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Fancy Nightclub's Meat and Whiskey Cleaned Out

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 July 2011)

Janitor Yılmaz Barış, who works at one of Istanbul's most elite nightclubs,
Sortie, was caught after having stolen 5,250 kilograms of frozen meat from
the club's warehouse. Finding the warehouse key on Barış, club officials
took inventory and found that 50 bottles of whiskey were missing too. Club
bodyguards manhandled Barış, about whom charges were filed and a request
made for a sentence of nine years in prison.

According to an indictment prepared by the Istanbul prosecutor, Barış (37),
who works as a cleaner in the famous nightclub in Ortaköy, Beşiktaş,
somehow got hold of the warehouse keys and stole 5,250 kilograms of
frozen meat. On 26 June, club manager Rahmi Okçuoğlu saw that Barış
was loading the meat into the trunk of a vehicle but after Barış explained
that he had found the meat in the trash Okçuoğlu took no action. A day
later club workers found a key whose upper portion had been filed down
on Barış and determined that this key opened the warehouse door.

Police were called to the scene and yet another key for the warehouse
door was found in the trunk of Barış's car. An inventory of the warehouse
was conducted and 50 bottles of whiskey were found to be missing.
When the incident was discovered club workers Erol Gir and Ercan
Avcılar beat up Barış.

The prosecutor is looking for a sentence of from four to nine years in jail
for the cleaning worker's theft and four months to a year in jail for
Gir and Avcılar who pummeled Barış. Court proceedings for all the
suspects will begin in the coming days.

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