20 Nisan 2018 Cuma

Noah's Ark: The Unsinkable Tourism Ploy

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 April 2018)

Nuhun Gemisi bütün çıplaklığıyla kanıtlandı
          Hidden in plain sight, all these years.

The documentary filmmaker Cem Sertesen is participating in a
conference about Noah's Ark, being held in the context of Tourism
Week in Ağrı's Doğubayazıt district. Sertesen asserted that there
are traces of Noah's Ark within the borders of Telçeker village in

According to Sertesen, "Noah's Ark is the greatest legend of
human history (!), not just for Turks but for the whole world. It
is accepted that the ark is in eastern Turkey and that place is
Doğubayazıt district."  Sertesen, who has been researching
Noah's Ark for 23 years, added that "İlhan Durupınar discovered
Noah's Ark, Ara Güler took the first photographs of it and in
1985 Dr. Salih Bayraktutan conducted the first scientific research."

nuhun gemisi doğubayazıtta mı sertesen ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Act now and you get a free Noah's rubber ducky.

Continuing, Sertesen said that "At the end of weeks of work, it
was proven through below-ground radar images that the ship's
body was there and the related report was presented to the
concerned Minister of that period.  The last sentence of the
report was written in English: 'Yes, this is the body of  a ship
and archeological studies should begin forthwith!'

Sertesen and Ağrı's Culture and Tourism Deputy Director
Erkan Kösedağ shared the book they co-wrote "Noah's Ark,
The Discovery of the Century"  with students at the end of
the conference.

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Elon Musk working on an updated follow-on project.

One-Foot-in-The-Grave: 50% Discount on Tombstones

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 April 2018)

mezar taşında dev kampanya muş varto ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Coming soon: 50% off for mothers-in-law before they pass.

In Muş's Varto district, granite and marble dealer Bayram Çetinkaya
has started an interesting sales campaign.  Çetinkaya will give a 50%
discount to anyone who orders a gravestone before they die.  His
prices range from 800 TL (about $200) to 18,000 TL.  Çetinkaya is
also offering a 20% discount for those who passed away in 2017 and
will soon offer a 50% discount for a gravestone for mothers-in-law
before they die (!).

Çetinkaya explained that his campaign started as the result of a
conversation with an elderly woman: "She came to me and said
'I want to have a gravestone made for my husband but my income
is only 600 TL every 3 months.  My choice is to live or to buy him
a gravestone.  I have no one else since he died and he comes to me
in my dreams because I haven't had a gravestone made for him and
this makes me cry'."

Continuing, Çetinkaya said that "I told her I don't deal in cheap
stones but a few days later I saw her in my dreams and felt bad. A
couple of weeks later I saw her in the market and asked her what
she had done.  When she said she still hadn't had a gravestone
made, I offered to help her.  I made a nice gravestone for her
husband and arranged for  her to pay me 100 TL every 3 months. 
My business got much better after this. I told Yüksel Bey, who has
a marble factory in Afyon, about this occurrence.   He told me
to start the campaign and promised his support.  So, together with
the customer, before they die, we go to a notary and sign an
agreement for a gravestone.  I had one such customer last year."

Çetinkaya urged his gravestone-making colleagues and other
craftsmen to start similar before-you-die campaigns.

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19 Nisan 2018 Perşembe

Father-Son Ambassadorial Heart Attack Victims

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 19 April 2018)

büyükelçi kural yaşamını yitirdi ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Diplomacy and heart problems in their genes.

Turkey's Ambassador in the African country of Benin, Turgut
Kural, has died of a heart attack at age 52.  Kural was the married
father of two children and a graduate of Ankara University's
Political Science faculty.  After serving in Baghdad, Amman,
Hong Kong, Brussels, Mostar and Paris, Kural became Turkey's
Ambassador in Benin's capital of Cotonou in 2014.

In 1972, Kural's father Adnan Kural died of a heart attack in
Moscow, where he was serving as Turkey's Ambassador (!).

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Hairdresser's Irate Customer Summons Hubby

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 April 2018)

saçı beğenmedi kuaförü kurşunlattı eskişehir ile ilgili görsel sonucu
What really happened? Only her hairdresser knows
for sure...

In Eskişehir, E.Ç. (32) went to the hairdresser to get her hair done
but she didn't like the result.  E.Ç. argued with the shop owner and
some customers, called her husband İ.Ç. (37) to come pick her up
and left with him.

Shortly afterwards, though, İ.Ç. returned with 6 friends in 3
separate cars.  A fight with the shop owner ensued and the
visitors sprayed the shop with gunfire.  After the suspects fled
police rounded them up quickly and a "pompalı tüfek" (pump-
action rifle) used in the incident was seized.

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