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Avaricious Wife's Bugging Plan Foiled

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 June 2011)

A woman who wanted to catch her husband, a businessman 16 years older
than her, cheating in order to garner a healthy divorce settlement, had the
man's jeep and home electronically surveilled. However, the device caused
a malfunction in the vehicle and exposed the plan. The gang that put the
device in the car was captured.

A police operation in Ankara was directed against a network that illegally
surveilled and followed individuals under the guise of a detective agency.
As a consequence, the tragic-comic situations that jealous spouses find
themselves in were brought to light. The event that started the operation
that brought down the gang was the discovery of the listening devices
placed in the luxury jeep and home of the husband of tennis instructor
F.A., who wanted to extract compensation from her spouse whom she
married last year.

It turned out that F.A., the tennis instructor who married well-known
real estate tycoon G.A. in a lavish wedding last year, hired the Başkent
Detective Agency which the Ankara police targetted in an operation
a few days ago. The claim is that F.A. wanted to catch her husband
cheating in order to extract a hefty divorce settlement from him.

According to information obtained from sources in the prosecutor's
office, F.A. contacted the gang and said that she suspected that her
husband was cheating on her. F.A. then requested secret surveillance
and eavesdropping services.  After meeting with gang leader Akın Ünlü
at a cafe, F.A. decided to have a listening device placed in G.A.'s luxury
jeep. F.A. and Ünlü then went to a famous shopping center's underground
parking lot where they put the device, a combined cellphone-charger,
into the jeep.

Ünlü explained to F.A. how the device would work as follows: 'when you
call the phone it will come on automatically and you can listen to conversa-
tions. To do this we have to put in an unused SIM card because everyone
who calls will be able to listen to the conversations.' After testing the
device's sound quality, Ünlü left the parking lot.

However, when the listening device caused disruption to the electronic
parts in the vehicle the plan was foiled. Businessman G.A. brought the car
in for servicing and when the planted device was noticed he informed the
police. Upon a technical inspection at the police station, the device was
found. It was also determined that F.A. had called Ünlü to her house to
have a secret camera installed.

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