28 Aralık 2010 Salı

Either Me or the Critters!

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 December 2010)

Animal-lover Bilge Contepe, the founder of the Turkey Green
Party and its former chief, has come to the brink of divorce
from her husband of 36 years, architect Kaynak Contepe,
because of the 10 dogs and 60 cats she is taking care of in
their triplex villa in Torba, Bodrum. Bilge Contepe has taken
in seven dogs and 57 cats over the past two years, in addition
to the two dogs and three cats she already had.

But the 61 year-old Bilge Contepe's love of animals has upset
her 66 year-old husband of 36 years, architect Kaynak
Contepe, who is also a serious animal-lover.  According to
claims, Kaynak Contepe rounded up the cats when his
wife was not home and deposited them in an forest area.
When Bilge Contepe realized what had happened she
tracked down as many of the cats as she could and brought
them back. After this incident two weeks ago, Kaynak
Contepe left home. Bilge Contepe has filed a complaint
about her husband with the Animal Rights Association and
the public prosecutor, claiming that he doesn't recognize
the animals' right to live. Meanwhile, Kaynak Contepe
said that because of the cats his wife has brought into the
house over the past two years the place in unliveable.

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