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Boxer Hears Nice Judge Wrong, Gets TKO'd

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(Radikal Newspaper, 14 June 2011)

In Erzurum, Yasin Aytekin, a boxer with the nickname 'Mustache Yasin',
was on trial for beating some thieves who stole his car battery. Aytekin
misunderstood the judge when she said that she had delayed the sentence
for five years, thinking that he would be heading off to prison for that length
of time. Aytekin screamed 'you and your court!' and ripped up the
judgement. He was then taken to jail.

The 23-year old Aytekin works at a cleaning company that subcontracts
for the Erzurum municipality and he boxes, a well. He filed a complaint about
four individuals who stole his car battery. When the police came up empty
handed, Aytekin found the thieves himself and meted out justice of his own.
Aytekin's beatings put the thieves in the hospital and they filed a complaint
about him so he was taken into custody. During the court case Aytekin was
not held in jail.

Aytekin was being tried in the 3rd Petty Crimes Court where the prosecutor
asked for a sentence of one to three years. The decision from Judge Hülya
Akar came on 8 June. Judge Akar decreed that the court's sentence
concerning Aytekin would be put off for five years. Aytekin, however,
misunderstood the decision and believed that he was to serve a five-year
prison term. He angrily screamed 'the same to you and your court! I won't
come here again!' and tore up the court's decree. Then, speaking in the local
dialect he insulted the judge, saying 'stick it in your ear' (or something to that

Judge Akar then filed a complaint against Aytekin and had him remanded to
custody. The public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant and Aytekin was
taken to the duty 2nd Petty Crimes Court.

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