24 Haziran 2017 Cumartesi

Trump's Newest Acquisition: Indian Village

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 June 2017)

‘Trump Köyü’ne hoşgeldiniz’
             Might he be tempted to emigrate?...

An aid society in India has given the name of U.S. President Donald
Trump to a small village 70 kilometers from the capital city.  The
Sulabh International Aid Society decided to give Maroda village the
name Trump in order to develop relations between Indian and the USA.

A spokesman for the society said that "We chose his name because
Trump is the leader of the world's leading country."  The village's
new name is "Trump Sulabh" but it is not official so this name will
not be seen on maps.

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Village already has numerous low-rise Trump Towers.

23 Haziran 2017 Cuma

Dumb & Dumber

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 June 2017)

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In Erzurum, Ömer Murat Akçay got bored at home so he fired his
pellet gun into the street and hit Sümmeyye B. (4) and İkra K. (6), who
were playing there.  After being taken into custody Akçay explained
that "I was bored at home so I thought I'd fire my gun for fun."

On 19 June, while waiting for 'iftar' (time when the day's Ramazan
fast breaks), the bored Akçay fired his gun out the window at a bottle
on the street. He missed the bottle and hit the little girls instead.  Both
girls were taken to a hospital for treatment.  Akçay was released on
judicial supervision.

Image result for erzurum haritası
                  Erzurum province

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 June 2017)

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Adem Akkoç (30), who was accused of giving narcotics to a young
girl found passed out in Tarlabaşı, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, the day before
yesterday, sports a 'enayi' (idiot) tatoo on his forehead.  As for the
charges against him, Akkoç, who said that he is a graduate of
Selçuk University's Fashion Design Teaching program,  denied them,
saying "I'm not a drug seller, I'm a fashion designer."

Image result for tarlabaşı haritası
Tarlabaşı neigborhood (A) of Beyoğlu, Istanbul 

Old Multi-Zero TL Notes Hoodwink Indians

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 June 2017)

Tedavülden kalkan TL ile dolandırıcılık
                              "What to do?"

The multi-zero Turkish Lira notes that were taken out of circulation by
Turkey in 2005 are being used to hoodwink people in India.  The old
TL notes were gathered up by the Turkish Central Bank in the year after
the termination but somehow (!) Indian crime organizations were able
to acquire at least some of them.

In the latest raid on the multi-zero bilkers, Indian police smashed a
crime gang in the southern city of Bangalore, in Karnataka state. that
was trying to sell old 500,000 TL notes.  The 4-member gang was
preparing to make a $11 million killing with the notes by selling them
at today's TL exchange rate to unwitting citizens.  Today 1TL is worth
18.24 Indian Rupees.  The gang planned to sell each old 500,000 TL
note for 9.1 million Rupees, or $140,000 per note, for a total payout of
$11 million.

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22 Haziran 2017 Perşembe

Family Feud Hotel

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 June 2017)

Cennete kaçak otel!
If and when built, probably won't host a family reunion.

Cafeteria manager Mehmet Ali Ay has started building a 2-story, 12-room
hotel in a place where such buildings are prohibited, at Bozburun, 55
kilometers from Marmaris.  The basic construction that currently exists
encroaches 1.5 meters into the adjoining 33 parcels and 1 meter into the
adjoining 35 parcels on the opposite side.  Ay has also built a 40 square
meter wall in front of his seaside hotel.

Deniz Uslu, the daughter of Ay's aunt Naciye Bedir, who owns the 33-
parcel piece of land,  took photos of the hotel she characterizes as
illegal and filed a complaint with the Marmaris district chief and the
Muğla province governor's office.  Nevertheless, according to Uslu, the
construction is continuing and she added that "the hotel construction
intrudes 1.5 meters into our land and there's a violation of the shore law
because of the sea wall.  We made the complaints but haven't gotten a
court order to stop the construction."

As for Ay, he admitted that "I built it knowing it was illegal (!) but I
did it for the future of our family.  Our government has to come up
with a solution, otherwise everyone on this peninsula will keep on
violating the law.   There's no encroachment. On one side it's my aunt's
land and on the other it's my uncle's.  The guys built the sea wall when I
wasn't around but, in any case, we have a right to an 100-square meter
area for a beach and lounge chairs.  I'll pay any fines. In fact, I've already
paid a fine of 190,000 TL (about $60,000)."

Marmaris Deputy Mayor Dursun Kaplan stated that "as soon as we
heard about the illegal hotel construction we sent our inspectors, put a
seal on it and issued a fine.  The seal was broken twice, so more
fines were imposed and the total up to now is 190,000 TL.  After the
Ramazan holiday we'll make another decision, very probably for

Image result for bozburun haritası
  Bozburun peninsula is southwest of Marmaris.

Rhino Gets Pedicure for Holiday Crowds

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 June 2017)

Image result for samire pedikür
      "Hey, you missed my pinky toe..."

One of the most popular animals at the Faruk Yalçın Zoo in Darıca
district of Kocaeli province is Samir the rhinoceros. Prior to the Ramazan
holiday, Samir got a pedicure and a skin treatment.  Biologist Pınar Çağtaş
said that Samir (9), who weighs 2.5 tons (!), was brought to the zoo from
Scotland (!) two years ago.

Çağtaş explained that "in the wild rhinos can file their own nails but not
in the zoo.  So we gave Samir a pedicure, skin treatment and mouth exam
for the holiday."

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21 Haziran 2017 Çarşamba

Bulgarians at the ATMs; Fake Spies Nabbed

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 June 2017)

Image result for karşıyaka bulgar şerit kamera
And you thought using an ATM was easy...

Three Bulgarians came to Izmir in May to survey the city's ATMs. They
returned last week with 10 card-copying devices, planning to steal money
from the accounts of hundreds of people per day.  The suspects also had
stripe cameras that are essentially invisible when put on ATMs.

Izmir police detected a card-copying device on an ATM in Karşıyaka and
security camera footage revealed that individuals driving a car with
Bulgarian license plates had come and placed the device.  Further
investigations revealed that Bulgarians P.P.S., M.T.G. and R.D.S. had
entered Turkey at the Dereköy Border Gate on 27 May.

When the suspects reentered Turkey on 14 June, they were apprehended
by police.

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 June 2017)

Image result for sahte mitçiler muğla bayır fetö
Even fake secret agents get caught sometimes.

Three individuals identifying themselves as members of the Turkish
National Intelligence Organization (TNIO), offered to help a
businessman in Muğla whose brother is in jail in connection with
operations mounted against the Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization

The three suspects, H.Y., S.K. and Ç.Y., came to the Bayır neighborhood
in Muğla and asked the businessman, who has a marble factory, for 3
milyon TL (about $750,000) to get his brother out of jail.  The
businessman agreed but asked for a little time to raise the money.
The suspects concurred and waited in Muğla.

The businessman contacted police and a sting operation was set up.
Police arranged for the businessman to give the suspects $15,000 in
marked bills as a down payment.  Later, police nabbed the suspects
and the money in a hotel in nearby Menteşe.

Image result for get smart siegfried
Fethullah Gülen heard the news in Saylorsburg PA.

Kids & Internet: Too Much Information

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 June 2017)

Image result for tekirdağ şarköy arda çatapat
                           An internet 'ouch!'

In Şarköy district of Tekirdağ province, a group of 7-to-10 year-old
children filled a plastic container with acetone and 'çatapat' (caps),
following directions they found on the internet, in order to scare
their friends.  The children then threw a match into the container
creating a ball of fire.

One child, Arda G., was seriously burned on his face and body. He
was taken, in succession, to Şarköy State Hospital, Çorlu State Hospital
and finally to a hospital with a burn unit in Istanbul.  Arda's father had
this to say about the incident: "the kids watched a video on the internet
at our summer house about how to make a bomb and they went ahead
and tried to do it.  Arda has a burn on his cornea and he's under treatment.
I'm going to start a legal campaign to have such videos banned from the
internet. Parents have to check on what their kids are watching on the

Image result for tekirdağ şarköy haritası
Şarköy is on the Sea of Marmara coast, lower left.

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 June 2017)

       This part wasn't included on the internet.

A minibus driven by R.A. (13!) ran over 3 year-old Elif Dursun and
Efe Yağız Tepe (9) in Sancaktepe, Istanbul, on 8 June.  Both of the
children died.  In his statement to police suspect R.A. explained that
"my big brother was sitting next to me while I was driving. After about
50 meters we slid and I felt like I'd hit something.  When we looked
up we saw that we had crashed into a building.  I never thought such
a thing could happen. I watched my father drive and I saw on the
internet (!) how to drive a car. "

The public prosecutor charged R.A. with killing two people by
negligence and asked for a jail sentence of between 1 year four months
and 11 years 3 months. Because of his age, R.A. cannot be sentenced
to more than 7 years in jail.

Image result for sancaktepe haritası
           Sancaktepe district of Istanbul