31 Ağustos 2014 Pazar

Gals Can't Resist The ISIS Man

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 August 2014)

Svetlana before and after her ISIS infatuation.

Sahin Aktan (44), who owns a car dealership and a restaurant,  has
filed a complaint with the public prosecutor because his Kyrgyz
ex-wife Svetlana Hasanova (24) took their 3 year-old son to ISIS-held
Rakka, in Syria, last month.   Aktan stated that within the past year his
ex-wife had begun to wear the burka (full head and body covering),
say prayers and visit Islamic websites.  According to Aktan, Hasanova
disappeared on 1 July with their son.

Every one a ladies' man. Their aftershave perhaps?

Continuing, Aktan explained that "I pretended that I was a woman in
order to chat with my ex-wife online. She told 'me' that she was in
Rakka and that if I would marry a cihadist then I too could come to
Rakka. My ex-wife said that my son is a hostage in ISIS's hands."

Aktan related more of his Facebook chat as follows: "the cihadists I
spoke with (pretending to be a woman) want to marry. My ex-wife
married a cihadist in Gaziantep and from there they illegally entered
Syria, first to Aleppo and then to Rakka.  They wait for their husbands
to return from cihad and spend the night with them. A cihadist fell in
love with me (pretending to be a woman), too."

30 Ağustos 2014 Cumartesi

Terror Edition: ISIS Update; Danish Debacle

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(Posta and Sozcu Newspapers, 30 August 2014)

"Who's that acting up in the back of the class?!"

The ISIS (IShID in Turkish) terror oganization has banned subjects
such as music, history and religious culture in education institutions
in areas it controls in Syria.  According to an ISIS communique,
subjects excluded from school curriculums include: music and art
training, social information, history, fine arts, physical eduction,
philosophy, sociology, psychology and religious culture education.
ISIS had previously banned dried fruit and nuts and pickles.

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(Posta Newspaper,29 August 2014)

            There goes the neighborhood...

The German TV channel ARD is claiming that ISIS has a bureau
in Fatih, Istanbul.  Basing its report on European intelligence
sources, ARD stated that cihadists headed from Europe to Syria
and Iraq first go to Istanbul where they get $400 for travel expenses
from the ISIS Fatih bureau.  Some of the cihadists go to the war in
Syria and Iraq, while others receive training before returning to their
home countries in Europe.  The returnees work at normal jobs and
await instructions from ISIS to conduct operations.

             Sending postcards back to Europe.

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(Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 30 August 2014)

               Imam has high praise for ISIS.

Hamit H.,  the prayer-caller at at the Fidan Mosque in Kayapinar
district of Diyarbakir province heaped praise on ISIS during his
Friday sermon yesterday.  Hamit H. said that "the Prophet Muhammed
said in a 'hadith' (pronouncement) that 'the time will come when a war
will start  in Syria and Iraq. The warriors will use the Prophet's seal as
their banner.' Even if these warriors cut off heads they are still the army
of Islam."

The congregation reacted negatively to Hamit. H.'s sermon and left
the mosque. As tensions increased police extracted Hamit H. from
the scene in an armored vehicle.

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 August 2014)

Kitap yüzünden 'terörist' ilan edildi
               Giants fan?

The 'security alarm' in Europe has risen to the highest level in years
because of  ISIS.  But this time it has caused a big mistake. A
Turkish university student living in Copenhagen, Denmark, got the
'terorist' treatment because of a book he was reading. Aliser Ceran
(21) was reading a book - 'Rise to Globalism' - on the metro en
route to school. Because he was about to take a test Ceran looked
a bit stressed.

A woman on the train who suspected Ceran  to be a terorist  took
a picture of him and sent it to the police, who then began to search
for Ceran all over Copenhagen. Measures were taken at airports,
on the metro and at terminals. Police also posted Ceran's picture
on social media and advised police units to be on the lookout for
Ceran. TV channels began to refer to the youth as a 'terorist'.

Unaware of all the fuss, Ceran entered his exam. His family heard
about the police search and advised Ceran to stay hidden until
police could reach him.  Ceran saw his pictures on social media
and remained in a bathroom at the school, waiting for the police.
Upon interviewing Ceran police understood that he was innocent,
released him and apologized to his family.

29 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

More Archeology: Longevity; Behind the Scenes Intrigue

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 August 2014)

38 years of fun and music, and nothing but fun and music...

Italian archeologist Prof. Dr. Marcella Frangipane (66) has been
excavating the Aslantepe Hoyugu (mound) for 38 years (!).
Arslantepe Hoyugu, in Orduzu hamlet of Battalgazi district, Malatya
province, has a history that stretches back to 5,000 years B.C. and
is one of 13 sites in Turkey added to UNESCO World Cultural
Heritage Temporary List.   Dr. Frangipane is head of the excavation
committee at Aslantepe Hoyugu and a member of the faculty at Roma
La Sapienze University in Italy. She joined the Aslantepe effort at age
28 in 1976.

//more info: http://www.roughguides.com/destinations/europe/turkey/euphrates-tigris-basin/malatya-around/aslantepe/

Battalgazi district  in central Malatya and a close-up map.
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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 August 2014)

O dernek kapandı
Leading Man Guney with Tavsan Island in the background.

Film star Salih Guney settled in Gumusluk, Bodrum, about two years ago and
dedicated himself to Myndos Antique City there. First, Guney established the
Myndos City Preservation and Information Association, with the group's initial
action being to settle 5 wild rabbits on Asar Island, known to the public as
Tavsan (Rabbit) Island.  The association provided support to ongoing
excavations at Myndos and arranged several activities to publicize Myndos.

However, a shocking decision was made the day before yesterday at the
association's general congress - Guney, who is angry with the excavation's
leader, announced that the association was being dissolved.  Guney is at odds
with Prof. Dr.Mustafa Sahin, Uludag University Archeology Chief, who heads
the excavation. Guney explained that "just one headstone has been unearthed
in the year he's been working at the site. He (Sahin) said that he 'found a
10,000-seat antique theater', turning all of Gumusluk into a sea of holes. We
said if you've found such a theater then let's get monetary support from
international funds via the Holland Consulate General but he wouldn't agree."

Continuing, Sahin added that "there's been no progress for a year. The
people of Gumusluk have been inconvenienced, with the shore road being
closed because of the excavations. For the store and restaurant owners of
Gumusluk this has been very difficult time since tourism is the only draw.
An alternative road was opened but there have been at least 9 accidents
on it."

"We started the excavation work on the understanding that there was a
10,000-seat antique theater and a hamam (bath) but so far we've seen
neither. Because of Dr. Sahin's attitude we realized that we cannot
support the excavations and we therefore decided to dissolve the
association.  Dr. Sahin will be remembered as 'the first excavation chief
in history to have an association closed down.'"

As for Dr. Sahin, he had no statement on either the claims made about
him or the closing of the association.

//more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myndus

28 Ağustos 2014 Perşembe

Summer's End: 'Burkini' 'OUT'; Family Yacht Fight 'IN'

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 28 August 2014)

 Bikini  vs.  Burkini - let the fellas pick the winna...

Women wearing the 'burkini' have been banned from entering pools in
Morocco, where millions of tourists from Europe visit each year. In the
city of Marakkesh, quite a number of touristic facilities have announced
that only 'traditional bathing suits' may be worn in pools because the
'burkini' creates 'a hygiene problem'.

The term 'burkini' comes from the merging of 'burka', the garment that
completely covers a woman's body, and the bikini. The ban has brought
about an angry reaction from conservative elements in Morocco.

 Sun tan oil companies behind this, no doubt.

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(Posta Newspaper, 28 August 2014)

         K.D. and his elusive yacht.

Businessman K.D. (52) gave his brother-in-law H.K. the use of  his
30-meter yacht so that H.K. could earn money to pay off the 2 million
TL ($1 million) he owed to K.D.  However, H.K. hijacked the boat,
which, according to a court order K.D. had had issued, must remain in
the port of Bodrum.

The yacht was located in the Greek islands where H.K. was trying to
sell it. The boat was brought back to Bodrum and the ban on its
movement outside Bodrum re-issued.  H.K. gave a statement to the
Coast Guard Command  and was released.

As fate would have it, K.D and H.K. ran into each other on the street
and argued.  One thing led to another and K.D. pulled out his licensed
revolver and shot his brother-in-law once in the stomach and twice in
the leg. As H.K. headed for the hospital, K.D. surrendered to police.

Explaining the situation, K.D. said "he said he wouldn't pay his debt
and he wouldn't give me my yacht back. He gravely insulted me.
When he attacked me I had to defend myself."  H.K.'s condition was
described as 'good'.

27 Ağustos 2014 Çarşamba

Wild Things Edition: Ferocious Wolf, Poison Fish

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 August 2014)

        Blitzed by a wolf.  Full moon in Sivas.

In Sivas 4 people were injured in wolf attacks. One of them,
Abdurrahman Kara (69) was watering his beet field in
Damlacik village near Sivas city when a wolf jumped him.
In the same area, Ahmet Topcu (50) and his son Ismet (29)
were having a picnic along the banks of the Kizilirmak river
when a wolf attacked them. Similarly, Kemal Keles (40),
who was also watering his beet field in Kalin village, met
with the same fate.

All four were taken by ambulance to Cumhuriyet University
Medical Faculty Research and Implementation Hospital.
Kara explained that he was "sitting under a tree when a wolf
came at me from behind. I grabbed its neck and it released
me. I ran, got into my tractor cab and shut the door."

As for the Topcu father and son, they related that "it jumped
on me like a deer. First the wolf bit my arm and then it took
the top off my pinky finger. They sewed it back on at the
hospital.  I've never seen a monster like that!"

Keles described his experience as follows: "the wolf jumped
on top of me and we both fell into the river. I grabbed it by
the throat and strangled it in the water."

                Sivas province.
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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 26 August 2014)

Bu balığı görürseniz uzak durun
         It came from the oceans of Planet Nine...

The poisonous lion fish (pterois miles), native to the Indian Ocean,
has been identified along the Mediterranean Sea shore.  Dr. Mehmet
Gokoglu, head of the Akdeniz University Underwater Operations
and Research Center,  said that the fish, which is colored and has
poisonous fins, was spotted at Kekova. Dr. Gokoglu had this to say
about the lion fish: "this fish can't move quickly but its thorn-like fin
has poison in it.  Humans who come in contact with it can die. People
with allergies are at increased risk. Generally, it live along the shore
among rocks and mudflats."

Kekova, on Turkey's SW Med coast.