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Make-believe Baby and 'Mother's' Foiled Plan

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(Posta Newspaper, 23 September 2011)

Fatma Yiğit (26), who lives in Bursa, married Abdullah Yiğit (28), a worker
in a factory, six years ago. When Fatma didn't get pregnant during the first
months of the marriage she started to get treatment but as the years passed
there was no result. Fatma was upset that they couldn't have a child but she
was also afraid that her husband would leave her because she couldn't get
pregnant. After five years of treatment with any success, she thought about
getting pregnant by the tube method.

But they couldn't come up with the money needed for the tube method and,
according to Fatma, there was nothing else she could do so Fatma lied
because she thought that her husband would divorce her and marry another
women in order to have a child. She told her husband the 'good news' that
she was 'pregnant' and kept up the ruse for nine months. Abdullah was
quite pleased by this news even though there was no indication of pregnancy
on Fatma's body. Fatma explained to her husband that on some women
their stomachs don't get bigger during pregnancy. 

The day before yesterday Fatma said that the birth was approaching and
she went with her husband to the maternity hospital. While Abdullah was
parking the car, Fatma went into the hospital and emerged sometime later
saying that she had given birth. According to her new lie, Fatma said that
because of their baby boy's complications he had been taken by ambulance
to the children's hospital, while she had been discharged. When they reached
home a woman who called Abdullah told him that their baby would be
transported to a hospital in Ankara.

Abdullah became quite excited by this telephone call, whereas Fatma cried
out in panic that their child had been kidnapped. Abdullah immediately filed
criminal charges against the hospital officials but when Fatma was questioned
by police her contradictory statements led police to figure out what had
happened. Fatma admitted the truth, saying 'my ruse has been uncovered.
I love my husband very much and I lied so as not to lose him.' After being
charged with 'reporting a false crime', Fatma was released and returned
home with her husband, who forgave her.

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