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Cop Rides Hood After Drunk Runs Him Down

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 9 June 2011)

Driver Nail Işler, who hit a policeman trying to stop him at Dolmabahçe
and carried the cop on the hood of his car all the way to Karaköy, said
in his statement that 'the weather was stifling and hot so I don't remember

Traffic policeman Ahmet Turan Alçin who survived certain death stated
that 'he was turning the car from side to side as I was clinging to the hood,
trying to throw me off. All the while he was screaming 'I'm going to kill

After the incident Nail Işler was held at the Karaköy police station so he
could sober up. He was then taken to the Beyoğlu court and from there to
jail. Işler has a rap sheet that includes drug use, robbery of homes and
businesses and car theft. He was arrested on charges of 'intent to harm,
damage to property, resisting arrest and threatening.'

Davut Ö., who was in the car with Işler during the incident, was released
by the prosecutor. According to Davut Ö., 'when the traffic policeman
stepped in front of the car to stop us Nail all of a sudden stepped on the
gas. As the policeman was about to be crushed he was able to jump on
the hood and hold on. Nail sped up and tried to throw him off and although
the policeman told Nail a number of times to let him get down Nail just
lost himself. We hit two cars and after the second one the policemen fell
to the ground. If I had tried to take control of the car and stop Nail during
the incident things would have been a lot worse.'

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