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Does He Get Air Miles?

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(Takvim Newspaper, 25 February 2013)
Not our hero but he wore such a jacket.

An Atlas Jet airplane that departed from Istanbul's
Ataturk Airport landed in Tehran yesterday morning
at 0300 hours. But as the ground crew unloaded the
luggage from the plane they noticed a person asleep
in the cargo hold. The sleeper was wearing a jacket
belonging to the Celebi Air Services company that
serviced the plane in Istanbul.

At first it was thought that this person was a Celebi
worker who had somehow been left behind in the
hold at Ataturk Airport. It was later learned, though,
that the individual had entered the hold acting as a
Celebi employee. The suspect, whose name was not
released, had come to Istanbul from Van, in eastern
Turkey, 20 days before but ran out of money.

Officials said that the Iranian stowaway was able
to survive in the cargo hold because it is only 5 or
6 degrees colder than the cabin.

26 Şubat 2013 Salı

Murder: Overeating and Nail Polish

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 24 February 2013)

Taking a stand against overeaters.

In Kayseri, market worker Cengiz Alptekin (26) was
eating lunch the day before yesterday at the Tekel
restaurant with his friend Metin Aşmaz (22). Allegedly,
Aşmaz said to Alptekin "You've eaten quite a bit. Now
stop."  An argument ensued and Aşmaz went to his car,
pulled out a pump-action rifle and chased Alptekin as
far as the mosque. Aşmaz then pointed the barrel at
Alptekin and pulled the trigger. Alptekin could not be
saved and Aşmaz was arrested with his rifle.

Curb your appetite in Kayseri...


 nail polish links to original article

Look closely and you can see the nail polish.

(Sabah and Hürriyet Newspapers, 26 February 2013)

In Sancaktepe, Istanbul, Murat Midilli (25) stabbed his uncle
Halim Midilli while arguing with him for disturbing his mother.
Murat Midilli fled the scene, while Halim Midilli was taken
to the hospital where he died.

Murat hid out for a time in a relative's home in Darıca, Kocaeli,
but, thinking that his uncle Halim had not died and was receiving
treatment at the hospital, he hatched a murder plan. Murat donned
a wig, put on make-up and nail polish with the intent of sneaking
into the hospital as a woman and killing his uncle there. However,
police nabbed him as he left his hide-out in Darıca. Murat then
learned that his uncle had died at the hospital. Murat was sent back
to Istanbul.

                                                                 Darıca, noted for its polish, is in Gebze district of Kocaeli province

24 Şubat 2013 Pazar

Trabzon: Image Make-over, Bike Return

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 February 2013)
Mayor on image offensive.

Trabzon's Tonya district, where in the lore of the
Black Sea the words "furdi, furdi, furuldi" (he shot
and shot and then got shot) are said to be written
on tombstones, and which is famed for being the
site of blood feuds, has set out on an interesting
image make-over.

At last week's 7th 'Trabzon from Every Which Way'
festival, held at the Ataturk Cultural Center in Ankara,
Tonya municipality displayed four tombstones, two of
which were taken from an Ottoman period cemetery in
Tonya, at its stand. The tombstones were both frightening
and intersting to citizens.

The reason for displaying the tombstones was Tonya's
reputation as a center for blood feuds. Tonya Mayor
Ahmet Kurt said that "there are guns on the tombstones
reflecting the love the people of the Black Sea region have
for guns. But there's no blood feud. We brought the tomb-
stones here to make this point, taking advantage of this
opportunity. These people died natural deaths. In other
words, "furdi, furdi furuldi" (as said with the Black Sea
accent) or "vurdu, vurdu vuruldu" (normal Turkish spelling)
is not written on tombstones. We've put that image to rest

Mayor Kurt drove home this point by putting a note under
each tombstone: "Died Naturally".


vakfikebir links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 24 February 2013)
Old friend returns 20 years later.

In Trabzon's Vakfikebir district, Seyfi Cabuk (59), who
has worked as an electrician for 30 years, had the bicycle
he used to use to go to work stolen from in front of his
house in the Buyukliman neighborhood 20 years ago. At
that time he was forced to walk long distances to work
because he had no bicycle anymore. So when he saw the
same bike in front of his house the other day he couldn't
hide his surprise.

Cabuk, who had a hard time remembering the date of the
bicycle theft, said that "a few days ago I noticed a bike
in front of my house as I left for work. There was a note
on the bike that read 'I took this bike from the stairs of
your house 20 years ago and today I brought it back. Please
give me your blessing.' Whether I know him or not he has
my blessing. I can't really get any use out of it now but the
spiritual value is great."

Tonya and Vakfikebir districts on the left.

22 Şubat 2013 Cuma

Self-inflicted YouTube Gaffe

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 February 2013)
Quest for fame overwhelms prudence...

Ankara police took Kadir Inan (34) into custody in 2011
during a narcotics raid against a drug gang. Inan had a
record of more than 10 crimes that included drug sales,
possession, assault and threatening. He was thrown in

While Inan was in the Sincan F-type Prison he came up
with a scenario worthy of a film. During meal time he grabbed
a knife and stuck it into his own chest, leading to a bloody
trip to the hospital. Then, recuperating in the hospital after
an operation, Inan took advantage of his sleeping guards
and escaped by jumping from a second-floor window.

Inan is a big fan of the Polat Alemdar character in the TV
series "Kurtlar Vadisi" (Valley of the Wolves) and even
dresses like Polat. He was able to avoid police for two years
by using a fake ID card but on 10 February he made a video
of himself while driving on the TEM highway. Inan put the
clip on Youtube under the heading "You have to be willing
to risk everything".

Police watched the video and found the IP address of the
computer Inan used to make the video, subsequently raiding
a house in Golbasi, Ankara. Inan was found hiding in the
basement of the house and taken into custody. During a
search of the house an unlicensed handgun was found.

20 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

Transportation Troubles

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 20 February 2013)
What me worry?

Semsettin Taskiran (22) and his friends were
roaming around the dry river bed between the
Bahcelievler and Adliye Saray neighborhoods
in Denizli on Sunday and made a bet.

Taskiran claimed that he could make it across on
the nearly 30 meter-long water pipe that spans the
river bed but when he got to the middle of the pipeline,
which is 8 meters above ground, he couldn't go any
further. While Taskiran was being rescued by the
fire department his pals laughed their heads off.

Stranded braggart rescued.


flooded links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 February 2013)
No diving allowed.

In Umraniye, Istanbul, a bus crashed into a hydrant following an
accident and the water rushing in from the bottom of the bus made
for rough time for the passengers. Yesterday at 1400 at the Kemerdere
intersection on the Eski Sile Road, the bus, en route on its Uskudar-
Cekmekoy run, was hit by a passing truck. The bus then hit the
hydrant, with the high-pressure water tearing the bus's underbody

The 20 passengers, facing drowning, broke open the windows
with safety hammers and got out. Three injured passengers were taken
to the hospital. One passenger, Zulal Kay, said "a truck hit the bus from
the right side and the bus hit the hydrant. There were kids on the bus and
they were frightened. We got out with great difficulty". Some stores were
inundated, as well.

19 Şubat 2013 Salı

Great Holy Man Abdurrahman Lies Here, Maybe

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 February 2013)
Please let Rizespor win!

Muhammet Meral, who lived in Taslik village in
Rize's Gundogdu township, began to build a house
on a plot of land in the 1950's. However, the
foundation caved in three times so the villagers
consulted a hoca. The hoca proclaimed that "a
great man lies here and you're building a house
on top of him." This was enough to stop construction.

Subsequently, a small tomb was erected on the plot
where it is believed that the Great Holy Man Abdurrahman
lies. As for the house, it was built as a three-story
edifice nearby. Today there is no one around who knows
who either the hoca or Great Holy Man Abdurrahman was.

Tomb of the unknown Great Holy Man

17 Şubat 2013 Pazar

Rookie Robber Leaves Own Credit Card

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 February 2013)
Whoops! Forgot my credit card...

In Izmir, a young man gave his credit card to
a jeweler to buy a bracelet and then pulled a
gun on the store owner in a robbery attempt.
When the jeweler sounded the alarm the panic-
stricken youth fled, forgetting his credit card,
and ultimately got caught.

The youth, M.E.A. (20) who is serving in the military
in Kutahya, met a girl from Izmir on the internet
and decided to marry her. M.E.A. took leave from
his unit and went with his father to Izmir's Torbali
district to get engaged. While there, the young man
went to the jewelry store and had three bracelets

M.E.A. gave the jeweler his credit card to pay for
the bracelets but suddenly pulled a gun from his
waist and confronted the merchant, saying "this
is a robbery, if you value your life put the gold
in the bag."  At this point, the jeweler pressed the
alarm button that rings at police headquarters.
Realizing this the young man fled in a panic,
leaving his credit card behind.

Police took the credit card from the jeweler and
reviewed the security camera images. The suspect's
photo was distributed and the town was sealed off.
About 50 minutes later M.E.A. was apprehended
while walking along the street. In order not to be
recognized he had taken off his sweater and hat.
Since he is in the military, M.E.A. was delivered
to the Gendarmerie for prosecution.

M.E.A. explained that he attempted the robbery
after he found out that his intended bride's family
was in financial difficulties.

Torbali just south of Izmir city.

15 Şubat 2013 Cuma

Read the Fine Print! Cop Did...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 February 2013)
Mustafa hides, Yucel follows police escort.

In Bursa, a policeman who works at the Istanbul
anti-financial crimes bureau rented a car from Yucel
Car Rental. One month later the policeman received
a notice from the debtors court ordering him to pay
18,000 TL. The policeman learned that he had become
indebted to one Tekin Y. by signing a promisory note.

The policeman filed a complaint and it turned out that
Tekin Y., who has 52 debtor files in the Istanbul and
Bakirkoy Debtors Bureaus, has a relationship with Mustafa
Sayin, the owner of Yucel Car Rental. The finance police
then interviewed the other 51 of Tekin Y.'s supposed debtors
and determined that all of them had become indebted after
renting cars.

Police took Tekin Y., Mustafa Sayin and his son Yucel
Sayin into custody. During a search of Yucel Car Rental
police found a large number of filled-in and blank promisory
notes related to car rental agreements totaling 1,266,000 TL.
The swindlers put fine-print paragraphs at the bottom of
the agreement that indebted the customers.

The gang tied the debt reflected on the promisory notes to
the customers' professions, with debts ranging from 4,000
to 51,000TL.  It has been learned that the gang had started
debt collection processes for 500,000TL against 52 customers
in 10 provinces.  The suspects were arraigned and freed pending
trial, except for Mustafa Sayin who is wanted on another
charge and was arrested.

14 Şubat 2013 Perşembe

Valentine's Day Floral Rivalry Fierce

flowers links to original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 February 2013)
Good as gold on Valentine's Day.

In Cukurova, Adana, the night before last,
two people broke into the Senyilmaz Florist
shop and stole 10,000TL worth of flowers,
including roses, primroses, azaleas, hyacinths,
tulips, impatiens, mini orange blossoms and
lemon flowers. The thieves put the flowers
into a pick-up truck and fled.

When Sadik Senyilmaz arrived at his shop
the following morning and saw that the flowers
he planned to sell on Valentine's Day had all
been stolen he called the police.  After looking
at security camera video, the police determined
that a rival florist from the same neighborhood,
Burak Y., had committed the robbery.

The flowers were found at Burak Y.'s shop
and he and a friend confessed to the floral theft.
The flowers were then returned to Sadik Senyilmaz.

12 Şubat 2013 Salı

Albania Wants Paşa's Head Back

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 February 2013)

Tepedelenli Ali Paşa before the ax fell.

The Albanian Government has requested that Turkey
transport the grave of Şemsettin Sami, the father of Ali Sami
Yen and the author of the first Turkish dictionary, along with
the head of Tepedelenli Ali Paşa, to Albania. Albanian Prime
Minister Sali Berişa made the proposal to Turkish Defense
Minister Ismet Yılmaz and AK Party parliamentarian Rıfat
Sait during their Balkan tour.

Tepedelenli Ali Paşa was condemned to death by Sultan
Mahmud II in 1822 and his body is buried in Yanya (present-
day NW Greece).  His head is buried in Zeytinburnu Ayvalık
Cemetery in Istanbul (this is known thanks to a survey of
the cemetery done by Yalova University's Dr. Süleyman Berk
in 2006). Tepedelenli Ali Paşa's head was presented to Sultan
Mahmud II as proof of his demise.

AK Party parliamentarian Sait noted that "these are very
interesting requests. We made note of the request for the
transport of Şemsettin Sami's grave to Albania and Albania
will send an official note to our country. The responsible
officials will make the decision."

//ed. note: Ali Sami Yen founded the Galatasary Sports
Club in 1905.//

Albania, a lost Ottoman jewel.


11 Şubat 2013 Pazartesi

Turk Vampire on the Mend

vampire links to related article

(Sabah Newspaper, 10 February 2013)
Not actually the Turkish vampire, but close.

In the latest issue of one of the world's prestigious
magazines, The Journal of Psychotherapy and
Psychosomatics, there is a medical story about a 23
year-old Turk, who has been established as the world's
first vampire. The young man, who is married, has
been arrested numerous times because of his penchant
for drinking blood.

According to the article, the unidentified man began
to drink blood after a series of tramatic experiences
and it has become a need akin to breathing for him.
At first, the young man injured himself but then others
in order to get blood, to the point where his father, as
a last resort, got blood from a blood bank. At his family's
urging, the young man sought medical help  and
began treatment at a military hospital in Denizli, under
the care of a team headed by Dr. Direnc Sarikaya.

Based on the initial findings, the patient has a multiple
personality disorder, suffers from post-tramatic stress,
chronic depression and alcohol abuse. These symptoms
have lead to the diagnosis "vampire peculiarity".  The
researchers discovered that the patient lost his four month-
old daughter, his uncle died in front of him, a friend
committed a murder he witnessed, his mother attacked
him often during childhood and he cannot recall anything
from ages 5 to 11.

The article reported that while the multiple personality
disorder continues the patient's need to drink blood has

Kidney-shaped Denizli very much
like Transylvania (coincidence?)

9 Şubat 2013 Cumartesi

Chickens Edition: Treehouse and Disco

tree links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 8 February 2013)
Chicken of the Tree

The chickens that live in the garden of the
Gullu family, in Karaomerli village of
Saricam township, Adana, have preferred to
sleep on tree branches instead of in their cages
for the past ten years. Owner Burhan Gullu
explained that "the reason is they're afraid
of getting eaten by the village dogs and foxes.
After they hatch and grow up they all
sleep in the tree. It surprised me too."

Karaomerli village is in Yuregir district,
near Adana city.

muzak links to related article

(Sabah Newspaper, 5 February 2013)
Chicks at their disco.

Ibrahim Yalcin began raising chickens a while ago in
Yedigelli village of Zonguldak province. In order to
get the chicks more relaxed and peaceful Yalcin 
serenades them with pop during their active eating period
and with religious music when they're resting. His facility
is two stories and 3,000 square meters in area, housing up
to 50,000 chicks.  Yalcin noticed that the chicks became more
comfortable when listening to music and so he added it to
their regimen.

Yalcin explained that "our farm is computer-controlled, using
the latest technology. The computer controls water, food and
heating and the chicks are raised in a hygenic atmosphere. We
added the music therapy from 8 in the morning to 6 at night so
during the 42 days they're growing I have them listen to pop
and religious music. They grow to the movement and rhythm
of the music and eat their food in this manner."

Yedigelli village in Alapli district, far left


7 Şubat 2013 Perşembe

Informant's Charge Backfires Nicely

rich links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 5 February 2013)
Now knows he's rich.

A situation you might see in the movies has
happened to Riza Zayifoglu, a member of the
municipal council in Buca, Izmir. Last May
an unknown person sent a letter to the public
prosecutor alledging that after becoming a
member of the municipal council Zayifoglu
had accumulated unjustified wealth.

The prosecutor opened an investigation and
asked Zayifoglu about the allegations in the
letter. In response, Zayifoglu asserted that
"there is no property whatsoever in my name,
my wife's name or my children's names."
The prosecutor, however, confronted Zayifoglu
with official documents from the deed office,
showing that Zayifoglu owns three stores and
two flats in Karsiyaka, as well as a summer
house in Foca.

Zayifoglu was shocked and quickly looked
into the matter. It turned out that "there wasn't
any real estate registered to me but when I
went to the deed office I learned that my aunt,
who died in 1967, left quite a bit of property
to my cousins Aslan and Akif Soylu, who have
since both passed away without any heirs."

"The court put the inheritance in my father's name
but since my father died in 1971 the inheritance
automatically came to me and my siblings. So
I thank whoever it was who informed on me.
Thanks to them I know about this windfall."

6 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

Cows Edition: Flag and Marriage

corum links to related article

(Sozcu Newspaper, 3 February 2013)
Patriotic cow a walking Turkish flag.

In Osmancik district of Corum province, those
who see the crescent and star on the two and a half
year-old cow owned by Ilhami Ozudogru (38)
are amazed. Ozudogru, who earns his living raising
livestock, said that the speckled cow gradually
showed the crescent and star design as it grew up.
He has 20 cattle 70 sheep and goats. Ozudogru named
the special cow "Baharkiz" (Spring Girl) and noted that
the design (famous for its place on the Turkish flag)
draws everyone's attention.

Osmancik in Corum's northeast.
amasya links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 5 February 2013)
Bride price.

Without asking his daughter Guller O., Ali O. of Korkut village
in Gumushacikoy district of Amasya province made an agreement
with another family to marry off Guller to their son. According to
the verbal agreement, Ali O. gave his daughter and the groom's
family gave him a cow in exchange. Thinking that Guller wouldn't
mind this arrangement at all, the groom's family delivered the cow
as "cash".

However, when Guller told her father she objected, problems began
to arise at home. Ali. O. told his daughter that "we got the cow, you
have to marry."  He insulted Guller and even resorted to violence
from time to time.  Guller fled to her aunt's house in Ankara and
appealed to family court for protection.  Judge Mustafa Karadag
considered Guller's application and ultimately decided to give the
girl protection.

According to Judge Karadag's decision, Ali O. cannot come near
to the house where Guller is staying, nor can he disturb her by
telephone or any other means of communication.  If Ali O. has
had alcohol to drink he cannot come anywhere near Guller. The
court also ruled that by giving his daughter in marriage for a cow,
Ali O.'s mental health has come into question. Consequently, he
must undergo treatment at a health facility.

Gumushacikoy in the NW of Amasya province

4 Şubat 2013 Pazartesi

Debtors Celebratized on Facebook, YouTube

debt links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 2 February 2013)
Reading debtors the riot act on Facebook and YouTube

Ahmet Duzgun has run a grocery store in Ordu
for years and he has lately published the names
of those who haven't paid their credit bills to him
on Facebook and YouTube. Duzgun explained
that among the debtors are some who haven't
paid him in five years so he now says "henceforth
pay your bills!"

Duzgun, who has managed his market in Ulubey
district for 17 years, prepared an "honor list" of
those who shop at his store and put the bill on a
"tab" that they don't ever bother to pay. He read
the list of names one by one on video as he sat
in front of a Turkish flag and said "here's happy
news for the top twenty of you who haven't paid
me since 2008. You pay the big markets when you
have money and when you don't you run up a tab
with small markets like mine."

Duzgun, who also reads off the amount owed,
goes on to say in the video "dear swindler customers
I've made a list for you. The customers I've named
have made the top twenty, I salute you! Let everyone
see what a swindler you are!" The desperate store owner
put the video on Facebook and YouTube and also
published amounts owed on the internet.

Duzgun explained it all as follows: " I tried to get the
money owed me from a customer and he complained
to the police, saying "I fear for my life". Next I called
each of the debtors on the phone but not one of them
called me back. Then the internet came to mind. If
nothing else, it's the internet age. Those who've seen their
names on the list have started to contact me. It's not
easy to make a living. Actually, the list is much bigger
but I chose the most blatent swindlers."

Ulubey next to provincial center Ordu

2 Şubat 2013 Cumartesi

Airborne Cat, Drama Queen Attendant

cat links to related article

(Posta Newspaper, 1 February 2013)

representative cat (actually our editor's family cat Kaplan (Tiger)

An unbelievable incident occurred on Turkish Airlines
flight from Erbil, Iraq, to Istanbul the night before last.
A cat that was brought on the plane with its owner got
out of its cage during the flight and created havoc.

According to airporthaber.com's news, all the passengers
started to go to sleep after the evening meal had been served.
The flight attendants went to the rear of the plane and were
eating their own meals when a cat rushed toward them. The
frightened feline darted from right to left and climbed up to
the knee of an attendant, who then fell and hurt her knee.

The cat that caused panic on the aircraft hid under a seat and
was eventually retrieved and put back in its cage. A young cabin
attendant relayed information about her travail to her colleagues
as follows: "My fingers are still trembling as I write these lines.
Unfortunately, I experienced an unbelievable incident. The cabin
lights had been turned off when all of a sudden a giant (!) creature
was scratching my leg. I have to ask you to imagine this creature
attacking left and right in the galley. If it hadn't taken refuge in
the food trolley it would never have been caught. It was such a
big and heavy cat, but at the same time agile and quick, creating
havoc in the galley. Just unbelievable!"

//ed. note: one wonders how this flight attendant might react to
 a non-cat-related event of a more serious nature.//

1 Şubat 2013 Cuma

Octocopter of Love

octocopter links to original article

ed.note: headline should be read while humming 'Rollercoaster of Love'

(Sabah Newspaper, 31 January 2013)
Drone plays nicely, for a change

In Izmir, Okan Okay (24) made a very interesting
marriage proposal to Merve Kayabasi, whom
he has been seeing for five years. Okan made
an arrangement with an advertising company that
shoots video and photographs from the air and
surprised Merve when an unmanned aerial vehicle
descended to her with the marriage proposal.

The 'drone' hovered 150 meters in the air carrying
a one-stone ring and a rose. It then came slowly
down toward the Historic Clock Tower in Konak
Square and settled in front of the unwitting Merve.
At the same time, two friends holding a banner
that read "My Angel, Will You Marry Me?"
appeared accross from the couple.

Merve happily embraced Okan in the face of the
crazy marriage proposal, saying "yes!".  The owner
of the firm that uses the 8-propeller craft, which they've
named the "Octocopter", for photo shoots said "it's
the first time we've used our machine for such a
happy occasion."

Izmir, on Turkey's Aegean coast.