24 Mart 2018 Cumartesi

ISIS Poster Boy's Sentence Confirmed

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 24 March 2018)

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  Straight out of Rakkawood central casting.

gory details see this Sabah newspaper report for details
on the incident.

Three suspects with ties to Al Qaida and ISIS were tried in court
in Niğde for the killing of three citizens, one of whom was a policeman
and another a soldier, in Ulukışla, Niğde province, in March 2014. 
Çendrim Ramadani (pictured) was given 5 life sentences, Benyamin
Xu 4 and Muhammed Zakiri one.  The sentences were appealed and
a higher court has now confirmed the sentences.

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23 Mart 2018 Cuma

Freezing Storks Warmed Up by Bulgarian Turks

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 March 2018)

Misafir ol gel bana
One of the storks even brought a new baby!

Storks, the harbingers of Spring, had been flying in unusually
warm weather until a sudden cold snap caught them in Bugaria's
Deliorman and Dobruca regions on their way to their mating grounds
in Europe.  The freezing weather put frost on the birds' wings and legs,
grounding them and making them easy prey for predators.  The mostly
Turkish residents of the area, though, have come to the aid of the

Safet Halid (53), who lives in Dulovo's Zaritsa (its Turkish name is
Kamerler) village, has been foremost in taking the storks into his
house to keep them warm.  Following his example, other villagers
are hosting more than 50 birds.  Additionally, storks have been
welcomed in homes in Russe (12), Çernik (14) and Depol, İsperih,
Aven and Vokil (2 guest houses in each village). 

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"Nice, but when it warms up let's get the flock outta here."

Bulgaria's Deputy Minister for Environment and Water, Krassimir
Zhivkov, visited Safet Halid and presented him with a new stove as
a gift from Minister Neno Dimov to Halid for his efforts in
protecting the storks.  Halid, a road worker, told Milliyet that "my
job in the winter is to clear the roads of snow.  While doing my job
I noticed the storks so I gathered them up and brought them into
my home."

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22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

FETÖ Weight-Watchers Program Sours Would-be Bride

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 March 2018)

still more! previous TNT reporting on this subject
FETÖ Marriages yes, but it's hard to believe

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                 Here come the (slim) brides...

In the scope of the investigation into the structure of the FETÖ
(Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization)'s judge-prosecutor
organization, an indictment was prepared about Judge Derya Y.,
who served in Sorgun district of Yozgat province.  In the Ankara
prosecutor's indictment it is stated that Derya Y. was relieved of
duty after the failed coup in July 2016 but returned to duty on
31 May 2017.

However, in the interim Derya Y. resigned and told prosecutors
that she became acquainted with FETÖ while at university and
later was taken into a FETÖ working group to prepare for the judge-
prosecutor examination.  Derya Y. noticed that the other women
in the study group began putting on make-up and nail polish and
dying their hair.  Seeing this, Derya Y. said she became estranged
from the group.

With regard to the FETÖ  marriage system, Derya Y. said that
there was pressure to get married.  In her case "they had me meet
with two candidates. The result was a complete fiasco.  After the
interviews, Şule Hanım, the wife of the regional FETÖ chief, told
me that I had to lose weight and pay more attention to my make-up
and hair because the male candidates give importance to these

"I declared that I wouldn't lose weight for anyone nor would I
change myself to anyone else's taste.  They continued to insist on
these things but I said I wouldn't participate in a marriage interview
ever again.  As the result of this experience, I became extremely
disappointed with the organization (FETÖ) and did not participate

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Gülen went to great lengths to set an example.

The Things Kids Eat

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 March 2018)

Çocukların yuttuklarından koleksiyon yaptı
Experience talking...and he'd rather not have any more.

Dr. Mustafa Melikoğlu, a pediatric surgeon at Akdeniz University
Hospital  in Antalya, has collected all the things he has extracted
from children's breathing and digestive systems over his 40 years
as a surgeon.  At the entrance to the hospital's pediatric surgery
clinic, the nearly 160 items are on display in two locked (!) cabinets.

Among the items kids have swallowed  are coins, hooked needles,
knitting needles, pencil sharpeners, nails, screws, batteries, nuts
and two magnets.  With the display, Dr. Melikoğlu hopes to increase
parents' awareness of these potentially deadly incidents.  He added
that children naturally explore their surroundings with their hands
and mouths but they may, in an instant, swallow a foreign object
that can result in tragic consequences.

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The wrong way to handle such incidents.

21 Mart 2018 Çarşamba

This Guy is Definitely Not A-OK

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 March 2018)

a o k istanbul savcı itiraz ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The egregiously misnamed A.O.K., right, and his victim.

In Istanbul, student T.Y. (23) wanted to end her 4-year relationship
with A.O.K (22), who resisted, threatening her by saying "you'll
be with the dirt, you'll die! I have photos  of you!"  On 26 February
T.Y. asked to speak with A.O.K. but when she declared that "I don't
want to make up." A.O.K. punched, choked and beat T.Y.

After T.Y. filed a police report, A.O.K. claimed she had fallen
because of her high heels and that, despite the threatening messages
he sent to her that were part of the evidence file,  he asserted that
"I'm the victim here!" (!)  The public prosecutor wanted A.O.K.
jailed but the court released him, saying he might reform. 

Nevertheless, the prosecutor persisted, citing the seemingly
never-ending attacks and killings of women in Turkey these days
but both the first court and a higher court rejected the prosecutor's
pleas.  Undaunted, the prosecutor has asked that the suspect's
home be searched and his telephone seized.

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                A.O.K.'s role model.

"Albanian Escobar"'s 'Skunk' Stinks in Bodrum

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 March 2018)

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"Albanian Met" and his stinky skunkworks.

Istanbul anti-narcotics police determined 6 months ago that one
of the biggest drug kingpins in the world, Albanian Met Kanani,
known as "Albanian Met" in Europe, would transport a large
amount of 'skunk' to Turkey through Bodrum.

The 'skunk' was brought to the waters off  Bodrum in a ship
and then transferred to land by yachts.  Police succeeded in
pinpointing the warehouse where the 'skunk' was hidden and
in a raid seized 1.1 tons of 'skunk' worth 25 million TL (about
$6 million).  Met Kanani, four more Albanians and two others
were taken into custody during the raid.

bodrum haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                       Bodrum pinpointed.

20 Mart 2018 Salı

639 Million TL for Beytüşşebap? Pocket Change for FETÖ

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 March 2018)
639 milyonluk vurgun iddiası selahattin ile ilgili görsel sonucu
How could you spend 639 million TL in Beytüşşebap?

In Şırnak province, police officer Selahattin D. transferred
639,000,000 TL (!) (about $150 million), which had been
sent in the name of the Finance Ministry's Beytüşşebap Property
Directorate, illegally to an account opened in the name of the
Beytüşşebap Police Directorate.  Selahattin D., who had fiduciary
authority, went to a bank in the center of Şırnak city to get the

However, an official at the bank was suspicious that this
amount of money had been allocated to Beytüşşebap, which
only has a population of 17,000,  and stopped the transaction,
informing the Beytüşşebap police in the process.  At this point,
Selahattin D. fled but was quickly captured and taken into
custody.  After he gave his statement, another individual in
Beytüşşebap was arrested.

beytüşşebap haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Previously, Selahattin D. had been accused of embezzling
7,000,000 TL and had been relieved of duty in an investigation
related to FETÖ (Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization), but was
later returned to duty.  Now, a 4-person inspection team from
the Finance and Interior Ministries is looking into the matter.
Additionally, the Beytüşşebap Public Prosecutor is continuing
a separate investigation.

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Gülen raised an eyebrow upon hearing of the development...
but no real dent to his bottom line.