31 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Stray Dad Pays With Head

(Sözcü Newspaper, 30 December 2010)

When Osman Bal (47), who is married and has six children in Samsun,
did not return home his family fıled a complaint with the police. A search
for Bal proved fruitless until his family suggested that the police check
with Kamile K., with whom Bal was having  an extramarital arrangement.
The police then took Kamile K. and her husband Osman K. into custody,
whereupon Kamile K. admitted her guilt with the following statement:
'I was having an affair with Osman Bal and my husband and children
found out about it. I wanted to be rid of Bal so I invited him to my house,
telling him that nobody was home. When he arrived by son S.K. cut
his head off and stabbed his body in various places. His father Osman
K. helped him.We put the head and the body in different bags and
threw them away outside of town.'  Police then went to the place
described and recovered the body.

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