28 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba

Dad's Progeny: Immaculate Conceptions

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 September 2011)

Murat Koparan (32), who works as a cook in a restaurant in Ankara,
married waitress Vahide Koparan (28) in 2006. One week after the
wedding Koparan learned that his wife was 2.5 months pregnant with the
child of her former boyfriend. He decided to break up with her, filed for
divorce and began living separately. At this point, Vahide Koparan
disappeared. When the court couldn't track her down the divorce case
was dismissed.

Koparan happened to go to the Population Directorate where he learned
that he has four children from Vahide Koparan. He said 'she had other
children with someone else but since on paper we're still married it appears
that the children are mine. I'm afraid to go to the Population Directorate
anymore. Two years ago I found out that I supposedly have two children.
Last week I went to check again and there were two more children listed
to me. Every time I go I'm finding that I have more children. I'm
embarrassed in front of the family of my girlfriend, whom I'm thinking of
marrying.  I've opened a new divorce case and I'm hopeful.'

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