30 Nisan 2016 Cumartesi

Divorce, Erdoğan-Style

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 April 2016)

Cumhurbaşkanı'na hakaret eden eşinden boşandı
In happier times...he likes Erdoğan a lot. She, not so much.

In Torbalı district of Izmir province, whenever Turkish President
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came on TV, Ali.D.'s wife G.D. cursed
him and hurlws insults at him.  Taking great exception to this.
Ali D secretly recorded his wife's anti-Erdoğan outburst and
presented the tape to the public prosecutor in a criminal complaint
against his wife.

Subsequently, Ali D., who drives a tractor-trailer, was divorced
from his wife in a one-hearing procedure. Ali D. explained that
"I felt that someone who insults our president cannot be my wife.
So there was no need to prolong this marriage any longer."

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29 Nisan 2016 Cuma

Chuck Norrisoğlu

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 April 2016)

İzmir Cesur Turgay
           You should see the other guys...

During a traffic dispute in Torbalı district of Izmir province
four days ago, Cesur Turgay (30), a four-time world champion
and nine-time Turkey champion kickboxer, put 8 people in the

The incident occurred in Torbalı's Ayrancılar neighborhood when
Turgay pulled his car over to the right side of the road to put
parcels in the trunk.  A car with 5 passengers pulled up along side
Turgay and one of them remarked to Turgay "why did you give us
a look and pull over to the right?"  They then attacked Turgay.

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The five, who were reportedly drunk, were beaten one by one by
Turgay, who then took on another three assailants who came at
him from the rear. These three were hospitalized, as well.  In a
previous incident, Turgay beat up some swindlers who had been
pestering him, prompting many citizens to call and thank him for
his efforts.

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28 Nisan 2016 Perşembe

3 Amazing Crime Stories

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 April 2016)

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Smoke rises through the hole, and so did the Indian prisoner.

Yesterday morning at Istanbul's Atatürk Airport two English
policemen arrived from London along with an Indian prisoner
they were taking to New Delhi.  At 4 a.m.,while the three waited for
their connecting flight to New Delhi, the Indıan prisoner said he
wanted to smoke a cigarette.

The policemen agreed and the three went to the smoking lounge
on the floor above, which is surrounded by barbed wire.  Since
the Englishmen were non-smokers, they waited outside the lounge.
Meanwhile, the Indian prisoner, sensing an opportunity, climbed
up the barbed wire fence and jumped on to the roof above the
airport workers cafeteria.

From there the Indian prisoner made it to the car park and
disappeared. Police were alerted but because of the night darkness
the Indian prisoner got away and melted into Istanbul. The two
English policemen are waiting for Istanbul police to find and
deliver the Indian escapee to them.

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 April 2016)

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        Robbing Hood shares the wealth.

In Kumkapı, Istanbul, Semih Bulut robbed a bank of 30,000 TL
(about 10,000 USD) and then climed up to the third-floor balcony
of the bank building, from where he both randomly fired his pump-
action shotgun and scattered the cash down onto the street below.

After 4 hours of police negotiations, Bulut surrendered.  He had
entered the bank on Çiftegelinler Avenue, disarmed the bank guard
and demanded money from a teller.  In his statement to police, Bulut
explained that his father Cuma Bulut owned the bank building until
4 years ago, when he was forced to sell it because of financial
problems.  Semih Bulut claimed that fraud was committed against
his father during the sale and that he robbed the bank to call attention
to the situation.

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 April 2016)

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        Thoughtful psychopath Selman Ö. 

Selman Ö. (52) killed two people, wounded three others and tried to
rape a woman in Aydın province, He was captured in a forest in Izmir's
Selçuk district.

Selman Ö., a resident of Aydın, argued with Kemal Dörtbudak, a
merchant whom he claimed sold him a broken telephone 4 years ago
in Sultanhisar district of Aydın. Selman Ö. stabbed Dörtbudak to
death and wounded his son, as well.  Ten days later, after trying to
rape A.V., a woman working in a field, Selman Ö. seriously injured
her husband H.V. with a knife and then fled.

The Aydın Gendarmerie, which has been after Selman Ö. for 4 years,
learned that he had sprayed a store with his Kalashnikov rifle 10 days
ago in Nazilli district.  Expert painter Bahri Öngörü died at the scene
and Murat S. was wounded.

Based on a tip the day before yesterday, Selman Ö. was captured
during a joint operation mounted by the Izmir and Selçuk Gendarmerie
posts.  Selman Ö. confessed to the crimes and explained what had
happened in Nazilli: "car painter Bahri wanted a revolver from me on
loan so I gave him one. But he wounded a guy and got the revolver
confiscated.  I got really mad at him and fired my gun during the
argument.  I'm innocent. I just fired the gun and they died. What could
I do?"

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                 Aydın province

27 Nisan 2016 Çarşamba

Everybody Talks About the Weather...Putin Does Something

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 27 April 2016)

Putin, Moskova’da  bulutların da hakimi!
Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face...

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin has ordered 1,300,000
USD to be spent on ensuring that the weather in Moscow is
clear for the May Day parade on 1 May.  According to a report
in the Moscow Tlmes newspaper, Russian authorities want 1
May to be a sunny and pleasant day and, in particular, they are
aiming for that evening to be cloud-free to accommodate the
fireworks display.

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Mark Twain finally has a fair-weather friend in Putin.*

Russian war planes will seed clouds with liquid nitrogen, grainy
carbon dioxide and a special cement mixture (!) in order to ensure
that the weather is clear. The plan is for the air operation to
dissipate the clouds over Moscow. However, the consequence is
likely to be heavy rain in villages and towns outside Moscow.

Last year on the 70 anniversary of Russia's victory over Nazi
Germany the same sort of 'sunny day' operation was conducted.
The technology that makes the operation possible is left over
from Soviet times and the Putin administration has used quite
a few times. In 2015, the total expenditure for cloud-control in
Russia was nearly 6.5 million USD.  

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     Sunny day, everything's A-OK...

* ed. note: Twain's authorship of the remark is the subject of
debate, with some people attributing it to his friend Charles
Dudley Warner.