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It's 'Fall -Off-the-Roof' Hot in Diyarbakır

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 July 2011)

With the jump in temperatures above normal this summer many people in
southeast Anatolia have moved from their houses to the roof. As a
consequence, in the past two months 497 people have fallen off the roofs.
Dr. Murat Orak of the Emergency Room at Diyarbakır Dicle University
Research Hospital stressed that there's always an increase in roof falls
when the heat rises above normal.

It has been learned that the number or roof falls in May and June of 2010
was 329, whereas the number for the same period this year has risen to
497. Experts pointed out that if measures are not taken the number of these
incidents will rise each year and they warned family members to take the
necessary precautions.

According to Dr. Orak, 'migration, increased housing and socio-economic
reasons have caused the increase in roof falls. This is because the heavy
influx of migrants has meant more houses in the suburbs, most of which
don't have fences around the roofs. This has unavoidably lead to roof falls,
which generally occur toward morning and when people get up to relieve
themselves. Most of those who fall off the roofs are children between the
ages of 9 and 13.'

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