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Palm Reader and Alex-the-Priest - Failed Treasure Hunt

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 3 June 2011)

Kurtuluş Savut (62) lives in Osmangazi district of Bursa province, where he
works as an accountant. Because of some family problems he called a palm
reader in Izmir to discuss things. The palm reader told Savut that there was
a fortune of gold and silver under the Bedrettin Mosque, which is next to the
building where Savut's brother Ayhan Savut (61), an expert on minarets,
has his workplace.

The palm reader added that a priest named Alex had been consulted and
had confirmed what the palm reader said. The Savuts and their friend
Mustafa Dağınık (58) began their work inside the three-story wooden
building where Ayhan's workplace is situated. The three friends, who began
their digging work 45 days ago, dug a tunnel two meters wide and 21 meters
deep in order to reach the underside of the mosque.

The suspects disposed of the dirt produced by their digging with trucks.
But although the palm reader had said that they 'would reach the treasure
after digging 16 meters', nothing turned up. Police evaluated a tip they got
about the activity and raided the address where the digging was underway
toward morning. The three suspects were taken into custody.

It was claimed that the palm reader had come to Bursa once during the
digging and after that had directed the operation via cellphone messages.

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