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Real Estate Nightmares Come True

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 April 2012)

The bewildering fraud story began a year ago when Nurettin Aktaş
opened the Aktaş Real Estate office in Avcılar, Istanbul. First, Aktaş
gained the trust of the neighborhood residents by promising to sell
homes at no interest and with extended partial payments. In this way
he collected 500,000 TL in cash from 20 people and had them sign
promisory notes. Some citizens gave him cars in lieu of cash.

Aktaş showed the homebuyers an apartment in the Cihanger
neighborhood, even giving each of them a photocopy of the deed. He
made arrangements to meet with those who had given him money last
monday morning to go to get the actual deed. Aktaş also asked them
all to bring a passport photograph when they met him in front of
his office. When the 20 people showed up at his office, each with a
photocopy of the same deed, they realized they had been defrauded
and filed a complaint against Aktaş.

It is understood that Nurettin Aktaş's identity is fake and that the
owner of the apartment he was selling is in Germany. It turns out
that Aktaş had a locksmith open the door to the apartment and he
got a copy of the deed from the directorate of deeds. He opened
his real estate office with phony documents, as well.

The victims said that 'he told us 'bring 50,000TL and get your
deed tomorrow.' We believed him when he told us 'no interest
and you'll pay it off over the long term with a promisory note.'
So we gave him cash and signed the promisory notes. He said
there was no problem with the deed and he gave us each a
photocopy. Apparently, he showed us someone else's flat. The
20 of us have dropped everything to find him. He has our
documents and promisory notes. We're not responsible for
anything he does in our names. The police have to find this guy.
He got his telephone numbers with a false identity, too.'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 April 2012)

A hard-to-believe story from Kuşadası, Aydın. The night before
last at the Sea of Women site in Kuşadası, Mahmut A. began
having a building with a restaurant on its ground floor and
residential flats on the second, demolished with bulldozers.
As a large portion of the building was being wrecked,
neighbors sent word to the owner, Murat Ergeç, who lives
in Izmir. Ergeç then called police and filed a complaint.

The police went to the scene and saw that much of the
building was in ruins. The police put a stop to the wrecking
and took former renter Mahmut A. and Taner D., the owner
of an excavation company, into custody. The two suspects
were brought to court and freed pending trial.

Murat Ergeç said that ten years ago he had rented the ground
floor store to Mahmut A. as a restaurant, saying 'I found out
that he didn't run it himself but sublet it to others at high cost.
Additionally, he hadn't paid electricity, water and occupancy
taxes for ten years. He was evicted with a court order a while
ago and I rented the store to someone else 20 days ago.'

Ergeç said that Mahmut A. had threatened him not to rent
the store to anyone else. He explained that 'while the new
tenant was getting ready and making renovations there
Mahmut A. called me and said 'how could you rent it without
asking me?' But I never thought he'd do something like this.
He made arrangements with a firm to wreck the building
and the neighbors called me after it started. I didn't believe it.
I called the police right away but by the time the police intervened
they had destroyed a large portion of the building.  If the police
hadn't come they would have torn the whole building down.
How can a construction firm wreck a building without any
documents, without a destruction order, while there are still
things inside? How bold can they get? I'm in shock. There's
major damage to the building. My renter has changed his
mind. Who's going to pay for this?'

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