30 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Motorcycle-mad Imam Gives up the Mosque

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(Posta Newspaper, 27 May 2011)

Tarık Balkı, known as the 'one wheel imam' because of his love of motor-
cycles, was assigned to Kapıkargın village in Dalaman district of Muğla
province. Due to pressure from the villagers and his religious boss he has

Four months ago Balkı was assigned to Kapıkargın village in Dalaman
after having served for three years in the Gölköy mosque in the town of
Göltürkbükü in Bodrum. He drew the attention of the community by
going back and forth to the mosque with his motorcycle. The villagers
were uncomfortable with Balkı's bluejeans, motorcycle garb and a helmet
with a scorpion on it. 'A crazy, bluejean-wearing motorcycle rider cannot
be an imam. We won't say prayers under him.', said the villagers. They
complained to the imam's boss, the district political leader, the Gendarmerie
and the police.

Balkı said that the village youths twice threatened him to leave and to stop
practicing as an imam. Additionally, his boss, Dalaman Müftü Selahattin
Bozkurt, summoned him frequently to talk about the complaints and warned
him not to go to the mosque on his motorcycle. The police and the
Gendarmerie warned him, as well, about the threats but Balkı wouldn't give
up his love of motorcycles. Last week he submitted his resignation to the
Dalaman Müftü's office and returned to Bodrum to live with his family.

28 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

Revenge for Towed City Car Closes Lot

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 May 2011)

The town of Kağıthane, incensed over the towing of a rented municipal
vehicle by the traffic police, had a large hole dug at the entrance of the
traffic holding lot and two truck-loads of rubble dumped there.

The towing of rented Kağıthane Municipality vehicle from in front of
the IETT bus stop at Seyrantepe by a traffic police tow-truck to the
traffic holding lot at Bostan Street Erde in central Kağıthane
triggered an action that boggles the mind.  The tow-truck driver left a
bill for 60TL at the holding lot for the cost of the tow. The vehicle's
driver came to the lot at 1 o'clock the day before yesterday to retrieve
it and told the lot's owners, Mustafa Cam and Hüsnü Erim, that the
vehicle belonged to the municipality so he didn't want to pay the fine.

The lot owners, though, said that 'we won't ask for any money but
the tow-truck driver is working on behalf of the Istanbul governor's
office so his money must be paid.' The vehicle's driver then said in
response, 'give me the bill. I'll go to the municipality and explain what
happened.'  He paid the charge and took the vehicle.

The real story start here though. When Kağıthane Deputy Mayor Ömer
Kır learned about the incident he intervened right away. Within an hour
he had a backhoe dig a giant hole in front of the holding lot. Kır, who
couldn't contain himself, also had two truck-loads of rubble dumped
there. The holding lot's entrance was not completely closed off so a
municipal vehicle was parked in the remaining section of the entrance.
Consequently, 14 cars towed to the lot for traffic violations, along with
100 citizens who had come to retrieve their cars, were left stranded
outside the lot. One person who was victimized needed to go to a
funeral but couldn't get his car out of the lot.

With regard to claims made about the incident, Kağıthane Mayor Fazlı
Kılıç said that '40 percent of the lot belongs to the municipality. That
where we dumped the rubble. Vehicles can get out. No one has been
victimized.' The lot owners, though, characterized the action as bullying
and stated that 'this kind of penalization could only happen in Turkey.
The people know no justice. We filled in the hole the backhoe made
using shovels.'

27 Mayıs 2011 Cuma

Sell TV, Buy Shovel, Bury Victim

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(Sözcü Newspaper and DHA News Agency, 25 May 2011)

In Gurpinar, Istanbul, the body of Cafer Taner (53) was found by
picnickers after he had been strangled and buried by three friends.
The three unemployed youths, who admitted their crime, said that
they killed Taner because he didn't pay them the money he owed them.
It has been learned that the suspects sold a television they had in their
house in order to buy a shovel to bury Taner.

Some citizens who were having a picnik in Gurpinar on 11 May 2011
saw the half-buried body of a male and informed the police. When the
police arrived they found that the body, which was buried under
50 centimeters of dirt, had been partially unearthed by the scratchings
of dogs in the area.

Detectives from the homicide bureau determined during their investigation
that the finger prints of the victim belonged to Cafer Taner, who had been
arrested previously for electronics theft. At the police forensics lab it was
determined that Taner had been strangled to death. He had been sought
by police as a missing person since 19 April 2011. Based on records from
his cellphone, police learned that Taner had last talked with three persons
he was making a business deal with. As a result, Aykut O. (21), Fatih Ç.
(27) and Tacettin D. (24) were taken into custody.

It has been learned that the three suspects confessed to the crime during
their interrogations at the Public Safety Directorate. In their statements
they explained that they summoned Taner, who they said owed them
1500TL, to their house for a talk, which then devolved into the murder they

The suspects stated that Taner had pulled a gun on them, prompting them
to jump him and strangle him. When they realized he was dead they got
scared and ran from the house. Later they returned to the house, wrapped
the body in a rug  and put it into Taner's own car. They said that 'we
decided to bury the body but we didn't have any money. So we sold our
TV and bought a shovel from the hardware store. After we buried the
body we parked the car in a parking lot.'

During their investigation police had noticed the suspects from gas station
video they perused. The three had been caught on camera buying gas
for Taner's car after they had killed and buried him. The suspects were
sent to jail afte police processing.

26 Mayıs 2011 Perşembe

Eggs-quisite Robbery Technique

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 May 2011)

In the Orhaniye neighborhood of Marmaris district, Muğla province, money,
jewelry and quite a few electronic goods have been stolen from ten homes
that were broken into. The police noticed that all of the homes where the
robberies took place had egg stains on their windows and balconies. It
appears that the thieves first throw eggs at the homes' balconies and
windows. The next day, if the egg stains have not been cleaned up, the
robbers enter the homes and steal whatever is valuable.

The police have begun efforts in the area to capture the thieves. One of the
victims, Binnur Demirkan, wants security measures in the neighborhood
increased. She said 'we had gone to Akyaka town and when we returned
we saw that a  thief had entered our home. There were egg stains on the
balcony and the windows. At first we didn't understand what had happened.
We didn't think that this had anything to do with the robbery.'

25 Mayıs 2011 Çarşamba

The Case for Multiple Wives

wives (links to original article)

(Habertürk Newspaper, 24 May 2011)

A shocking statement from Sibel Üresin, the conservative family advisor
of the Fatih and Eyüp municipality. Üresin, who gives seminars about intra-
family communications to many organizations and municipalities such as
Fatih, Ümraniye, Bahçelievler and Eyüp, also does life-coaching and provides
family and marriage counseling. She is very well known, especially by the
conservative portion of society. Üresin's office is in Başakşehir and she has
drawn attention with some sharp pronouncements.

Defending the idea that it should be legal to have multiple wives, Üresin
said that 'men have a number of wives anyway. 85 percent of men cheat
on their wives. In the conservative community she's called an 'imam nikah
wife' (unofficial wedding performed by an imam), and in the other group it's
called having a mistress.'

The 35-year old Üresin explained the reason why having multiple wives
should be legalized. She stated that 'when men take an 'imam nikah wife'
they don't need to get permission from their official wife. They can marry
up to four women this way. But the second, third and fourth wives are
being misused. When the man says 'I divorce you' they're left out in the
cold. That's why having multiple wives should be legalized. When there's
a law that means that the man's wealth and property are held in common.
Our religion allows for having multiple wives. Not everyone can do it but
you can't say to the one who does 'why did you do it?' That strikes of
polytheism.  It's in the Koran.'

Continuing, Üresin said that 'rich men with careers and extra sexual drive
choose having multiple wives. No woman would be the second wife of
a poor man. Men pursue woman who are flirty, that laugh a lot and
who satisfy them sexually. If I were a man I would have multiple wives.'

'Men look at women for friendship, sex, motherhood and as a housewife.
If you don't have these qualities then you should be ready to be cheated
on by your husband. A man is right to look for these things. A woman
who makes a sound assessment of her life, in the event that she's living
through a separation, should look at the multiple wife scenario as a
salvation, in my opinion. When she divorces a woman really prefers to
stay, more than concerning herself with what she'll lose or gain. The
heavier cost of having multiple wives falls on the man, who suffers both
material and psychological harm. Really, I applaud and congratulate
those men who admit that they have a number of wives.'

'Men should act judiciously both materially and spiritually when dealing
with their wives.If a man acts injudiciously then he is preparing his own
hell. For example, in the TV show Sultan Süleyman can't establish a
judicious situation among his wives. Having multiple wives will play an
important role with regard to eliminating the problems of perverted
sexual relations and girls being stuck at home without a husband.'

'In my view, being beaten and cheated on are not reasons for divorce.
80 percent of women in Turkey are verbally abused. A woman who
is not happy in the bedroom will have problems everywhere else. In
the conservative community women are more made-up and chic in
the home. There are certain conditions for establishing happiness in
a family. A woman should obey her husband and a man should behave
toward his wife as if she is God's gift.'

CSI Adana: Vacuum Cleaner Cord Killer

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 May 2011)

Gülşen Kaymak (40), who works as an accountant in a factory
in Adana, met driver Asaf Şaşmaz (46) three years ago and they
became lovers. But in order to continue their relationship the lovers
decided they had to eliminate Gülşen Kaymak's husband Halit Kaymak

The couple hired Ramazan Tatar (25) to kill the husband but on 30 June
2010 Tatar sprayed a neighbor's house with gunfire by mistake and in
another attempt he shot at Halit Kaymak's car. There were no fatalities
or wounded in either incident but court cases were files against Ramazan
Tatar and Asaf Şaşmaz for carrying unlicensed weapons.

While the court case was continuing, Asaf Şaşmaz purchased an apartment
in the same building where the Kaymak family was living. According to
claims, Şaşmaz, with help from Gülşen Kaymak, strangled Halit Kaymak on
28 December 2010, using the cable from a electric hand-held vacuum
cleaner while Halit Kaymak was alone in the house.

The police found the fingerprints of Asaf Şaşmaz on the vacuum cleaner,
the cable of which had been ripped off. Şaşmaz said that his prints may
have been on the vacuum because he had purchased it and given it to
Gülşen Kaymak as a gift. Şaşmaz also claimed not to know anything about
the Kaymak's house but its address was found recorded in his cellular

Şaşmaz ultimately confessed that he and Gülşen Kaymak had a relationship
and that he had given her a cellular telephone ((sic, vacuum cleaner)) as
a gift. He denied the murder accusation, however. Gülşen Kaymak, who
didn't realize that Şaşmaz had told police that 'I gave her the vacuum as
a gift', said in her statement that her husband had purchased the vacuum.
She stated that 'I had no role in the murder.'

The prosecutor has prepared an indictment concerning Şaşmaz for
premeditated murder and for Gülşen Kaymak for the crime of aiding in
the murder of her husband, both of which call for life sentences.
The trial will begin in the coming days.

20 Mayıs 2011 Cuma

An Ear for a Nose, Konya-style Revenge

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 May 2011)

In Konya, a family doctor bit off the ear of a pharmacy assistant
he argued with. The incident took place in Gökhüyük village of
Seydişehir district.

According to claims, Dr. Ahmet Özcan (40) went to the village
and while he was performing an examination, pharmacy assistant
Kenan Aksakal (29) wanted to remain in the room. In consideration
of the patient's privacy, though, Özcan sent Aksakal out of the room.
A fight erupted between the two, with Aksakal head-butting Özcan
and breaking his nose. In response, Özcan bit off Aksakal's ear.

17 Mayıs 2011 Salı

Bad Guy's Extra Wife Proves His Undoing

kuma (links to original article)

(Milliyet Newspaper and Gündem71 website, 12 May 2011)

In Kırıkkale, 31year-old Zeynep G., who has five children, shot and killed
her husband Bülent G. with a hunting rifle while he was in bed with
22 year-old Filiz Y., whom Bülen G. had brought into the house as a
'kuma' (spare wife) one year ago.

The incident occurred in a shantytown in the Yenimahalle neighborhood
at about 1 AM. The unemployed Bülent G. had a record of nine separate
crimes, including theft, smuggling and threatening. He married Zeynep G.
11 years ago and they had five children together. But Bülent G. brought
in Filiz Y. as a 'kuma' a year ago and this sparked an argument between
Bülent G. and his lawful wife Zeynep G.

Bülent G. became irritated after the argument and left the room, telling
Zeynep G. that 'I'm going to sleep with the kuma.' Zeynep G. was
unable to contain herself and in a fit of jealousy she grabbed her husband's
hunting rifle, stormed the room where Bülent G. was lying with 'kuma'
Filiz Y. and shot the naked Bülent G. in the heart.

Neighbors who heard the shot alerted the police. An ambulance was
summoned for the seriously injured Bülent G. and he was taken to the
Kırıkkale Highly Specialized Hospital but he died en route.

Zeynep G. was taken into custody and the mother of five children
admitted her guilt during police questioning. She said that 'I didn't know
what I was doing in a moment of rage and jealousy. I'm sorry. I wouldn't
have wanted this to happen. Five children are left fatherless.' She was
taken to the courthouse yesterday morning. As for Filiz Y., during her
interrogation by police it was determined that she has a record for

16 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Snore at Your Own Risk

geezer (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper and Doğan News Agency, 14 May 2011)

Mehmet Ala, who is 84 and lives in a retirement home in Bursa, killed his
roomate, 62-year old Mehmet Karataş, with a knife because Karataş was
snoring. After being taken into custody, Ala said 'I warned him not to snore.
I couldn't control myself. Now I regret it.'

The incident occurred at the Ali Osman Sönmez Retirement Home, which
is attached to the Social Services Provincial Directorate, located on Huzur
Boulevard in the Değirmenlikızık neighborhood of Yıldırm district. Ala,
who settled into the retirement home a month ago, was sharing a room
with Karataş who had been there for a year.  Ala was saying his prayers
last night at 2130 and afterwards he became unnerved by the snoring of
the sleeping Karataş.

Ala woke his friend up and admonished him, saying 'how many times have
I told you not to snore! If you're going to snore go to another room to
sleep.' The subesequent argument between the two turned into a fight and
Ala took a knife from his vest pocket, stabbing his roommate in the chest
twice. The seriously wounded Karataş was taken by retirement home
employees to the Şevket Yılmaz State Hospital, where he died despite
all efforts to save him.

Mehmet Ala was taken into custody by police and brought to the court.
He told journalists who were taking his picture that 'I'm regretful but I
warned him not to snore. I couldn't contain myself.' An investigation into
the incident has been begun by the Bursa State Prosecutor's Office.

14 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

World Poor's Reps Life High Life While in Istanbul

highlife (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 13 May 2011)

More than 10,000 officials of state and civilian organizations from 48
countries attending the 'Least Developed Nations Conference',
representing more than one billion people who live on less than one
dollar per day, have left their mark on Istanbul's luxury stores and
night life. The representatives, who came together for an event organized
by the United Nations to discuss the problems of the poorest nations,
filled up five-star hotels, the most expensive restaurants and nightclubs,
eating, drinking and enjoying themselves.

Some of them went to Turkey's most famous nightclub, Reina, to have
a lobster-champagne party costing 20,000 dollars, while others shopped
their hearts out at the Covered Bazar and in boutique stores of fashion
brands in famous shopping centers. In fact, there were some representatives
who came to Istanbul but didn't participate in any meeting and instead went
to Capadocia and the south shore. In other words, the country representa-
tives who came to Turkey to talk about the problems of the poorest people
painted a picture completely contrary to the reason for their visit.

However, Istanbul's restaurant and night club managers, as well as the
hotels and merchants, were quite pleased with the summit.

Scourge of Mexican Banditos Continues in Izmir

banditos (links to original article)

//ed. note: see our blog entry of 28 February 2011 for another incident of
Mexican banditos in Izmir//

(Sabah Newspaper, 13 May 2011)

Four Mexicans have been taken into custody based on the claim that they
committed grand theft on jewelry couriers in Izmir. The four bandits, one
of them a woman, are accused of having stolen 100,000TL from a jewelry
wholesaler in Istanbul, 100,000TL worth of gold from a jewelry courier in
Izmir and 10,000TL worth of gold in Ankara.

They were caught during their latest heist attempt. The suspects followed
a courier named S.Ş. with their car and when the S.Ş. went into a jewelry
store the theives seized the opportunity, breaking S.Ş.'s car rear window to
try to steal a bag with 250,000TL worth of gold in it. The suspects were
unsuccessful, however, and left the area.

The police were laying in wait to catch them red-handed and after a short
pursuit the persons in the car - Karen Y.S.P., Jesus G.F., Marcos T.S.
and Byron E.H.Q. - were taken into custody. It was determined that the
robbers cut a courier's car's tires and when the car is stopped in traffic
because of the flat tire the thieves steal the bag in the car.

13 Mayıs 2011 Cuma

One Special Mule - From Iraq to U.S. Via Turkey

smoke (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 12 May 2011)

The Turkish adventure of a donkey named Smoke that was found wounded
and nursed back to health by a group of American soldiers in Iraq, ended
yesterday. The 3-year old Smoke was taken by truck from the Istanbul farm
where he has been sheltered to the cargo terminal at Atatürk Airport. Smoke
ate grass behind the walls of the airport for a while before being put into a
special cage for the trip to America aboard a cargo plane.

Smoke was accompanied by his minder, American Terri Crisp, and a
woman from the Animal Rights Association. After training provided by the
Wounded Warriors Family Support Organization, Smoke will be used in
the rehabilitation of children in the state of Nebraska. The donkey was
found by Colonel John Folsom and his unit in 2008. Although Folsom left
Iraq and retired he couldn't forget Smoke and started the effort to bring
the donkey to the United States.

The Turkish Agriculture Ministry, however, was concerned that Smoke
might infect other animals with diseases and at first the donkey was
denied permission to enter Turkey from Iraq. Thanks to the efforts of
the American Embassy and army, as well as Turkish officials, the
necessary permission was obtained. 

5 Mayıs 2011 Perşembe

Gals Take Revenge on Guys, For a Change

//ed. note: tables turned - news each day in Turkey is almost exclusively
about male on female violence. Herewith a couple of contrarian gals.//

tekkol (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 4 May 2011)

A bride who abandoned her husband on their wedding day must stay
away from him for a month. In Izmir, insurance man Mustafa Tekkol has
asked for court protection, claiming that he has been receiving threats
from his wife, who abandoned him during an argument at their wedding
reception, and her relatives.

After being abandoned on his wedding day Tekkol learned a week later
that his wife, Buse Yıldırım, has filed for divorce and is asking for
100,000TL for mental anguish. Tekkol has countersued for divorce and
has filed a criminal complaint against his wife, his father-in-law and his
wife's uncle.

The female judge in the 5th Family Court has issued a decision, stating
that the bride, Buse Yıldırım, 'must not engage in verbal or other behavior
that is violent or aimed at scaring any other family member; must not
approach her husband's home or work place for one month; and must
not harass any other family member with any means of communication.'

The judge also issued a decision warning Yıldırım that if she acts contrary
to these decisions she will be arrested and suffer penalties that will
restrict her freedom.


adsan (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 4 May 2011)

A meeting between two lovers who split up a while ago ended in blood
in Burhaniye district of Balıkesir province. Ayşe C. (30) went to meet
her ex-lover Mehmet Latif Adsan (32), who had suggested they get
together and chat, but she bloodied her hands in the process. Adsan
died from his wounds at the hospital after being stabbed in the chest
by Ayşe C.

The incident occurred around midnight on the night before last when
Ayşe C. met with her former lover Mehmet Latif Adsan at his invitation.
The two ex-lovers proceeded along Edremit Ülkü Road, whereupon,
according to Ayşe C., Mehmet Latif Adsan threatened her, saying
that he had a new lover. As the argument heated up Ayşe C. took
out a knife she was carrying, seriously wounded Adsan in the chest
and fled.

Police patrolling the area came upon the car with its doors open and
Adsan inside fighting for his life. He died at Edremit State Hospital.
Adsan's body has been sent to the Bursa Judicial Forensic Center
for an autopsy. Ayşe C. was taken into custody by police.

4 Mayıs 2011 Çarşamba

Miss Turkey Sways For Turkey Burgers

turkey (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 21 April 2011)

The famous American fast food chain Carl's Jr.has come to an agreement
with Miss Turkey 2010 to promote its turkey burger. Her title opened the
American door for her.

The Carl's Jr. company thought about the word 'turkey', which in Turkish
means 'hindi', and gave a role in its commercial to Gizem Memiç, Miss
Turkey 2010. In the commercial, Memiç is walking with a swaying motion
along the side of a pool and slowly but surely she removes everything she's
wearing to reveal a burger-design bikini. 

The commercial is accompanied by oriental music for this interesting ad and
the text reads as follows: 'we've agreed with Miss Turkey to introduce our
new tasty charbroiled turkey burger to you. We put her into a bikini so you'll
remember Miss Turkey and we put tiny hamburger pictures on it so you
won't forget the bikini.'

3 Mayıs 2011 Salı

Border Tensions on Bulgarian and Greek Frontiers!

vulture (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 29 April 2011)

A wounded vulture was found along the banks of the Meriç River in
Edirne in January. When the word 'Spain' was found written on her
wing and a yellow bracelet with 'K06' was seen strapped to her foot
there was a thought that the vulture was being used for spying. Villagers
delivered the injured vulture to the Environment and Forestry Directorate
where a veteranarian determined that three shotgun wounds on the vulture's
wing had been inflicted by illegal hunters.

The vulture was bandaged and sent to Istanbul for treatment. Concurrently,
correspondence was exchanged with Spain about the vulture and it turned
out that the Spanish government had given the vulture, named Frida, to
Bulgaria as a gift in 2009. The Bulgarians then released Frida to the wild
with the aim of keeping track of her movements for five years. It was
determined that the vulture crossed the Turkey-Bulgaria border and
reached Edirne where she fell victim to the hunters' bullets.

After treatment was concluded Frida was delivered back to Bulgaria in
February. The vulture was kept in quarantine in the Bulgarian city of
Stara Zagora  and released to the wild on 27 April. Many of the people
who were involved in her rescue were invited to the ceremony held to
mark Frida's return to the wild. This time a chip was attached to the bird
so that Frida's movements and location can be tracked.


rowboat (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 28 April 2011)

A rowboat excursion for three Ayvalık boys turned out to be a big headache
for them. Mehmet Akgün (15), his cousin Ihsan Yavuz (16) and his classmate
Aykut Yücel (16) set out from Ayvalık on Saturday in a rowboat to roam
around. However, the wind dragged the boat into the Aegean for hours and
when it started taking on water amid the waves the boat sank. After swimming
for two hours the three youths found themselves washed up on the shore of
Midilli (Lesbos) Island on Sunday morning.

The residents of the island's Ksenia village noticed the three Turks and
reported the situation to the police, who took the three half-exhausted young
fellows to the hospital. Since it was Easter Sunday and the courts would be
closed on Monday, as well, official procedures to return the youths to
Turkey could only be started on Tuesday. Additionally, the process got
caught up in the wheels of the Greek bureaucracy. The prosecutor decided
that because they weren't adults the three Turks could not return to Ayvalık
on their own.

The three youths spent Tuesday in custody at the hospital and Aykut Yücel's
mother Aysel Yücel came to Midilli the day before yesterday to take the
boys back. Mehmet Akgün said this about their adventure: 'We were lost
in the middle of the sea. One of the oars fell in the water. The rowboat was
taking on water. When it began to sink we dove into the sea and swam for
more than two hours. We thought we were going to die.'


2 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Fortune Teller Hoodwinks Fortune Hunters

fortune (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 29 April 2011)

The high court has decided the crime of 'threatening' rather than 'looting'
should be the charge for six people who kidnapped a fortune teller to the
mountains, beat her, forcibly had her sign money transfers and stripped
her, because she had hoodwinked them and taken their money.  The
local court had sentenced the six to 7.5 years each for 'looting' but the
high court changed the sentence concerning the incident in Çorum,
which had the feel of a Candid Camera prank.

According to claims, M.G. asked M.H., who works as a fortune teller
in her husband's cafe, to help him with a treasure hunt. M.G., along
with his friend O.A., then took M.H. to an empty field and asked her
to locate the treasure here. M.H., however, responded by saying that
'there's a charm here and you need six people to break it.' She next
informed them that 'I must get material from Istanbul.' and proceeded
to take 500 lira and two cellphones from M.G., E.Ç. and O.A.

The treasure hunters excavated the area that M.H. had designated for
a while but when no treasure was found M.H. claimed that P.Ç., one
of the treasure hunters, had lost his belief so the charm had taken
hold once again. She said she had to go to Istanbul again to get more
material and after getting 580 lira and four cellphones M.H. set out
for Istanbul.

M.H. pawned the cellphones in Istanbul for 1,500 lira and then called
M.G., saying that she needed the same amount of money, which M.G.
sent to her via the post office. M.H. did not return to Çorum, however,
so M.G. and O.A. went to Istanbul and found her. When M.H. asked
them for more money for the charm material they realized they had been

The six treasure hunters took M.H. to a rock quarry upon her return
to Çorum and bound her hands and legs. The suspects beat M.H.
when she said she had spent all their money and had her sign a promisory
note. M.H. was left naked at the quarry and subsequently filed a suit
against the treasure hunters. The Çorum Penal Court sentenced the
suspects to 12 years in jail for the crime of 'looting' but the sentences
were reduced to 7 years 6 months each. The high court, though, said
that the local court had misidentified the crime and that the sentences
should be given for 'threatening' rather than 'looting'. Consequently,
the suspects will get no more than 5 year sentences.

M.G. who was put in jail for beating M.H. and having her sign promisory
notes after she duped them in connection with the treasure search, said
that 'we were hoodwinked and put in jail. M.H. is a presentable woman
with great powers of persuasion. She dresses well. Telling me and my
friends that she needed material, she took a total of five or six thousand
liras from us at various times. Some of us sold our cellphones to give
this person money.'