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Turkish-'Syrian' Border Problem: No Syria

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 Aprıl 2015)

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On Syrian border at Kilis, only flag missing is Syria's.

On the Turkish-Syrian border at Kilis, after the Free Syrian Army
(ÖSO) and ISIS, the PKK's Syria wing YPG had planted its flag
and begun digging a trench.  Along the 114 kilometer border in
Kilis province, there are flags of three different entities within the
space of 17 kilometers.

In July 2012, ÖSO planted its flag after seizing the Esselema border
across from Azzez district. ISIS, which seized the area between
Elbeyli district and Yavuzlu village, planted its own flag there.

New neighbors are redrawing Kilis's southern border.

PKK's Syria wing YPG seized the area between Afrin and Deliosman,
putting its own flag there. Most recently, YPG planted two of its
flags on a hill opposite Demiışık village.  So, there are flags of three
different organizations flying within a 17 kilometer area along
Kilis's 114 kilometer border with Syria.

At the same time, the organizations are all digging trenches to
defend their respective areas. In recent days, ISIS has dug a trench
around a natural gas facility on Syrian soil across from Ardıçlı
hamlet, which is linked to Yavuzlu village. ISIS has also set up
a radio system and planted a big flag there, as well.

Meanwhile, at Demirışık village, YPG has begun digging a
trench on its border there with Turkey and ISIS, using  excavation
equipment.  Turkish villagers who see the ISIS and YPG flags
planted on the Kilis border have taken to planting Turkish flags
on their rooves and gardens. The Turkish Army is implementing
its highest level of security measures in the area and continuously
patrolling the border.

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                              Kilis province

29 Nisan 2015 Çarşamba

Instagram's Lure Gets Killer Hubby Arrested

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 April 2015)

Y.M. addicted to Instagram, to her hubby's dismay.

Yusuf Genç (49), a construction engineer from Samsun, managed a
bake shop in Kazan, the capital of Tataristan in Russia.  On 21 March
Genç had his throat cut and died at the hands of his partner Şakir Meral
of Denizli. After the murder, Meral, his Russian wife Y.M. and their
two children entered Turkey through Atatürk Airport in Istanbul on 22

The same day Meral and his family flew to Konya but after that they
succeeded in disappearing. Interpol advised Konya police of the matter
and police then began to monitor Y.M.'s Instagram account. They
noticed photographs taken at a hotel in Alanya, Antalya province. Police
raided the hotel but because the family had registered under a false
name they were not found.

Image result for ınstagram şakir meral
                   Done in by Instagram.

Police continued to monitor Y.M.'s social media accounts and saw that
Y.M. had posted a video of a snowy scene on 23 April, again on
Instagram,  and it was determined that the video had been shot in
Konya's Karatay district on Sedirler Avenue. When Şakir Meral came
out of the house into the garden with his children yesterday, he was
taken into custody.

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           Where's Tatarstan?

In his statement to police Meral said that "Yusuf Genç and I opened
a bake shop but then we had a disagreement. He owed me 50,000 TL
(about 20,000 USD). The day of the incident he summoned me to his
house and he was going to have me beaten. In order to defend myself
I took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him."

Karatay district is about an hour east of Konya city.

28 Nisan 2015 Salı

Robbery Edition: The Trifecta of Failed Attempts

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(Posta Newspaper, 28 April 2015)

Hırsızları öyle bir şey ele verdi ki
Wardrobe malfunction sinks Dimitri. Wearing prison
denim henceforth.

In Çorum, Iraqi Dimitri F. and his wife stole a shirt from
a store a month ago.  Yesterday, Dimitri went to the same
store to rob it again, wearing the shirt he had stolen.

The store manager recognized Dimitri and the shirt and
called the police.  The couple was caught red-handed while
trying to rob the store again.  Dimitri and his wife had stolen
clothes from three different storess and had 50,000 USD
on them when they were arrested.

                     Çorum province
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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 April 2015)
Beyoğlu,hırsızlık,maskeli hırsızlar,soygun,turist,baskın,takip
Robbers try, but fail, to get Streng's bag off his back.
Three thieves who tried unsuccessfully to rob American
tourist William J. Streng when he entered his hotel in
Beyoğlu, Istanbul, raided his hotel room wearing masks
later that night.  The robbers broke the door of  Streng's
hotel room and took his bag and camera.
The day before yesterday, Streng landed at Atatürk
Airport and on his way to his hotel he noticed that three
people were following him. Realizing that the three
wanted to steal his bag, Streng rushed to his hotel room.
Later that night at 5 AM, the 3 masked robbers came
to Streng's hotel and entered his room while he was
sleeping. They took his bag containing 4,000 USD,
3,000 Turkish Lira and a 10,000 USD camera.
Shortly thereafter police captured Şahabettin Şahin K.,
but because he was underage he was turned over to
the Children's Bureau.  Police are pursuing the other
beyoğlu haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
          Istanbul's Beyoğlu district
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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 April 2015)
Mersin,Tarsus,hırsızlık,Adana,hamile,polis,kaçış planı,ambulans
Sevgi Ç. got to the maternity ward a bit too early.
Police tried to stop a car bearing license plate 34 HJ 1000
with four people, two of them women, heading from
Tarsus district in Mersin province to Adana to commit
robbery.   However, the car did not stop and police set
out in pursuit.
The suspects abandoned their car at the Ova neighborhood
and conjured up an incredible escape plan. One of the
thieves, Sevgi Ç. who is 7-months pregnant, feigned labor
pains and the suspects escaped with her in the ambulance
that came in response to Sevgi's distress call.
When the police found the abandoned car they asked
bystanders for information and learned about the ambulance
getaway. Police sounded the alarm and a helicopter was
dispatched to track down the ambulance.
Police learned from the 112 (Turkey's 911) call center
that Sevgi and her cohorts had been taken in the ambulance
to Adana Women's Birth and Childhood Diseases Hospital.
At the hospital, police nabbed Sevgi in the restroom and
Seyit K. (20) as he was trying to get away in a taxi. 
Bülent K., whose nickname is 'Blind Bülent', and an as
yet unidentified woman remain on the lam.
tarsus haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
    Tarsus is at lower left.

27 Nisan 2015 Pazartesi

Harbored Sibling Grudge; Swallowed Toothbrush

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 26 April 2015)

Image result for 10 yasinda topunu kesen kardesini oldurdu
Brotherly squabble years ago had long legs...

In Ermenek district of Karaman province, Tamer Altin (23)
killed his brother Mustafa Altin (20) by shooting him with a
hunting rifle.  The claim was made that the older brother killed
the younger because Mustafa had cut Tamer's ball when he was
10 years-old. Tamer evidently carried a grudge against his
brother from that time on.

On 16 April,  a motorcycle was found overturned and a body
discovered on the stream bank in Yerbag village.  At the time
it was thought that Mustafa Altin had died as the result of
an accident.  However, the autopsy revealed that Mustafa had
been shot in the chest.

The Gendarmerie began an investigation which focused on
Tamer after he gave contradictory statements. Ultimately,
Tamer admitted that he had killed his brother. In his statement,
Tamer stated that when he was 10 his brother had cut his ball,
took his money and threatened Tamer not to tell their parents.
From that day forward, Tamer harbored a grudge against

Image result for karaman haritasi
Ermenek district is in southern Karaman province.

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 April 2015)

Diş fırçası elinden midesine kaçtı!
Note to Oral-B: Tell consumers not to swallow this. 

In Ayvalik district of Balikesir province, a woman named
H.T.O., who lives in the Camobo neighborhood,  swallowed
her toothbrush while brushing her teeth and was hospitalized.
The implement was stuck in her esophagus and she was
operated on at Ayvalik State Hospital.

After an operation that lasted 40 minutes, Dr. Erdinc Karagozler
and his team removed the 15-centimeter (about 6 inches) toothbrush
from the woman's stomach.  H.T.O. condition was described as

Dr. Karagozler remarked that "we don't know how she swallowed
it. Perhaps with the retching reflex the toothbrush flew out of her
hands. I was surprised that a hard 15 centimeter toothbrush could
make its way to the stomach but these things can happen."

Image result for balikesir haritasi
Ayvalik is on Balikesir's Aegean coast.