30 Mart 2012 Cuma

Parrot, Pooch Held for Ransom

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 March 2012)

Lütfi Paçal, who works as a real estate agent in Başakşehir (Istanbul),
taught Can, the parrot he's had for 10 years and about whom he says
'he's (or she's) my child', to speak and to even greet customers who come
to his office. They would have breakfast together. But on 14 March,
Cano did something he (she) never did before - he (she) flew through an
open window and came to rest on top of an apartment 200 meters away.

Paçal wanted to get to the top of the apartment but he couldn't locate
the doorman to let him in and when he finally reached the roof there
was no sign of Cano. That same day Paçal and his friend Yeliz Özdemir
prepared hand-outs and he first pasted them on the windows of his
minivan and on the doors of quite a few apartment houses. He handed
the flyers out at shopping centers, too.

A person who called Yeliz Özdemir's cellphone on 18 March said 'I
have the parrot. How much lira will you give me for it?'  In response,
Özdemir stated that if the caller would come to their office they would
give him whatever he wanted. The caller said he would call again a bit
later with some additional conditions and then hung up. The person
who claimed to be holding Cano did not call again, however, so Yeliz
Özdemir called the number herself but noone answered. When this
happened Paçal appealed to the state prosecutor to have the mysterious
caller identified.

Paçal explained that if Cano gets stressed out his feathers will start
to fall out. He added that 'if that happens he (she) will die within a
month. In other words, I have 15 days left. If the person who found
Cano brings him (her) to me I'll give him money and if he sold Cano
to someone I'm ready to pay the sales price.'

pooch links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 30 March 2012)

Four people who demanded money via the internet for a dog they
stole in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, have been taken into custody. The dog,
named Oscar, has been returned to his owner. The ransom demand
for the dog happened the day before yesterday in Beyoğlu. Allegedly,
Ercan Ç., Gökhan G., Savaş B. and Vural B. saw a 'Cavalier King
Charles' breed dog in the doorway of an apartment house. At a
moment when the dog's owner wasn't present they stole Oscar.

Emrah K. thought that his dog had gotten lost so he put a notice
up on his internet site. The suspects entered the website and
reached Emrah K., telling him 'we'll give you the dog  if you give
us money.'  Right away Emrah K. alerted the police and a meeting
with the suspects was arranged in Kadıköy via Emrah K. The
suspects came to the Kadıköy pier with Oscar and were arrested
by police, with all of the above going next to the police station.

After health controls, the suspects were transferred to the court
and Oscar was returned to his owner.

29 Mart 2012 Perşembe

'Pious Ladies' With Robin Hood Dreams

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 March 2012)

In Izmir, two 19 year-old youths came up with a robbery plan that
not even Satan could think of. The youths wore high school uniforms
underneath black coverings (like those pious women wear), complete
with eye veils, and had anesthetic spray, ether and a large amount of
medicine with them. They planned to avoid identification by cameras
with the black coverings and then make their escape as high school boys.
But if caught they had medicines available to commit suicide and even
prepared suicide notes for their relatives.

Since they didn't have any money they took the city bus en route to
the robbery but the driver and passengers were suspicious of these
two 'ladies' who wore woolen gloves, didn't speak and had broad
shoulders and muscular builds. So the police were called to check on
the two people wearing black coverings and eye veils who boarded
the Ciğli-Bostanlı bus yesterday morning and sat in the back of the
bus on the left side.

Among the passengers was Sabah correspondant Görkem Türkyılmaz,
who thought that the two 'pious ladies' might be terrorists. He informed
the driver of his suspicions discreetly and the driver, who also
registered doubts about the two 'ladies' when they boarded, called
the police 115 hotline. A police team from the Karşıyaka Public Security
office stopped the bus at the Çiğli intersection, boarded quickly and
had the two suspects lie on the floor. When the police lowered the
suspects' veils they were shocked to see that they were men, as the
other bus passengers had guessed.

The police determined that the suspects were Tuncer Emre Erenda,
a high school graduate employed at a plastics workshop, and Yusufcan
Komur, who works at a customs company. Neither of the two had
any previous police record. When they took off the black coverings
the high school uniforms they were wearing were exposed. The two
suspects each had a knife, a large number of pills, gloves, anesthetic
spray and  a bottle of ether, along with suicide notes, as they headed
toward the robbery venue.

The suspects hoped to avoid identification by cameras by wearing
the full black coverings and then escape easily in the guise of high
school students. Their target was the TEDAŞ (electric utility) office
at Şemikler, which was robbed two months ago. If caught the two
planned to commit suicide with the medicines they brought along
and had even prepared suicide notes, which read as follows:
'Please understand us for as you read this we have met our Maker.
We're not thieves. We can't look into the faces of our family and
our aim is to give our families a better life but the plan didn't work
out and we can't bear to be held in a jail with thieves. With the
money from this robbery we were going to help the poor around
us and those in worse straits than we are.'

Making Up is Hard To Do

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 28 March 2012)

In Soma, Manisa, Özgür Tavşan (22) kidnapped Öznür (17)
a year ago and married her last month. However, the girl
returned to her father's house because of the violence she
experienced with Tavşan. The night before last Tavşan
knocked on his father-in-law's door in order to speak with
his wife. When the door wasn't opened for him, Tavşan broke
the window, entered and fought with his father-in-law, Yüksel
Yumuk (39). Yumuk was wounded in his arm by Tavşan's
knife attack before he shot his son-in-law dead with his rifle.

28 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Kissed the Girl Who Made Him Cry

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(DHA News Agency & Sözcü Newspaper, 27 March 2012)

In the Kemerkaya neighborhood of Trabzon, the evening before last
a young man named Hakan Ş. allegedly harrassed M.K., who was
walking in front of him, with his hands and his language. M.K.,
a civilian police woman who serves with the Quick Response Force,
used her police training to turn quickly on Hakan Ş. and put him on
the ground. M.K. then called her police comrades and filed a
complaint against Hakan Ş. for indecent assault against her.

26 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

'Borat' Version of Kazakh Anthem Played

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 March 2012)

Kazakhistan has demanded an investigation into the playing of the
Kazakh national anthem version taken from the film 'Borat', during
the medal ceremony at an international sports competition in Kuwait.
Kazakh sportswoman Maria Dmitrienko won a gold medal at the
Arab Marksmanship Championship in Kuwait but the made-up
version of the Kazakh national anthem scored for the 2006 film
'Borat', which has English lyrics, was played at the ceremony on

Dmitrienko couldn't keep from laughing during the ceremony but
ensured that the official version of the anthem was played when
the ceremony was repeated. Kazakh Foreign Minister Ilyas
Omarov said yesterday that 'this is a scandal. We want a complete
investigation.' It is thought that the organizers, who apologized,
mistakenly downloaded the 'anthem' from the internet.

The 'Borat' character, a dumb and macho Kazakh TV personality
created by British comedian Sacha Baran Cohen, produced a very
negative reaction in Kazakhistan. 

The Kazakh national anthem was written in 1956 and accepted as
the country's anthem in 2006. It has a refrain that goes 'My country,
my country. Let me sow your rose, hum your song, my country.
My birthplace! My Kazakhistan.'

Herewith a portion of the lyrics from the supposed anthem:
'Kazakhistan is the world's biggest country. The other countries are
run by girls. Besides Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan is everyone's friend.
We discovered pants. Kazahkistan's prostitutes are the region's
cleanest. Except for those in Turkmenistan. Come, grasp our leader's
giant penis.'

Three Month Cat Captivity Has Happy Ending

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 March 2012)

In Izmir, a street cat named 'Tekir' (Tabby) got stuck three months ago
in the beams of the Kurtuluş Avenue viaduct while hunting after pidgeons.
Repeated but fruitless efforts were made to rescue the cat, which could not
get down from the 15 meter height.  Animal lovers did not lose hope even
though the cat ran away each time they tried to rescue it, throwing food
to the cat's location to keep it alive. They attached cages to the viaduct,
hoping Tekir would enter, but to no avail.

The day before yesterday firefighters tried for the seventh time to rescue
Tekir. While the firefighters and animal lover Ender Adadar chased after
the cat along the 80 meter length of the viaduct for half an hour, citizens
below held a blanket to catch Tekir in case of a fall. The cat eluded its
would-be rescuers and looked down for a while before jumping into the
blanket below.  Tekir was unhurt and took refuge under a nearby car
as everyone applauded the end of Tekir's three months of captivity.

//herewith another 'tekir', Zipzip, of our editor's household with her newly-
hatched (22 March 2012) brood...//

Chivalrous Dad Left Holding the Bag

dad links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 March 2012)

Burak Çakır was charged with slapping his girlfriend and stealing her
cellphone but he was exonerated for lack of evidence. The father of
the girl, however, was hit with a sentence of 1 year 5 months for
breaking Çakır's nose.

University student S.Ö. (19) was confronted by her boyfriend Burak
Çakır while on her way home in April 2011 in Ilkadim district of
Samsun. Çakır wanted S.Ö.'s cellphone and when she wouldn't give
it to him he slapped her. Çakır took the SIM card from the girl's
phone and put his own in. S.Ö. then complained to the police.

S.Ö.'s father, Alaettin Ö. (51) tracked down Çakır in town and as
they talked a fight broke out, with Alaettin headbutting Çakır and
breaking his nose. Both sides filed complaints about each other -
against Çakır for slapping and robbing the young girl, and against
Alaettin Ö. for beating up Çakır.

Çakır did not attend the last court session but said in his earlier
statement that he and the young girl were in a romantic relationship.
He claimed that 'we argued but I didn't hit her.' S.Ö. insisted that
Çakır had hit her but she withdrew her complaint against him.
Consequently, Çakir was exonerated for lack of evidence. Alaettin
Ö., however, was sentenced to 1 year, 5 months in jail. His
sentence was postponed.

24 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Disfunctional Inflatable Woman

blow-up links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 23 March 212)

In Denizli, a citizen who purchased a blow-up doll was dissatisfied so he
applied to the Consumer Rights Arbitration Committee. However, an
expert on the matter who could evaluate the product could not be found.

The citizen who purchased the inflatable woman over the internet claimed
that the product 'did not achieve its functions' and in his letter to the
Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Directorate he asked that
the directorate 'decide whether the product is proper or improper' by
assigning an expert to evaluate it. The directorate categorized the blow-up
doll as 'health material' and appealed to health organizations for such
an expert. Despite all efforts, though, 'a credentialed expert' who could
evaluate the propriety or impropriety of the product could not be found.

Directorate Chief Ali Erkan stated that 'we are tasked with evaluating
any and all commercial complaints from our citizens. Whether it's
furniture or a cellphone, it's something that's been purchased. We
applied to health organizations but an expert didn't turn up and they
said they couldn't act as an expert for us. Nevertheless, we're continuing
our efforts to solve the citizen's complaint.'

22 Mart 2012 Perşembe

Bathroom Break Doesn't End Well

break links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 March 2012)

In Barbaros town, Tekirdağ, S.Ç. (52) and his friend M.B. (58) went to a bar
the night before last to have a good time. The two tipsy pals next went to
a hill at the seaside Haramidere area where they continued to drink. At some
point, S.Ç. left his friend to relieve himself but lost his balance and fell off
a 100 meter cliff. M.B. saw that his friend had fallen and alerted the police,
who, along with a medical team, reached S.Ç.'s body. An investigation into
the incident is continuing.


21 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Camels Smoke Out Spectators

camels links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 19 March 2012)

There were some exciting moments at the camel wrestling event held in
Havran, Balıkesir. Some of the camels broke through the barbed wire into
the crowd. While there was some damage done to a vehicle, fortunately
the spectators watching the wrestling matches were spared from getting
crushed under the camels. During the matches several of the camels hurt
their feet and as some of them fled the arena they broke through the
barbed wire and into the crowd. A few cars and sales stands were

This was the third time that the matches have been held, organized by
the Havran Municipality and the Havran Camels Association. 100 camels
from the Aegean and Marmara provinces and districts participated,
creating lots of excitement. With viewers enjoying barbecues along
the edge of the arena, accompanied by drums and clarinets, the event
enjoyed a special glow.

The fierce battles between the camels got a bit out of hand and some
camels stampeded through the barbed wire and into the spectators.
The wrestling arena resembled a war zone as some of the camels,
frightened of their rivals, fled the field. One of the camels broke its
foot during a match.

Some of the camels were bloodied during the wrestling and the tears
of one whose eye was hit were reflected in the cameras. Even the
camel owners got agitated at each other during the tense matches.
But mostly the spectators watched the matches in the nice weather
in a picnic-like atmosphere. Havran District Chief Mustafa Eldivan,
Havran Mayor Hasan Lofçalıoğlu and Agriculture Office Chief
Emin Ersoy joined the other spectators watching the camel wrestling.

20 Mart 2012 Salı

Getting Buried Alive is No Joke

bury links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 19 March 2012)

N. Çiftçi's husband tried to bury her alive in a forested area of Ayazağa in
Istanbul in August of last year. During the first hearing of the case at the
Istanbul Court of First Instance, N. Çiftçi stated that at first she thought
that the terrifying event was a joke.

Çiftçi's husband felt regret at the last moment and took her to the hospital.
N. Çiftçi explained that 'he had just dug the grave and put me in it. Then
he started to pile dirt over me. I thought it was a joke but when I realized
he meant to bury me I cried out.'  The husband, Alpaslan Çiftçi, was
charged with 'intentional injuring' and a 14 year sentence was requested
at the trial. For his part, Alpaslan Çiftçi said that 'I take care of our two
children. I caught her exchanging messages with other guys and getting
into one of their cars. I told N. Çiftçi to take one of the children and she
responded by saying 'we'll put a dress on you and leave you in the forest.''

Continuing, Alpaslan Çiftçi stated that 'I called Yasemin Caner and
asked her to bring N. Çiftçi to me. I asked N. Çiftçi about the men she
met with and she said that because of pressure from her aunt she had
befriended one of them. I got angry and threw a bat and a shovel that
were there at her. But I didn't dig the ground and try to bury her.
Yasemin Caner tried to hold me back but I got mad at her and hit her
too. When blood started coming from N. Çiftçi's head I felt badly and
began to cry. That's when I took her to the hospital on my motorcycle.
Anyway, we're in divorce proceedings.'

Yasemin Caner, who lives with Alparslan Çiftçi and for whom a 9-year
sentence has been requested for 'assisting in a crime', stated that 'they
argued. When N. Çiftci said 'I'll sleep with your closest friends' Alpaslan
started to beat her. I tried to separate them. There wasn't any effort to
bury her.'

19 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

Suicidal Pole-Climber Relied on Professional Expertise

expert links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 18 March 2012)

In Kocaeli, Mustafa Ergen (47) climbed a high-tension electrical pole
because he'd been abandoned by his girlfriend. The 'Policeman of the Year'
talked him down. Ergen went to Kocaeli in pursuit of the woman who
jilted him and climbed the electrical pole as soon as he got off the bus.
A weeping Ergen threatened suicide and demanded that 'my Hatice be
brought to me.' He was talked down by Nurettin Kocaman, who had
been selected as Kocaeli's 'Policeman of The Year.'

Ergen began living with Hatice T. nine months ago in Ordu, without
the benefit of an official marriage. When she returned to Karamürsel
district of Kocaeli, Ergen got very upset so he set out by bus from Ordu
for Koacaeli in pursuit of Hatice. Upon getting off the bus he scampered
up the high-tension electrical pole across from the bus terminal and
began to wail 'Hatice'. Local citizens called the police, 112 Emergency
Service and the fire department.

The police who spoke with Ergen reached Hatice's relatives and were
told that Ergen had lived with their daughter for nine months but had
not officially married her. Despite all police efforts, Ergen wouldn't
come down from the pole and threatened that 'if they don't bring my
Hatice here within a half hour I'll throw myself to the ground.' At this
point, Nurettin Kocaman of the Murder Bureau, who had just been
named 'Policeman of the Year', approached Ergen via a fire department
lift. Kocaman successfully persuaded Ergen to desist and they both
boarded the lift to reach the ground.

Ergen was taken to the Kocaeli University Medical Faculty Hospital.
It has been learned that the high-tension line carries a charge of
170,000 volts and that SEDAŞ (electricity utility) teams had cut off
the power when Ergen climbed the pole. Consequently, a large area
lost electricity for about one hour.

Mustafa Ergen's job in Ordu is the repair and maintenance of electricity

Snow Ambulance Ride to Catch the Bus

ambulance links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 18 March 2012)

In Iğdır, Zennure Taş, who lives in Sarıbulak village where the road was
blocked by snow, called 112 (Turkey's 911) on the prextext of being ill.
It turned out, however, that the woman, who was transported by a snow
ambulance with caterpillar treads, brought her suitcases with her. She
wasn't sick but only wanted to catch the bus to Izmir.

Taş (62) lives in Sarıbulak village, which is 60 kilometers from Tuzluca
district of Iğdır province, but the road to the village was covered with
snow. So on 15 March, Taş told her relatives that she was sick and asked
them to call 112 Emergency Service. Based on this information, a medical
team set out in the snow ambulance to reach the village but when they
failed to break through the snow, workers from the Provincial Special
Administration opened the road.

When Taş boarded the ambulance with her suitcases she allegedly told
the medical team 'don't take me to the hospital. Get me to the bus in
Iğdır so I can go to see my daughter in Izmir.'  Nevertheless, Taş was
brought to the Tuzluca State Hospital Emergency Service for a check-up
but there was nothing medically wrong with her.  

A report was logged about Taş and her relatives who called 112 and legal
measures have begun.

16 Mart 2012 Cuma

Can't Keep a Good (and Slippery) Thief Down

watches links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 March 2012)

Yavuz K. (41) who stole a 400,000TL watch collection, two revolvers and
jewelry from the Sarıyer villa of former Galatasaray director and businessman
Cemal Özgörkey has been taken into custody by police.

It has been learned that Yavuz K. had been arrested and tried in connection
with the robbery at the seaside villa of former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller
that occurred in 2005. The suspect left prison with permission a month
ago but didn't return and was being sought as an escapee.

There was a robbery at Özgörkey's villa located in Sarıyer on Köybaşı
boulevard on 26 February 2012. The thief entered through the waterside
window of the villa, took the 400,000TL collection of six watches, two
revolvers and jewelry, and then fled.

Police first reviewed security camera images as their investigation began
and noticed that Yavuz K., who has a record for robberies, was walking
along the street where the robbery took place. But according to police
records, Yavuz K. was supposed to be in prison. After checking, police
learned that Yavuz K. had left prison on leave on 11 February but didn't
return. They soon tracked him down and took him into custody. When
Yavuz K. was brought to the police station for questioning he was
wearing one of the watches taken from Özgörkey's home, valued at
188,000TL. A search of Yavuz K.'s home turned up one of the stolen

During his interrogation it was determined that another interesting twist
had occurred. After Yavuz K. had escaped from Maltepe Prison and
one day before committing the robbery at the villa he had been arrested
in Bayrampaşa for cocain possession. But Yavuz K. gave police a phony
identity card and he was brought before the court and arrested under
this phony name. When Yavuz K. was brought to Metris Prison he
somehow slipped away from police and prison officials during

Yavuz K. confessed to the villa robbery but said that he learned only
afterwards that the watches he stole we so valuable. He said that he
thought of selling a similarly valued watch like the 188,000TL watch he
was wearing when caught but upon finding out the true value he said
to himself 'this watch is going to be nothing but trouble for me' so he
threw all three remaining watches into the sea.

Furthermore, it was learned that Yavuz K. had been arrested and tried
as the thief who stole 100,000 dollars worth of jewelry and foreign
exchange from the villa of former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller in 2005.
For this crime Yavuz K. received a sentence of 9 days but this was
converted to a monetary fine. Officials said that Yavuz K. has been
taken into custody dozens of times by the police. After his processing
was completed, Yavuz K. was taken to jail.

14 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Butt of the Joke, Literally

butt links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 March 2012)

Bünyamin Ç. (37) and his co-worker Ümmet G. (38) work for a firm that
cleans oil tanks in Kocaeli. While they were using an air gun to clean each
other they started to fool around but when Bünyamin Ç.'s uniform fell
down Ümmet G. got a bit carried away with the joking and stuck the air
gun up his friend's buttocks. In a moment Bünyamin Ç.'s stomach was
filled with air so Ümmet G., who had brought his friend to the brink of
death, asked for help from the other workers.

Bünyamin Ç. was brought to the hospital for an operation. Ümmet G.
was taken into custody.

Organ Donor's Dad Exacts Price from Killer

organ links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 13 March 2012)

In Kahramanmaraş, the father of Kenan Bozoğlu, who was killed in a fight,
donated his son's organs to save the lives of five people. The father then had
his son's murderer killed.

Kenan Bozoğlu (30) was seriously wounded in the head when he he got in
the middle of  a gunfight in Göksun district of Kahramanmaraş on
26 May 2011. After Bozoğlu was declared brain dead at the hospital his
father, Zeki Bozoğlu (67), donated his son's organs. Five patients benefitted
from Bozoğlu's heart, liver, two kidneys and pancreas. Bozoğlu's family
held Seyit Gazi Dağıstanlı (32), who had gone to the scene of the incident
with Bozoğlu but who escaped unharmed, responsible for their son's death.

Dağıstanlı moved with his family to Antalya's Alanya district to escape
the pressure brought by these accusations. On 4 February Dağıstanlı
disappeared after leaving his work place and a day later his body was
found along the Konyaaltı shoreline. Police determined that Dağıstanlı
had been murdered and the resulting investigation found that Oktay
Arslan (28) and Ümit Yedikule (27) had committed the crime at the behest
of Zeki Bozoğlu and his other son Mehmet Bozoğlu (39) of Istanbul.
Police took another seven people into custody for aiding and abetting the

It was determined that Zeki and Mehmet Bozoğlu agreed to a price of
150,000TL for the murder, a portion of which was paid up front. It
turned out that one of the triggermen, Oktay Arslan, was a boyhood
friend of Dağıstanlı's. Arslan had called Dağıstanlı to get together and
then knocked him out in the car with a blunt object. Dağıstanlı was
then dumped with his hands and legs tied into the sea near Kemer. The
11 suspects were transported to the court on duty with a request that
they be arrested.

12 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

Rooster Protectors? Not So Much

defenders links to original article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 March 2012)

Denizli police mounted an operation the night before last after getting a tip
that cock fights were being held at the Denizli Rooster and Winged Animals
Protection and Sheltering Association. When the police broke down the door
of the association they found a large group of people watching a cock fight.
It was determined that people coming from Izmir, Aydın, Manisa and
Burdur put down money for bets on the cock fights.

Police determined that electric shocks were applied to the roosters before
the matches to make them fight better. Needles, strings and pain relieving
medicines used on the roosters were also found. Police rescued wounded
roosters kept in sacks and took association chief Ö.O., his son A.O., S.G.,
and 126 spectators into custody. All those arrested were fined 169TL
each under the Misdemeanor Law. 19 injured roosters were turned over
to the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Provincial Directorate.

Fancy Sneakers Foil ATM Thieves

bank links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 11 March 2012)

In Kartal, Istanbul, there was a bank robbery just like in the movies. On 7
January, 46 year-old S.A. came to the bank for some business but the ATM
took her credit card because its validity had expired. S.A. told bank guard
Cem S. about the situation and left the bank. About a month later another
customer, S.G. (65), came to the bank and gave her credit card to Cem S.
so he could help her check the money she had put into her account. Cem S.
learned the credit card password and with quick hands gave S.A.'s card -
the one that the ATM ate a month earlier - to S.G.

Cem S. went into action as soon as the elderly woman left the bank. He
met with his friend Salih T. who withdrew 10,000TL from ATM's in
Kartal, Sancaktepe and Sultanbey at various times. Customer S.G.
realized that she had been swindled and went to the police who began an
investigation. The police determined that someone whose face and head
were covered had emptied S.G.'s account and they noticed that this person
was wearing designer sneakers.

The police then examined the images from the bank branch at Yakacık
(where Cem S. worked as a bank guard), noticing that a person with the
same sneakers had met with Cem S. in front of the branch. Salih T. (30)
and his partner Cem S. were taken into custody.

10 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Citizens Snooze As Tunnel Dug, Gold Removed

gold links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 9 March 2012)

In Ordu, suspects who reached the safe of Ahmet Karakoç's Yeşim jewelry
store last Sunday night by tunneling through the foundation took six
kilograms of gold worth one million lira. When the thieves attempted to
rob the adjacent jewelry store the alarm went off and they fled.

It has been determined that the three robbers are Georgians and that they
dug the 8-meter tunnel over three months, living in the tunnel the whole
time. Food, drinks, living materials and cigarette packages belonging to the
robbers were found in the tunnel.

The Ordu police chief, Hakan Kırmacı, called on citizens to be more alert,
saying 'during excavation between 400 and 500 kilograms of dirt was
removed. The fall of the 650 kilogram safe two or three meters didn't
even wake our citizens, unfortunately. If our citizens had been more
alert perhaps we could have intervened before the thieves got out of the

9 Mart 2012 Cuma

Eye Socket Power Unseen So Far in Kayseri

eyesockets links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 9 March 2012)

In Kayseri, Zafer Pezük (36) is making a try at a record...the married,
father of four, has decided to attempt to break the record of an
Englishman who pulled three people on a three-person bike with hooks
that he fastened to his eye sockets. Pezük saw the feat accomplished
on the internet.

Pezük previously moved a truck and two tramway cars weighing
86 tons to earn the moniker of 'Anatolian Hercules'. He attempted the
new record in front of reporters at a factory by tying a spoon-fork
tool that he made into hooks to his eye sockets. In his first attempt
Pezük fell down. During his second the hooks disconnected from his
eye sockets, resulting in a failed effort.

In his third try, Pezük pulled a 1-ton 200 kilogram truck, with the
clutch in neutral, 25 meters. He then celebrated his feat along with
the factory workers and said that his next goal is to pull an airplane.
Noting that an English sportsman had pulled 400 kilograms with his
eyesockets, Pezük claimed that he would achieve the record by
pulling three times that weight.

8 Mart 2012 Perşembe

Pumpkin-covered Path Leads to Wedding Ban

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 March 2012)

Neriman Sezer lives in the Portakallık neighborhood of Rize and has three
children and three grandchildren. In April of 2010 she went to court with
her relatives over a land border dispute. While the court case was proceeding
Neriman hanım allegedly caused damage to the crops on her relatives' land
and a case was opened against her  in Rize's 2nd Public Security Court for
the crime of 'causing damage and insulting.'

Neriman hanım was given a sentence of 6 months, 15 days in jail by the
court but in light of her good disposition and health concerns the decision
was made to have her serve the sentence within the scope of the
Supervised Freedom arrangement. So Neriman hanım, who loves to go to
weddings, was forbidden from attending weddings and engagement parties
for 6 months and 15 days.

Neriman hanım asserts that she did not damage her relatives' field but
only cleaned up the path to her house that was covered with pumpkins
by throwing them off to the side. She stated that 'I don't deserve the
sentence but I have to comply. There was a relative's wedding recently
and I couldn't go.'

7 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Slice of Heaven For Sale

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 March 2012)

Teams from the Public Safety Bureau of the Antalya Security Department
took six people, three of them women, into custody for bilking citizens in
Antalya, Hatay, Kırıkkale, Çankırı and Ankara out of 6 million TL in two
years, promising them places in heaven. The suspects allegedly
hoodwinked their victims by exploiting their religious beliefs. After two
months of technical and physical surveillance, police conducted an
operation and took the gang's supposed leader F.K. into custody, along
with his wife N.K., a doctor named A.C.Y., A.Y., U.T. and F.Y.

During the interrogation at security headquarters it was determined that
gang leader F.K. and his disciples, manipulating religious beliefs, told
citizens that F.K had been Veysel Karani in a previous life and that
'we'll give you a place in heaven' in return for large amounts of money.
Security officials determined that the six suspects had used this ruse
for two years, raking in 6 million TL.

Police found out that gang leader F.K. has a record of three robbery
convictions. They also determined that the gang used money (in some
way) to defraud two women.

Sleep Talk Reunites Brothers After 12 Years

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 March 2012)

Ahmet Erken was lost during the Marmara Earthquake and when found
he couldn't talk so he was placed in a rehabilitation center in Sakarya.
His identity was ultımately determined when he talked in his sleep and
he has been reunited 12 years later with his older brother Ali and
younger brother Mustafa who live in Kırkpınar village near Niğde city.

Ahmet Erken (51) came to Istanbul from Niğde in 1999 but his family
lost track of him after the Marmara Earthquake. Erken was found
wandering in an unkempt and disheveled condition along the highway
at Sapanca on 14 February 2009. He was placed in a rehabilitation
center in Sakarya but even after three years of therapy he couldn't

Last month, however, Erken was heard talking in his sleep, saying
'Ali brother, lets go to Niğde to see my father Rüstem.' Based on
this information the experts looked at the names of those from
Niğde who had filed missing person reports and reached Ali Erken.
When Ahmet Erken saw his brothers Ali and Mustafa he was
at first nervous but then hugged them and cried. The brothers have
made an application to have Ahmet transferred to the social services
center in Niğde.

Older brother Ali Erken explained that 'I cried when I got the call
from social services. I was in shock and couldn't talk for a while.
They gave the phone to my brother and I said 'Ahmet' to him.
Just a tear drop fell from his eye and he dropped the phone.'

Pretty Bird Contest Leads to Knife Fight

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 March 2012)

In Izmir's Karşıyaka section bank worker Yücel Köksal (44), who raises
birds, had an argument with his friend Çetin Özdemir (45) at about 2030
hours the night before last. The argument started with the sentence 'my
bird is prettier than yours.' As the argument ensued knives were drawn
and Özdemir stabbed Köksal under his left arm and midsection before
escaping. Neighbors called the police who took Köksal to the hospital
where he is in serious condition. Özdemir was taken into custody shortly
after the incident. Both friends had allegedly been drinking.

History Found in the Fridge

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 March 2012)

At the Kapıkule long-haul truck (TIR) customs area in Edirne teams from
the Customs Anti-Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate made a search of
one TIR and found statues of a woman's head and a human figure inside
a refrigerator. Experts from the Edirne Museum Directorate examined the
statues and determined that the one of the woman's head dated to between
the first and second centuries B.C. The human figure statue was said to
be from 3,000 B.C. The historical works were turned over to the Museum
Directorate and one T.Ö. was taken into custody for the crime of
'smuggling historical works.'

5 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

Cellphone Terror and Headbutted Imam

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 March 2012)

At evening prayers last week at the Istinye Kaplıcalar mosque in Sariyer,
Istanbul, 24 year-old Uğur Ç.'s cellphone rang. Imam Ahmet Ç. warned the
young man and told him to shut off his phone. Uğur Ç. became angry and
went outside but returned when the prayers had finished. He shouted at
Imam Ahmet Ç. 'who are you yelling at you bastard!' and then headbutted
the Imam who fell to the ground with a bloody nose as the congregation

After receiving treatment at the hospital. Imam Ahmet Ç. got a judicial
report in relation to his injury and the prosecutor began an inquiry into
the incident. In his statement, Uğur Ç. denied any guilt and lodged a
complaint about Ahmet Ç., whom Uğur Ç. claimed had called him a
'bastard'. The prosecutor completed his inquiry and asked the court for
a sentence of between 1.5 and 3.5 years in prison for Uğur Ç. for the
crime of  'injuring and insulting.' The prosecutor did not find any
basis for Uğur Ç.'s claim that Imam Ahmet Ç. had called him a 'bastard'.
Uğur Ç.'s trial will start in Istanbul Petty Crimes Court in the days

Fowl Transformation

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 March 2012)

Ahmet Bağıran (28), who lives in Ağrı, claims that his chicken which was
laying eggs every day stopped doing so and changed its form, becoming
a rooster. Bağıran lives in the Kazım Karabekir neiborhood of Ağrı city and
he explained that the chicken was laying eggs up until two or three weeks ago
but then suddenly began to act like a rooster, crowing and growing its tail
and crest longer. Bağıran said that he went to the Ağrı Agriculture, Food and
Animal Husbandry Provincial Directorate and talked with the veterinarians
there to find out the reason for the transformation. They told him that
'animals may have two sets of organs.'

Spilled Tea Sets Flight Tlme Back 11 Hours

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(Posta Newspaper, 4 March 2012)

A pilot's tea time on the Istanbul-Amsterdam KLM flight which was
preparing to take off caused a panic. The pilot spilled the cup of tea he
was holding in the cockpit all over the controls, which were damaged
as a result. The plane was taken to a hanger for repairs, while the
passengers were put in a hotel. The flight was delayed 11 hours.

2 Mart 2012 Cuma

Bond, James Bond: Treasure Hunter

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 February 2012)

The first 18 minutes of the latest James Bond film 'Skyfall' will be shot in
Turkey. Work related to the filming of approximately 13 of these 18
minutes is continuing in Adana and when the film crew began infrastructure
work in the town of Yakapınar in Yüreğir district some interesting things

The villagers thought that the crew, which was working in a first-degree
environmentally protected area in Yakapınar, were treasure hunters and
they informed the Gendarmerie. After getting a phone tip from the village
that 'some people are looking for treasure here with a backhoe' the
Gendarmerie came to the village and stopped the work. The film crew
asserted that it had permission from the Culture and Tourism Ministry,
the Adana Governorship and the Yüreğir District Chief. When the tip
turned out to be baseless the film crew resumed its work.