirdağ province.

20 Mart 2016 Pazar

Robbers Take Loot and Pooch Too

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 18 March 2016)

 He's now a Moldovan terrier, perhaps the first. 

The first of back-to-back robbery incidents began in Eyüp,
Istanbul, last month.  Homeowner Sandrow M. was away
from home when thieves entered through a window of his luxury
apartment, taking 25,000 TL from the safe.  Police looked at
security video from the complex and noticed that the theives
had entered in a luxury car.

Shortly after the first robbery, the thieves entered the home of
Henry F. and took 20,000 TL.  This wasn't enough for the robbers,
though, and they decided to take Henry F.'s terrier breed dog (!), as
well.  Continuing their investigation, police determined that the same
culprits were involved in a robbery in Çekmeköy, Istanbul, at the
villa of Ahmet K., from who they stole 500,000 TL-worth of jewelry.

Ultimately, the police captured Özgür K. (30), Halis K. (33) and
Feridun Ş. (29).  Between them the suspects have records for
involvement in 117 crimes. In his statement, Özgür K. related
that he gave the stolen dog to his Moldovan girlfriend, who took
the dog back to her home country.

        There's still romance among thieves.


19 Mart 2016 Cumartesi

Fingered From Afar

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 18 March 2016)

                              Boxed in.

In Izmir, S.D. returned to his home on 14 June 2014 and
found that a thief had visited him.  Police investigated the
scene and discovered the fingerprints of Berker Gider, who used
to work in a cardboard box factory in Istanbul.

Charges were filed against Gider who, when summoned, decried
that "I've never been in Izmir in my life. On the day of the incident
I was in front of my home in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul, participating
in a send-off for a soldier. I have witnesses and there is video."

Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the trial, Gider was sentenced
to 3.5 years in jail (!).  Gider appealed the decision and his lawyer
explained that "my client's fingerprints were found on a cardboard
box at the scene of the crime. He used to work at a cardboard box
factory in Istanbul.  His fingerprints may have been on one of
the boxes he made." The lawyer asked to see the box in question
but it could not be found in the court's evidence locker (!). The
appeal process is continuing.

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                 Izmir province

17 Mart 2016 Perşembe

Bridge With Too Much of a View

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 March 2016)

Disillusioned Peeping-Ahmet retreats from bedroom view.

In Körfez district of Kocaeli province, 80 year-old Sebahat
Taşyürek filed a court complaint in 2013 and asserted that people
crossing the bridge over the D-100 highway were looking into
her home.  Claiming that she cannot live comfortably, Sebahat
hanım requested that the overpass, which connects the Körfez
Yeniyalı and Barbaros neighborhoods, be torn down.

Image result for old lady at home
Sebahat hanım (center) upon winning Miss Körfez Senior title.

In response to Sebahat hanım's petition, the Kocaeli Administrative
Court ruled that the overpass should be demolished and relocated
away from her home.  However, this decision prompted the 28,000
residents of Körfez Yeniyalı and Barbaros to object. Körfez Mayor
İsmail Baran has tried to persuade Sebahat hanım to relent and Yeniyalı
neighborhood chief Yusuf Yanar is hoping for a solution soon. The
Taşyürek family, though, has not commented.

Image result for kocaeli haritası
Körfez district is on the north shore of the Gulf of Izmit.