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Daddy-Daughter Friction Proves Fatal for Dad

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(Sabah Newspaper and DHA News Agency, 9 September 2011)

The suspects in the murder of musician Mustafa Ural, who was found dead
in July by a gunshot to the head in his office in Gaziantep, turned out to be
his daughters. Mustafa Ural worked as a vocalist for artists like Sezen Aksu,
Sibel Can, Edip Akbayram and Suna Yıldızoğlu. The contradictory
statements given by his daughters, Müge Hatice Ural and Orkide Gamze
Kapkın, led police to deepen their investigation, during which traces of
gunpowder were found on Müge Hatice Ural's hand.

Police then took Müge Hatice Ural (28), Orkide Gamze Kapkın (30) and
her boyfriend Murat Çam (33) into custody. In a search of Çam's home
empty cartridges that were suitable for use in the gun used in the crime were
found.  It is thought that Mustafa Ural was killed because of problems he
had with his daughter Orkide Gamze Kapkın and that Müge Hatice Ural's
hand picked up the gunpowder when she hid the murder weapon.  The
three suspects were arrested by the on-duty court.

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