17 Şubat 2018 Cumartesi

One Letter of the Law Saves Killer, For Now

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 February 2018)
ilk duruşmada yanlış sanık skandalı palandöken ile ilgili görsel sonucu
             A Mustafa by any other name...

In Pendik, Istanbul, high school student Helin Palandöken (17)
was murdered as she left school and the first hearing in the case
resulted in a scandal that postponed the hearing. 

Palandöken posted on social media that "I have a secret platonic
admirer.  I'm afraid to leave my house."  and on 13 October 2017
she was shot dead by her former boyfriend Mustafa Yetgin as
she left school.  Yesterday at the first hearing of the case the
suspect's lawyer said that the person who had been brought to
court was not her client. (!) 

It turned out that because of a similarity in names, the wrong
person was brought to court.  So although Palandöken's friends
Cemil Yıldız and Deniz Morsümbül were ready to testify and
Murders Against Women Platform representatives, as well
as officials from the Family and Social Policy Ministry were
present, the hearing had to be postponed.

Officials  from the nearby Maltepe Prison  had brought Mustafa
Yetkin to court, rather than murder suspect Mustafa Yetgin. (!)

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Treasure Hunter's Alter Ego: 'Blackheart the Pirate'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 February 2018)

ecem balcı esra ercömert süleyman kara ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Mother-daughter cancer victims. At least, suffering is
over now.

In Kocaeli, Ecem Balcı (17), who has been missing for 42 days,
was killed by Süleyman Kara, the boyfriend of Ecem's mother
Esra Ercömert (41), who committed suicide by leaping onto
shoreline rocks on 14 January because she couldn't bear the
loss of her daughter.

Kara, a treasure hunter (!), lured Ecem to a forest with the
promise of giving her a crown he found during his excavations.
Both Ecem and her mother Esra were battling cancer. Gökhan
Balcı, Ecem's father and Esra's former husband, related that on
the day of her death Ecem had told her boyfriend that "Süleyman
found an historic crown. We're going to be rich!"  Ecem then
went to meet Kara in the forest to get the crown he promised her.

ecem balcı esra ercömert süleyman kara ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Treasure Hunter Süleyman Kara

blackheart pirate ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The resemblance is uncanny...

After murdering Ecem, Kara put the girl's SIM card in his own
phone and used it for two days. (!)  Traffic video reflected Kara
driving to Ayvazpınar village, where the forest is located. 
Faced with mounting evidence, Kara confessed to the murder.
His son Emin and Kara's siblings Yusuf, Kezban and Sultan
Kara were also taken into custody, along with Emin's friend

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16 Şubat 2018 Cuma

Police Chief Putty in Her Hands

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 February 2018)

ibrahim kocaoğlu çiğdem b ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Femme fatale Çiğdem hanım and her helpless prey.

Based on orders from Istanbul Police Chief Dr. Mustafa Çalışkan,
the former police chief of Istanbul's Kadıköy district was among
16 people taken into custody in a prostitution operation.  The
former chief, Ibrahim Kocaoğlu, is charged with taking bribes
and malfeasance after one Çiğdem B. claimed that "we made
love at my house in Şişli and I gave him 30,000 TL and 3
expensive cellphones.  Also, I'm giving him 7,500 TL per week
to take care of our business."

One of the suspects, Şükrü B., told HaberTürk that "Çiğdem
came to the massage parlor in Şişli and told us 'girls, I've made
the police chief my lover.  We've been together 4-5 days.  I
brought him home and took videos without him knowing it.
From now on there won't be any police raids.'"

Kocaoğlu was relieved of duty on 8 February in connection with
the police operation against the Hakan Ato prostitution ring. Ato
himself was arrested, along with 11 police officers and 3 people
who handled the gang's loansharking activities. 

Çiğdem B. said in her statement to police that "six or seven
months ago I went to meet Kadıköy Police Chief İbrahim
Kocaoğlu and I told him 'I want to have a chat with you but
this isn't the right place.  Let's have dinner tonight."  Their
dinner took place in Kalamış, Kadıköy, after which the couple
repaired to Çiğdem hanım's home in Şişli, where she seduced
Kocaoğlu, arranging to give him "30,000 TL to look the other
way with regard to our massage parlors and activities.  Later
I gave him 3 expensive cellphones and 7,500 TL per week to
keep the arrangement in place."

kadıköy haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Kadıköy is center, toward the bottom. Şişli is at upper

Residency Interview Too Close for Comfort

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 16 February 2018)

merve atiye abdulrezak ahmet ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Ahmet B. updating his personal residency 
requirements during a special house call...

Ahmet B., the chief of the Konya immigration office and the
brother of an AKP parliamentarian, was taken into custody by
police last week for sexually harassing an Egyptian woman,
the mother of three children, who is seeking Turkish residency.

In his statement to police, Ahmet B. claimed that "I went to her
house to find out what her needs might be." (!)  However, the
woman, Merve Atiye Abdulrezak M., explained the nightmare
that Ahmet B. had put her and her children, two girls aged 20
and 17 and a son 15-years-old, through:

"After I rented a house in the Karatay neighborhood I went to
see Ahmet B. on the advice of a Yemeni friend of mine and we
spoke in Arabic.  He told me that he could easily take care of
my asylum request, rather than let it linger on for the normal
3-4 years.  That night he came to my house and said 'We are
the continuation of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey is a big
country.'  He promised me life-long residency if I agreed to
keep meeting with him."

"The next morning at 11 o'clock he came again, saying 'I want
to talk with you alone.'  He sat next to me, hugged me, took
off my veil and began kissing me. I resisted and told him to
leave immediately. He apologized and said that 'I know all
about Islam and I want to marry you.'"

ahmet babaoğlu konya il göç ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Life-long residency in prison?  Don't bet on it.

In fear, Merve Atiye Abdulrezak M. moved to Ankara but
returned with her son to Konya on 2 February to retrieve
their belongings.  "While doing so Ahmet B. showed up and
I said to my son 'don't dare leave me.  While the director is
here secretly take a video, with a sound track, too'.  However,
Ahmet B. gave my son some money and sent him shopping.
Ahmet B. then said to me 'I want to see you naked. I want to
kiss you.'  Again, I resisted and told him I wouldn't marry
him under these conditions.  In response, he said 'then let's
be lovers' but I refused, reminding him 'that would be

"The next day, Ahmet B. sent my son a phone message
saying he would be coming to the house.  I told my son
to call the police when he arrived.  Ahmet B. came and
tried to take my clothes off.  As I was resisting the police
came.  I rushed to meet them at the door, while Ahmet B.
tried to put his clothes back on."

Ahmet B. has been released pending trial but relieved of
his job by the Konya governor.  Merve Atiye hanım said
that she came to Turkey in September 2017 and as a
supporter of deposed Egyptian President Muhammed
Mursi she thought she could take refuge in Turkey, which
supported him.  After 3 days in Istanbul she moved to

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15 Şubat 2018 Perşembe

Mayor's Dismal Legacy Dies a Slow Death

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(Posta Newspaper, 15 February 2018)

makam aracı borca gitti mehmet keleş ile ilgili görsel sonucu
After resignation, returned to his real profession -
used car salesman...certainly looks the part.

corruption's poster boy see TNT reporting on Keleş 
padding the city payroll with relatives.

The former AKP mayor of Düzce, Mehmet Keleş, took office in
March, 2014.  Three months later, he purchased an Audi A8
automobile for 650,000 TL (about $200,000), despite the
municipality's 150 million TL debt, explaining that "everyone
else comes in an Audi, should I show up in a Passat?!"

In October, at the 'request' of President Erdoğan, Keleş  resigned
and his successor, Dursun Aydan, has not used the Audi.  In fact,
the luxury car has been turned over to the subcontractor firm that
handles the city's sanitation, to settle a debt to the firm of
600,000 TL.

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