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'Follow Us' is Dead End for U.S. Tourist

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 July 2011)

Three weeks ago American Sahaila T. came to Istanbul on vacation, where
she claims five thousand dollars and a gold necklace were stolen from her.
Sahaila identified the suspects from Florida via webcam. She thanked the
police and said she would come to Turkey again for vacation.

Sahaila T. is a skin specialist in the U.S. state of Florida and she arrived in
Istanbul on 14 June for a vacation. Sahaila rented a car, toured the city and
on 25 June she came to Taksim Square where she changed 600 dollars
into Turkish Lira. At this time, her wallet fell to the ground and 5,000
dollars sprayed all about. While trying to collect the money Sahaila had a
fight with her boyfriend. She then began to drive around in the car but soon
became lost. According to her claim, Sahaila drove up alongside a car with
Selçuk E. and Kadir T. inside and asked them 'how do I get to Taksim?'
They replied 'follow us.'

A while afterwards, Selçuk T. got out of his car and into Sahaila's car.
Based on the tourist's claim, Selçuk E. calmed the distraught woman and
started to show her the way. Ten minutes later they came to a dead end,
at which time the suspects took a gold neclace from Sahaila's neck and
her wallet containing 5,000 dollars. While one suspect left, Kadir T.
stopped at an ATM, withdrew 100 TL and gave it to Salaihla but a bit
further on a struggle erupted between the two and the car went out of
control at Kağıthane, rolling over four times.

Kadir T. was injured but was able to run away from the accident scene.
Sahaila was treated  and went to the Kağıthane police station to file a
complaint against the two robbers. She returned to Florida two days
later while police searched through 95 pictures from the ATM camera.
Taxi driver Selçuk E. was arrested at home and car repairman Kadir T.
was taken into custody at his work place.

The Kağıthane police used technology to have Sahaila identify the suspects.
They put a webcam in the police station's suspect identification room,
established a connection with Sahaila and began a video discussion. She
identified the suspects via the webcam hook-up. Selçuk E. was arrested
and Kadir T. was released.

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