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Drumstick Saves Turkey's Drummer

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 August 2011)

A local resident disturbed by the sound of the Ramazan drum at 3 AM told
the drummer 'go play somewhere else!'. In the ensuing argument a knife took
part and the drummer won't work for 15 days.

In Isparta's Keçiborlu district, Ramazan drummer Halil Ibrahim Eğri (45)
began to play his drum at 3 AM to rouse citizens for breakfast. Eğri kept on
playing and singing Turkish folk songs as he came to Istasyon Boulevard.
Deniz Kayacan (31) was disturbed by the sound of the drum and yelled
at Eğri from his window, saying 'Why are you disturbing us? Go take your
drum and play somewhere else!' When Eğri continued to beat the drum
Kayacan came out of his house and began cursing at Eğri.

During their argument Kayacan attacked Eğri with a knife. Eğri tried to
fend off the attack with his drumstick but was nevertheless wounded in
his left arm, chest and back from knife blows. Eğri, however, succeeded
in striking Kayacan's arm with his drumstick and grabbed the knife. Eğri,
who is married and has three children, was taken to the hospital where
he obtained a report that will keep him off work for 15 days. Kayacan
was arrested shortly afterwards.

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