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Blissful Drunk Sleeps Through Crash Aftermath

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 April 2012)

In Izmir, Caner Güngördü (44) had a few drinks, got into his car and
headed toward home. While driving, Güngördü contined to drink beer
and at about 0530 yesterday morning he lost control of the car and
slammed into an electrical pole near the Yenişehir Food Market. The
vehicle sustained substantial damage in the front and Güngördü was
slightly injured on his head. In any event, because of the effects of
alcohol, he fell asleep.

A citizen passing by noticed that there was a person lying motionless
inside the car, in which the windows were open and the radio was
playing, and informed the police. When they arrived at the scene the
police were surprised to find Güngördü asleep and after overcoming
their amazement the police woke him and told he'd been in an accident.
Güngördü claimed that he didn't have an accident but he replied 'yes'
when the police asked him 'have you been drinking?'

After getting out of the car Güngördü was shocked by what he saw,
asking the police 'how did this accident happen?' When told that it
was he who had had the accident, Güngördü struck the front hood
and said 'Wow! My car was brand new. Look at what's happened
to it. But if I didn't hit anyone then there's no problem.' Güngördü
had trouble standing up and his head was bleeding. He elicited a
chuckle from all around when he said politely to the police 'after
you' when they were putting him into the ambulance.

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