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Like 'Batman', 'Veni, Vidi, Vici' Copywright Initiative

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 April 2012)

//ed. note: The Mayor of Batman, Turkey, tried to get the copywright
for the Batman comic book/TV/movie character//

The mayor of Zile in Tokat province, Lütfi Vidinel, has obtained a
copywright from the Turkish Patent Institute for the words 'Veni, Vidi
Vici' ('I came, I saw, I conquered'), which were spoken by Roman Emperor
Julius Ceasar. Mayor Vidinel toiled for two and a half years to secure the
copywright for the words Ceasar said at the four thousand year old
fortress in Zile. He explained that 'we got the copywright in February.
The words belong to the Zile Municipality for ten years.'

Vidinel related that Ceasar had come from Rome to take Zile, adding
that 'Ceasar had a very bloody battle at the Zile Altıağaç location
with Basforos King Pharnake the Second of Pontus and came to
Zile with thousands of soldiers. After the battle with the army of
Pontus he took the Fortress of Zile.  He informed Rome of his success
by inscribing the stone here with the shortest statement in history -
'veni, vidi, vici'. It is a historical fact that Ceasar said these words.'

Vidinel stated that the municipality will use the 'veni, vidi, vici'
copywright for cultural and tourism purposes. He continued as
follows: 'a cigarette company that sells cigarettes everywhere in the
world uses the phrase that Ceasar spoke at Zile on its emblem. The
right to use this phrase on tobacco and tobacco products rests solely
with the Zile Municipality. We will talk with the firm and try to
have them write 'Zile' next to the phrase or at least try to get half
a penny for every cigarette they sell, as is our legal right.  The
money we get will be spent on restoring the health of our people
who have become ill from smoking cigarettes.'


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