31 Temmuz 2014 Perşembe

ISIS Takes Istanbul!

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(Posta Newspaper, 30 July 2014)

Paradise sled ready for take-off in 10, 9, 8, ...

Images broadcast from internet sites that praise
the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISID in Turkish,
ISIS in English), show a large number of people,
including children, gathering for prayers on the
morning of the Ramazan holiday in the picnic grounds
at Omerli, Istanbul.

The gathering was reported with the following statement:
"Istanbul's Moslems found it possible to perform their
duty together at an event organized around the 2014/1435
(modern and Islamic calendar dates) Ramazan holiday."
The crowd gathered at the Omerli picnic grounds on
monday morning for prayers.

After prayers a speaker addressed the crowd and repeatedly
emphasized 'cihad' (holy war). The last portion of the
speaker's address included the following statement: "help
the patient fighters who fight for Allah, that they might
achieve victory. Protect them and may their shots hit
their mark."

        Omerli: too close for comfort.

30 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

Discount 'Bonnie and Clyde' , Music Lovers

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 30 July 2014)

All the fuss started with Cansever.

In Aydin's Nazilli district, Ahmet A. (23) and his wife
Aynur A. (19) came to a gas station at 2230 hours on
Sunday night and took a music CD by the artist Cansever
entitled "Ah, The Days I've Seen", without paying for
it.  As the couple was leaving with the CD, gas station
workers protested and a row ensued, with the couple
breaking some windows.

The couple then fled in their car with police in hot pursuit.
Heading for the town of Kuyucak, Ahmet and Aynur broke
through a police barricade and disappeared. Shortly
afterwards, though, the car was spotted in the town center.
The chase resumed with a 10-man police team on the
couple's trail and at the 5 September intersection a pick-up
truck had to stop short, spilling the washing machine in
its bay onto a police car.

'Bonnie' the worse for wear after big chase scene.

Fortunately, there were no deaths or injuries during the
80-kilometer, 2-hour chase. Driver Ahmet A. was
captured by police at the Jandarma Intersection and
his blood alcohol level was recorded as 2.00 promil.

The couple was released pending trial.

Chase route: Nazilli to Kuyucak in Aydin province.

29 Temmuz 2014 Salı

Boys Will be Boys, Casualties Pile Up

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 29 July 2014)

//ed. note: we could blame this on holiday excitement -
it's now Seker Bayram (Candy Holiday following Ramazan) -
but this stuff happens every day anyway.//

              Swan song for Gavur Haci.

In Adiyaman, an argument erupted between two
families because of a elopement problem. The
argument turned into an all out battle, with guns,
knives, rocks and bats. During the fight, violinist
Haci Cicek, who goes by the moniker "Gavur Haci",
died and 11 other people were injured.

Haci Cickek has worked for singers like Ibrahim
Tatlises and other famous crooners.  The
scene turned into a battleground, which police were
hard pressed to quell. Twenty people were taken into
custody and an investigation into the incident is
                       Adiyaman province.
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(Sozcu Newspaper, 29 July 2014)

              No, they're not dancing...

In Osmaniye, a fight broke out between two groups,
resulting in 16 people being  injured.  The clash occurred at
the State Water Affairs irrigation canal picnic grounds
in Cevdetiye town and was sparked (pun intended :)) by a
request for a cigarette lighter from one group member to
a member of the opposing group.

Knives, rocks, bats and crowbars were used by fight
participants and a minibus was damaged, in addition to
the 16 human casualties. An investigation into the incident
is continuing.

İlin Türkiye'deki konumu

                Osmaniye province.

28 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

'Woodpecker' Poisons Trees to Up Office Value

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 July 2014)

Ulus'un ağaçkakanı
Get pants pressed and buy real estate here.

Ahmet Paca runs an unlicensed real estate office from a
ground floor apartment in the Ulus section of Besiktas,
Istanbul.  Claiming that the trees in front of the building
were blocking his office, Paca first drilled holes in the
trees and then injected poison into them. When residents
of the building witnessed this incredible activity last Sunday
around midnight they complained to the city.

Paca killed off quite a few fruit trees on the grounds of the
building using the poison. Yilmaz Basoglu, the building
superintendent, rose early in the morning to find wood
shavings at the base of the trees, caused by the electric
drilling, so he contacted city officials. When the police
arrived, realtor Paca said to them "I'll cover the costs but
get rid of these trees."

           a.k.a. Woody Woodpecker...

Superintendent Basoglu remarked that "there are vines and
apricot and cherry trees in the garden. They're all dried up.
In trying to figure out what happened  we learned that Paca
had done it to open up the area in front of his store to make
it more valuable."

Paca and Basoglu and the apartment residents filed complaints
against each other. A bag was found in Paca's office
containing the poison that appears to have been used to
kill the trees. The bag and its contents were taken to the
police station as evidence.

      A tree no longer grows in Besiktas...

27 Temmuz 2014 Pazar

A Boy and His Dog, and a Violent Dad

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(Radical and Sozcu Newspapers, 27 July 2014)

Köpek yüzünden oğlunu öldürdü
No comment...

In Hacihasanlar village of Alapli distict, Zonguldak province,
53 year-old farmer Huseyin Karacan shot and killed his son,
Harun Karacan (20) with his hunting rifle because of an
argument over a dog. Prior to the incident Harun had posted
these words on social media: "your judgement isn't enough
to execute me."

Harun went with a friend in the evening to a hazelnut field to
wait for pigs. A while later, when Huseyin couldn't contact
his son via cellphone he became angry. Upon returning home,
Harun and his friend separated but the argument with his
father Huseyin began when the latter said "why didn't you
tie up the dog?" As the argument continued Huseyin grabbed
his hunting rifle and chased his son.

After a short chase, Huseyin cornered his son in a room and shot
him in the head. Harun died en route to Eregli State Hospital.
Soon afterwards, Huseyin surrendered to the Gendarmerie
with the murder weapon, his rifle.

Huseyin, who was taken into custody, had suffered psychological
problems 3 years ago when his daughter died. Huseyin had also
been restricted from staying in his own home for  5 months for
beating his wife. The Gendarmerie is continuing its investigation
into the incident.

Alapli on the Black Sea coast of Zonguldak province.

26 Temmuz 2014 Cumartesi

Road Warriors: Deadly Ramazan Coincidence

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 July 2014)

He and his son will miss the wedding.

In Boyali village, Karaman province, Ali Sezer (60) and
his son Hasan Sezer (25) wanted the 2-meter road next
to their house to be widened. Holding the opposite view
were the brothers Mustafa, Selcuk and Ramazan U. The
two sides argued and Hasan Sezer declared "you cannot
pass this street anymore!".  The brothers countered with
"We will pass! Who do you think you are?!"

A fight ensued, with both Ali Sezer and Hasan Sezer being
killed by shots fired from the three brothers' hunting rifle
and revolver.  Mustafa and Selcuk U. fled but were captured.
Ramazan U. remains at large. Hasan Sezer had been
preparing for his marriage that was to take place after the
upcoming Ramazan holiday.

Boyali village is 20 km from Karaman city.

25 Temmuz 2014 Cuma

Highway Robbery First in North Cyprus History

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 25 July 2014)

Now they'll have to get used to it, like the rest of us.

A vehicle carrying 3 million Turkish Lira (TL) from
the Cooperative Central Bank for the salaries of
officials and retirees in the Turkish Republic of Turkish
Cyprus (KKTC) was stopped and robbed by two
masked gunmen. The heist occurred on the Lefkosa-
Guzelyurt highway and was the first time such a
robbery has happened in the history of the KKTC.

The robbers abandoned the vehicle they hi-jacked in
the border region with Greek Cyprus and disappeared
with the 3 million TL.  It is assumed that the thieves
escaped to Greek Cyprus with the loot.

The robbery happened at the intersection near Mevlevi
village on the Lefkose-Guzelyurt highway. A dark blue
Ford coming from  Guzelyurt cut off the Cooperative
Central Bank vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
The two masked gunman emerged from the Ford - the
license plates were covered - and subdued the driver
and another official.

The robbers abandoned both their own Ford and the
bank vehicle near the Bostanci border gate with Greek
Cyprus, near Guzelyurt, and fled. The security failure
that allowed for a money-transport vehicle to be without
armor and security escort is under review.

24 Temmuz 2014 Perşembe

Potpourri: ISIL's Modesty; 'Cannon', Dental History

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 July 2014)

              Will inflatables be next??

The terror organization ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and
the Levent) has made it mandatory for the faces of
mannequins in store windows in Mosul to be veiled.
ISIL is also throwing its hand into the tourism sector
by starting to organize touristic trips to Iraq's Anbar
province from the city of Rakka in Syria. ISIL has
taken credit for an attack in Baghdad on Wednesday
night that killed 33 people but it is also being reported
that the Iraqi army killed 32 ISIL militants in an operation
in Anbar province.

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 July 2014)

Kendisine 'top' diyen kişiyi öldürdü
       'Cannon' fodder.

A person in Ciflikkoy district of Yalova province has
shot to death  someone who he said called him 'cannon'.
A.K. and Mehmet Fatih Ogru reportedly have had bad blood
between them for some time. When they encountered
one another on the street they traded insults and then A.K.
pointed his gun at Ogru, who said to A.K. "you're going
to shoot me 'cannon'?"  A.K. did just that, hitting Ogru
in the forehead. Ogru was taken to the hospital but could
not be saved. A.K. was captured and is in custody.

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 24 July 2014)

Ağzından 232 diş çıkardılar
Known in the neighborhood as 'the shark'.

A youth in India who complained about a serious pain in
his mouth went to the dentist and had 232 small teeth
extracted from his mouth over 6 hours.

Ashik Gavai (17), who lives in Mumbai, felt the pain in
his lower right chin and was taken to the dentist by his
family. Gavai was operated on when the dentist found an
abnormally large growth next to his lower right molars.
The dentist, Sunanda Dhivare, explained that he found
"marble-size teeth at the base of the molars. A total of
232 small teeth were extracted from Gavai's mouth during
the 6 hour operation.

The doctors who participated considered the operation
to be one for dental history and are thinking of applying
to the Guinness Book of World Records.