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Someone's Listening...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 10 April 2012)

In Ankara, the shocking telephone recordings of a gang that allegedly
defrauded businessmen and government officials with fortune telling,
blackmail and threats have come to light. The leader of the gang, nine
members of which, including two women, were taken into custody
after a police operation last week, turns out to be Havva K., who
works at the Military Accounting Office of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the conversations, businesswoman Aysel K. was one
of those who fell into the gang's trap. Aysel K. was introduced to
the gang's supposed medium, Perihan Ö., though Havva K. and
Perihan Ö. hoodwinked Aysel K. by 'loading' good fortune into her
through her wrist. Allegedly, gang member Perihan Ö. held on to
Aysel K.'s wrist and 'loaded' this internal peace. The gang told Aysel
K. that bad things would happen to her children, though, and they
blackmailed her in this regard for hundreds of thousands of lira.
The gang frightened its customers in this fashion to get large amounts
of money.

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(Sabah Newspaper, 10 April 2012)

Istanbul technology police have taken 13 people into custody in
an operation directed at a gang that eavesdropped through software
they loaded onto telephones. After technical and physical surveillance,
police determined that the firm CasusGSM (SpyGSM) was conducting
illegal surveillance.

 During the investigation it was determined that people who thought
they were being cheated on (by spouses or others) would ask
CasusGSM for help. The customers appealed to the firm's
programmer Tolga Korkmaz who then loaded the spyware onto the
telephones in question. The speech files were then sent by email
to the customers.

The police raid was conducted on the firm's offices in Beşiktaş and
Üsküdar. It has been learned that a lot of famous people, including
businessmen and models, will give statements in the case. The firm's
rates were 250TL for SMS messages, 600TL for conversations and
1,000TL for surveilling a particular milieu.

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