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Smart Lawyers Taken to Cleaners

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 August 2011)

In Kartal, Istanbul, a robbery that occurred at the law office of two sisters
is causing people who've heard about it to say 'this is too much!'. The
interesting theft was committed in Kartal's Soğanlık neighborhood where
the Doruk Law Office run by lawyer sisters Zeynep Sümeyye Bakırcı and
Münevver Kübra Bakırcı was robbed in broad daylight by two people.

The robbery came to pass this way: while Zeynep was in the office two
people came to the door and one of them asked her 'Miss Zeynep, do
you recognize me? I had been working with you accountant.' In response,
Zeynep mentioned the accountant's name, saying 'you mean
Mr. Muammer?' When the suspect said 'yes' Zeynep let them into the

Once inside one of the suspects said he wanted to talk with Zeynep
privately about a divorce case and they went into a side room together.
At this point, while Zeynep was being thus distracted, the other suspect
disabled the security camera, secretly stole valuables in the room and
took money out of Zeynep's purse before leaving the office.

Zeynep said that although she is a lawyer she had nevertheless been duped.
Police are looking for the suspects who were briefly caught on video.

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