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Strange Visitors from Other Planets

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(Hürriyet and Sabah Newspapers, 12 April 2012)

In Kartal, Istanbul, people who saw a man wearing a wig and women's
clothes informed police, who went to the scene and told the man to
'freeze'. Instead, the suspect fled but was caught after a chase. When
he was brought to the Yakacık police station the suspect once again
escaped while getting out of the police car and entered one of the nearby

 Somehow, while being apprehended the suspect grabbed a blackjack
from a policman and attacked him. Police then shot the suspect
in the leg to bring him under control. The suspect was brought to the
hospital and said that his name was Robert Vittes. He claimed that he
was drugged, brought to Istanbul from Germany the night before last
and held against his will in a house in Kartal.

planetcolombia links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 12 April 2012)

Two Colombians who allegedly tried to rob drivers of cars whose tires
had gone flat, thanks to special nails the Columbians had layed on the
road, have been arrested. The two suspects were released by the court
but now face extradition after being brought to the Foreigners' Bureau
Directorate.  It turns out that the suspects were recorded by a police
camera en route to the crime scene.

When police got a tip that the culprits were foreigners they focused on
the Kumkapı area where there are lots of them. Suspicious foreign
persons were videoed and two, in particular, were seen in a rented car
with material in their hands that raised alarms. As the suspects moved
toward the driver of a car whose tires had gone flat in Silivri the police
operation was initiated.

Colombian nationals Ruben Dario Lorrento Quesada and Juan Carlos
Hinestroza Luga were caught and taken into custody. A search of the
rented car they were using turned up things that could be used for
robbery like a crowbar, screwdriver and the special nails, along with
three fake passports. It has been learned that the two suspects confessed
during their interrogation at the police station that they intended to
rob their victims. After being released by the court in Silivri the two
suspects were brought to the Foreigners' Bureau for extradition.

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