28 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Dirt Trail Leads to Cash Box Robbers

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 January 2012)

Last week thieves broke open the doors of two separate food wholesalers
in the Gülbahçesi and Dumlupınar neighborhoods of Adana's Seyhan
district and stole the steel cash boxes. Police teams conducted investiga-
tions at the worksites, where the boxes containing 40,000TL, jewelry
and negotiable documents were stolen, and found dirt crumbs that came
off the shoes of the thieves. It was determined that the dirt was not from
the Çukurova region but, instead, that it was specially prepared green-
house dirt.

Based on this dirt type, teams from the Robbery Bureau began to check
flower greenhouses one by one and soon found their way to a flower
greenhouse in the area where the robbery occurred. Mehmet Acar (46),
who has a long record of robbing cash boxes, along with Yaser Çevik
(32) and Zeynel Akman (24), who also worked at the greenhouse,
were captured in an operation. In the course of a search of the greenhouse
the two cash boxes, which had been broken into pieces and buried, were

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