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New ID Brings New Heartburn

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 April 2012)

Osman G. escaped from prison and started using a false identity he
had stolen. But when Osman G. was stopped by the police he
found out that Alper Ç., his new identity, was also being sought
by police so he revealed his true identity.

Osman G. (43) was in a half-way house in Edirne after being arrested
in Istanbul for fraud and bankruptcy but he left the half-way house
on leave and didn't return. In order not to be re-arrested Osman G.
decided to use a new identity so he went to the village chief's office
on a pretext and stole the credentials of one Alper Ç. (40).

Osman G. put his own picture on Alper Ç.'s ID card but while riding
in a car with a friend in Şişli (Istanbul) he was stopped by suspicious
police who checked 'Alper Ç.''s background and found that he is being
sought by the Beyoğlu Petty Court for passing bad checks. While en
route to the police station Osman G. revealed his true identity and
a finger-print check confirmed this. Police also learned that Osman G.
is wanted by the courts in Istanbul, Şişli and Üsküdar on five separate
charges of fraud and bankruptcy.

 The public prosecutor's office opened a case against Osman G. for
'counterfeitting an official document and using the identity information
of another', which carries a sentence of from 3 to 9 years in prison.
Osman G. will be tried in the Istanbul Court of First Instance.

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