27 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

giant courier's curious capsules

Cocain Emerges from Giant Courier’s Stomach
(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 December 2010)

Salva F., a citizen of Guinea who arrived at Istanbul Atatürk Airport aboard a
flight from Brazil intending to go to Nigeria, was detained on suspicion.  Forty
cleaned capsules containing 800 grams of cocaine were then  found in the suspicious
person’s bag.  The police determined that the capsules had emerged  from his
intestinal tract and brought Salva F. to the hospital for a medical examination.
As the result of the examination of the 140 kilogram (ed. 300+ pounds) suspect,
another  1.298 kilograms in 66 capsules were removed from the suspect’s stomach.
It was then determined that the suspect had swallowed 106 capsules containing 2.98
kilograms of cocaine which he had obtained in Brazil. During the flight, however,
he became nauseous and evacuated 40 of the capsules (ed. in the aircraft’s bathroom
presumably), cleaned them and put them in his bag. Salva F. was  arrested.

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