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(Posta Newspaper, 14 June 2011)

In Mersin, 27-year old Sedat Güzel was being sought for knifing a man to
death. Thanks to some detailed information about the suspect that police
were able to obtain, he was captured.

The murder suspect was known to have trouble pronouncing the letter 'r'
when speaking so when police asked him to say the word 'pirasa'
he could only say 'piyasa' and was then taken into custody by the security
team. The incident in question occurred on 2 June in the Han neighborhood
of Mersin, when Sedat Güzel argued with fellow drug-user Engin Ataş (28).
Güzel stabbed his friend in six places and despite all efforts at Toros State
Hospital where he was taken, Ataş could not be saved.

After the incident the Mersin police did some research and it was determined
that the murder suspect was Sedat Güzel, who cannot use the letter 'r' when
speaking. Police teams set to work to catch the suspect and a squad from the
Adana Public Security Bureau went in search of Güzel. In the Ulubatlı Hasan
neighborhood, where police directed their efforts against addicts, Sedat
Güzel was stopped for questioning because of his suspicious actions and
asked to identify himself.

The police checked the identity card that Güzel showed them and found out
that the suspect was being sought for desertion by the Çanakkale 2nd Army
Corps Command. In order to confirm that it was Güzel they had in their
hands the police asked him to say the word 'pirasa'. When he responded
with 'piyasa' he was taken into custody and brought to the Adana Security
Directorate in order to be turned over to Mersin police.

Güzel's rap sheep includes being a member of a foreign terrorist organization,
throwing explosive material, looting, murder by knife and desertion. He was
delivered to Mersin Homicide Bureau teams. He stated that 'he wanted me
to sell drugs and I didn't agree. We argued and I knifed him.'

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