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Living Dead Have Hope in Malatya

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 21 September 2011)

The morgue established within the purview of the Malatya Municipal
Cemetery Directorate has been set up with consideration for bodies put
inside that are thought to be dead (ed. note: but may not be!)so that there is
an alarm system and the compartment can be opened from the inside.
Director Akif Kayadurmuş provided information about the 36-body capacity
morgue that will open in the coming days, along with six body-cleaning
facilities. He stated that the center has been designed with careful attention to
each section, from revolving coffin stones to the waiting rooms, noting that a
great many new features have been added.

Kayadurmuş explained that 'information about the names of the bodies,
where they're located and the latest status is continually displayed on
screens in the waiting room. There is also an information desk and a
cafeteria within the center. Every detail has been considered for our center
and care shown for the comfort of the bodies and their relatives.'

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