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Stuck in Traffic? Buy a Saw

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(Sabah Newspaper, 31 May 2011)

It's very natural for drivers to see hawkers selling their wares during
rush hours when traffic is gridlocked. The hawkers have a talent for
appearing wherever traffic ties up. Their main locations are Beşiktaş,
Sirkeci and Taksim, where traffic is heavy. It doesn't surprise anyone
to see sellers offering water, bananas, bread wheels and ice cream
as drivers make their way through stop and go traffic, advancing
millimeter by millimeter.

But there was one seller in the middle of the highway the other day
and all who saw him couldn't help but be amazed. Eyüp Satıcı, who
was trying to find a customer for a motorized saw in this middle of this
traffic nightmare, surprized everyone. The 30-year old Satıcı says that
there are people among those stuck in traffic who want to buy a
motorized saw.

Continuing, he said 'but some people sitting in traffic are scared. When
they see a motorized saw in my hand they say things like 'everything
ok brother? Are you going to cut me up?'.  They're right to be scared
but what am I going to do, this is my living.'  Satıcı, whose father and
brother are traffic hawkers, says that bargaining is not sacrificed during
in-traffic sales. 'I open at 400TL. I know an interested buyer from his
look. In the end I sell it for 200TL and shake the customer's hand.'

Some drivers, though, are not all that pleased with seeing motorized
saws being sold on the highway. Some of them said 'everyone's nerves
are on edge in traffic anyway. God forbid but sometimes there are
even murders committed on the highway in moments of anger. The
authorities should take measure against these kinds of sellers.'

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