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One Car CAN Make a Difference - Gridlock

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 June 2011)

Local and foreign tourists viewing Sultanahmet Mosque and St. Sophia
were confronted with an unpleasant surprise when they tried to leave the
area. Some foreign tourists departing by buses in order to catch their planes
couldn't get out of Cankurtaran for hours because of an improperly parked

The guides on the buses alerted the police and other officials about getting
the vehicle towed away and a tow truck was called. However, because
of traffic in the city the tow truck didn't appear on the scene and the
traffic in Sultanahmet was thoroughly gridlocked.

There were student groups among those who had come to tour the historic
peninsula but instead found themselves in a nightmare. The students in the
buses were taken to the shore by their teachers to pass the time. The
foreign tourists who needed to catch their planes complained to the police
and officials.

At this point the police, officials and storekeepers, along with the bus guides,
combined their efforts and tried to lift the vehicle onto the sidewalk. This,
however, proved to be impossible. Because of the confusion some tourists
missed their flights.

The expected tow truck showed up one and a half hours later at the street,
which by then had become an 'incident scene.'  Once the wrecker towed
away the vehicle the buses were able to set out on their way.

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