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10-Day Marriage Takes Toll on An Old Fellow

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 April 2012)

Halil Ibrahim Fidan (77), who lives in Karasu district of Sakarya province,
met Sevgi Y. on a TV marriage program and then married her. But Fidan
claims that his bride of 10 days took his car, his money and his gold and
ran off so he has filed a complaint with the police. Coming out of the
police station, Fidan told reporters that he had been hoodwinked,
explaining that the program's presenter had said ''if you get to know
each other in a week you'll marry' and so we were sent off.''

'We came to Karasu and toured around for a week. She kept telling me
that she wanted to get married. My daughters, though, were opposed
and said 'Daddy, you can't get married for the sake of  a TV show.'
Nevertheless, I married her. When we met she said she was 48 but
when we got married I saw that she was really 59.'

Fidan added that 'she didn't come near me during our 10 days of marriage.
We slept in separate beds. On the tenth day she took my car, money
and gold and left. She took 7,000 lira' so he filed the police complaint.

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