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Slick Heist Plan Nets Guard Two Million Dollars

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 September 2011)

Selahattin Aktürk (26), who works as a security guard at a bank in Bağlar
district of Diyarbakır province, set out yesterday at 1030 in the morning to
take nearly 4 million dollars in two bags to the Istanbul-bound plane. But
on the way to the airport Aktürk allegedly forced his unnamed partner, the
driver of the armored car belonging to the bank, bearing plate number
34 ZM 3139, to stop the vehicle on Şeyhşamil Mahallesi Cengizler
Boulevard by threatening him with a gun.

Aktürk made his partner get out of the vehicle, which he had stopped at
gunpoint on a street where there were no security or MOBESE cameras,
tied his arms and feet and locked him in the trunk. Aktürk then turned up
the sound of the music playing in the vehicle to the maximum so that his
partner's cries could not be heard. He then took one of the bags holding
the 4 million dollars they were taking to the airport for the Istanbul plane
and absconded with one bag filled with 2 million dollars.

When local residents complained to police about the loud music the police
arrived and determined that the vehicle's doors were locked and that
someone was in the trunk. The unnamed security guard was freed from
the locked trunk and related the story of the heist. The police found one
bag with 2 million dollars in the vehicle and began an operation to capture
Aktürk who took the other 2 million dollar-filled bag and escaped. Aktürk,
who accomplished the robbery with his incredible plan, had worked at the
bank for one year as a security guard. He is now being sought everywhere.

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