31 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Just Like in The Movies

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 December 2010)

Narcotics police in Ankara came up with a novel idea to break a drug gang
operating in the Çinçin and Hıdırlıktepe neighborhoods. They established
a film set under the guise of shooting a documentary in the Ankara Fortress,
which overlooks the troublesome neighborhoods.  A police official acted
as director and other officers filled the roles of the set crew as the police
filmed hundreds of drug deals in the area over three months. On 10 December
the police raided various addresses in Çinçin and Hıdırlıktepe, arresting
gang leader Kadır I. and 24 others, while seizing 21 kilograms of drugs.

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