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Wanna-be Spies More Like Maxwell Smart

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(Habertürk Newspaper, 12 June 2011)

In Ankara, Ufuk D. duped a friend by saying 'I'll get you into MİT'
(Turkey's CIA) and then had him set fire to a woman's car. After that he
wanted the friend, Nihat K., to take naked pictures of the woman. For
his part, Nihat K. said that he wanted to be like the guys in the TV show
'Valley of the Wolves'. The woman turned out to be Ufuk D.'s sister-in-

Ufuk D., who works as a carpenter in Ankara, showed his friend Nihat K.
a metal caster, a car and told him 'I'll get you into MIT. Prepare your CV
and bring it to me. But first I have to burn the car belonging to a couple
that works at MIT who leaked information.' Nihat K. prepared his CV
and in the middle of the night he set fire to the car Ufuk D. had pointed
out to him.

Nihat K., whose dream has always been to join MIT, kept on calling Ufuk
D., who told him 'Be patient. It's not that easy to get in. I talked with them
and they will take you.' After a year had passed Ufuk D. called Nihat K.
again and explained to him that 'they'll take up your application on Tuesday.
But first you have another mission. You'll enter the home of the woman 
whose car you torched and take nude photographs of her.' So the night
before last Nihat K. and his friend Hakan K. went into the house Ufuk D.
had shown them. 

The two friends put on ski masks and entered into the house of teacher
R.S., using a key that Ufuk D. had given them, and hid in the bedroom. 
When R.S. returned home and saw the two men wearing ski masks she
started screaming. During the encounter R.S. bit  Nihat K.'s hand, 
prompting the frightened intruders to spray R.S. with gas and beat her. 
They couldn't take any naked pictures, though, and fled. 

Neighbors who heard the woman's screams took down the getaway car's
license plate and informed the police. Shortly thereafter, the police found
the car's owner, Osman K., who said that he had given the car to his older
brother  Nihat K. Police took Nihat K. into custody and he told them that
'When Ufuk D. promised to get me into MIT I took on the missions he 
gave me. I felt like I was in 'Valley of the Wolves'’

Ufuk D. was sought by police based on the statement given by Nihat K.
He was found at the bedside of his sister-in-law who had been taken to
the hospital after the incident. Ufuk D. was taken into custody during his 
'get well' visit to R.S. at SSK Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Hospital. Ufuk D.
denied the charges but police are looking into why he set such a trap for
his sister-in-law. 

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