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Candy From Babies: How Could I NOT Bilk These Idiots?

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(Sözcü Newspaper and Haber365 Internet Site, 26 July 2011)

Anti-pickpocket and fraud teams from the Adana police department received
a tip that a person at a store on Ziyapaşa Boulevard was bilking citizens by
promising them work in exchange for money. The police determined that the
person in question was prison escapee Mehmet C. (29) and they took him
into custody when they raided his house.

Mehmet C. was identified by complainants and admitted to the crime. He
said that he rented the store on Ziyapaşa Boulevard, hired a secretary and
let on to those around him that he was running a construction company.

In his statement, Mehmet C. said that he put a hiring advertisement in
national newspapers and got 5,000 applications in a month and a half. He
noted that he received money from half the applicants and spent it on
enjoying himself. In fact, Mehmet C. said that from one applicant in particular
he received 1,000 TL for the promise of a job.

Mehmet C. asked for the following amounts from applicants for his imaginary
jobs: cleaners - 25-35TL; doormen - 50-75TL; drivers - 300-500TL.
Mehmt C. said that he had been previously arrested for fraud and sent to
Bolu Prison. He confessed that it was there that he met another criminal who
explained to him the ruse of putting a hiring advertisement in the newspaper.

So far 40 people have filed comlaints against Mehmet C. After his interrogation
at police headquarters he was being transferred to jail when he told newspaper-
men 'I bilked 5,000 people. What am I supposed to do when there are so
many idiots in this country? I'm not to blame.'

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