31 Mart 2017 Cuma

Battle of Sadullah's Takes Unexpected Turn

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 31 March 2017)

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 The pesky 'spare wife' issue always brings headaches.

In the Gülbahçe quarter of Seyhan district, central Adana, Sadullah
Duran (31) began an affair with his wife's niece Özlem Tarhan (28)
two years ago.  Duran told Özlem hanım "I'll divorce my wife and
take you." but he didn't keep his word and Özlem hanım's family got
wind of the affair.

Nevertheless, the Tarhan family agreed to have Özlem hanım marry
her aunt's husband as a 'kuma' (spare wife) and 8 months ago the two
became engaged.  Duran, though, subsequently claimed he didn't have
the resources to marry Özlem hanım and he broke off the engagement.

Enraged by this development, Özlem hanım's brothers Sadullah and
Hamdullah Tarhan grabbed a 'pompalı tüfek' (pump-action rifle) and
went to Duran's house to threaten him.  The brothers dragged Duran
into the street and began firing into the air.  Hearing the commotion,
Hatip Bağlayan, the Tarhan brothers' uncle and, also, Duran's brother-
in-law, came on the scene.

Bağlayan took the rifle away from his nephews and separated them
from Duran.  A tussle ensued between Bağlayan and Hamdullah over
the rifle and the gun went off, hitting and killing Sadullah Tarhan.

Sadullah Turan was buried in the Küçükoba Cemetery and Hamdullah
Tarhan, Hatip Bağlayan and Sadullah Duran were all taken into
custody by police.

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Graverobber Bears Prompt Villlage Alert

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 31 March 2017)

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             "Does a bear sit in the woods?"

Hamit Karataş lives in Güneyce village in Rize's İkizdere district.
Last Friday he was driving along the road when he saw what he
thought was a large stone. But when he got out of his car he was
horrified to see that the 'stone' was in fact a human skull.

Gone white with fear, Karataş rushed to village chief  İsmail Hakkı
Taşdelen to tell him what he had seen.  The villagers all went to the
scene, put the skull in a bag and began to check all the graves in
the village, where there is no common graveyard.  Because of the
hilly geography of the area each family buries its dead on its own

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        Suspect remains at large...very large.

As they approached the home of the village imam who died two
years ago they noticed the giant footprints of a bear.  Then they
saw that the imam's grave had been opened and ransacked.  Since
then the villagers have been keeping watch for the bear, as villagers
in Şimşirli village have been doing for two months after a young
boy's grave was plundered by a bear.

Mezara beton döküp çelik kapı ile kapattılar
 Anti-bear barbed wire instead of headstones anymore.

All the villagers agreed that they have lived peaceably with the
area bears for generations but something has changed.  Village chief
Taşdelen explained that "I've lived here all my life and never heard
of bear incidents like these before. "

According to the villagers, the main reason the bears are plundering
graves is the construction of HES (hydro-power) plants that have
altered water routes in the area, along with human-generated pollution.
Bears awakening from hibernation have not adapted to the new
environment and plunder the graves for food.  Villager Halim Çankaya,
a 50-year resident, said that "no one wants to hurt the bears. If we do
the fine is between 15 and 18,000 TL (about $4-6,000)."

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Incirlik Air Base Fails Perimeter Fence Test

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(Millyet Newspaper, 31 March 2017)

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                 "Enter Over Fence"

Taylan Kocahan lives in Sarıçam district of Adana.  When he woke
up in the morning to go to work he encountered a thief in his bedroom.
The suspect took 1,700 TL (about $500) from Kocahan's pants pocket
and jumped from flat's second floor balcony to escape.

Kocahan chased the fleeing thief up to the U.S. air base at İncirlik,
where the suspect, Polat Yıldız, scaled the base's perimeter fence
and disappeared into the base.  Kocahan alerted police who contacted
base security officials and Yıldız was captured in the airplane hanger

Ev sahibinden kaçtı, askeri üste yakalandı

Yıldız was processed at a police station while officials at the base
evaluated the vulnerability of their perimeter fence.

30 Mart 2017 Perşembe

'Routine' Massacre Has Otherworldly Connections

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 March 2017)

                      The haunted farm house.

The night before last Adana's Kozan district was rocked by a massacre
in a farm house.  Mehmet Doğan (38) and his common-law wife Ayşe
Ayrancı went to the home of his older brother Hüseyin Doğan, 700
meters away in Çokak village, where Hüseyin lived with his common-law
wife Fatma Yavuz, their son Hakkı Doğan (9) and Görkem T.(16), Yavuz's
son from her first marriage.

As the Doğan brothers sat and talked in the living room, İbrahim A.
stormed into the house with a pump-action rifle and began firing at
the brothers.  Meanwhile, the women sought refuge in the bathroom,
while Hakkı and Görkem fled to the kitchen.  After killing Mehmet
and Hüseyin, İbrahim A. shot the two women and Hakkı.

Görkem escaped through a window and had a neighbor call the
Gendarmerie. Once the Gendarmerie team arrived they tracked İbrahim
A.'s cellphone signal and nabbed him 6 kilometers away, along with the
rifle and two revolvers.  As the Gendarmerie deepened its investigation,
many 'muska' (written charms) were found on the bodies of the dead and
a newly-dug 3 meter-deep hole was discovered near the home where the
killings occurred.

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         One job sector that's booming these days...

As the Gendarmerie looked into any connection between the charms and
the hole, it was learned that Mehmet Doğan and İbrahim A. were involved
in a dispute stemming from their joint efforts at treasure hunting (!).
Earlier in the day, while working in the field Mehmet and İbrahim had
argued and Mehmet had hit İbrahim twice, sparking the revenge killings.

İbrahim A.'s father İsmet A.said that his son, who is married and the father
of two children, told him that he would come to the garden to spray
insecticide.  İsmet A. made this startling statement about his son: "my son
gave Hüseyin Doğan his car 6 months ago to take his brother Mehmet to
an evil spirits hodja in Hatay because Mehmet was hearing voices from
another world.  They kept on going to see this hodja from time to time.
Supposedly, the hodja speaks with God."

Burials for the dead were complicated: Hüseyin, Mehmet and Hakkı
Doğan were buried alongside one another in Faydalı village. Ayşe
Ayrancı was buried in Pekmezci village, the home of her official spouse,
Tahsin Ayrancı.  Fatma Yavuz will be buried in Bucak village.  The official
wives of Mehmet and Hüseyin Doğan attended the funeral and wept for the
deceased (!).

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Kozan district is in east-central Adana province.


Terror Edition: Tarantulas Bred; Massacre Averted

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 March 2017)

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                  Charming little creatures.

Teams from the Istanbul Gendarmerie Command investigating persons
posting propaganda supporting terror and terrorist organizations on the
internet took A. D. into custody in Sancaktepe, Istanbul.  In a search
conducted in A.D.'s home, 15 different types of deadly spiders native to
the Amazon and Australia were discovered in plastic containers.

The spider types included tarantulas, parahybanas, irminas, ormatas, trips
and mantos.   A large number of spider eggs (!) were found, as well. A.D.
was feeding the spiders cockroaches, worms and dead spiders.  Also
found at A.D.'s home was a syringe (!).

Importation, sale and possession of these spiders is forbidden in Turkey
and they were turned over to the Nature Protection and Parks Department.
Investigators think that A.D. may have been engaging in the illegal sale
of the spiders, which fetch high prices on the black market in Turkey.

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   Sancaktepe district of Istanbul


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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 March 2017)

DEAŞın üst düzey yöneticisi Türkiyede yakalandı
          Charming little fellow, at liesure...

Safwan Qahwatı was assigned by ISIS to perpetrate a massacre in Europe
but he has been captured in Adana.  Qahwatı came from Syria to Hatay
illegally, planning to travel with his wife to Istanbul and from there to
Europe.  Police stopped the bus  Qahwatı and his wife were riding in at
the Sarıçam rest stop along the Tarsus-Adana- Gaziantep (TAG) highway.

Qahwatı and his wife were taken to Adana police headquarters and after
14 days (!) of interrogation his wife was released. Qahwatı's flash-disks and
hard drives, though, revealed him to be a high-level ISIS director and he
was also wearing a ring with a special seal that designates senior ISIS

DEAŞın üst düzey yöneticisi Türkiyede yakalandı
                                    ...and at work.

Police stated that Qahwatı had facilitated the transit to Syria of Mahamad
Laban, a Danish citizen of Lebanese extraction, and Mohammed Tefik Saleh,
a Swedish citizen of Iraqi extraction, who were captured in a police operation
in Adana on 1 February this year.

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Hatay province is also known as Antakya.