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Treasure Hunters Turn on Their Own

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 July 2011)

Around noon yesterday, a group digging for treasure in Beyice village of
Bilecik tied the hands and feet of one of their own, Ali Sait Özdemir, and
shouted 'you found the treasure without telling us! Where's the gold?'  The
group threw Özdemir in the trunk of the car and sped off. But while in the
trunk Özdemir was able to take out his cellphone and call police. He told
them 'two cars with 34 (Istanbul) plates have kidnapped me. They put me
in the trunk of one of the cars. Right now they're heading for Bozüyük
district' and pleaded for help. Police were able to stop the car on the
Bilecik-Bozüyük road.

Mustafa Er, Engin Erkan, Zafer Taştan and Halil Çırak, who were in the
car, were arrested. Özdemir was taken to the Bilecik State Hospital for
treatment from the wounds inflicted by his captors. In his statement
Özdemir said that 'we were digging for treasure. Because of something
I had to do I left Bilecik for a while. My friends thought that I had found
the treasure and ran off. But I didn't find the treasure.' Police stopped
the other car on the Bilecik-Osmaneli road and took Ayhan Çırak, Ömer
Çırak, Ersin Cırak and Erdem Çırak into custody.

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